Kayak Lock

I just saw this ad on the site for yak locks. It looks great:


Sucker… lol.

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Go to Home Depot and get your self a Kryptonite Contractors Cable Lock for $12. Although it is not a replacement for straps... It is the same thing as what you posted, EXCEPT the $67 price tag!!!! I would be afraid of the cables from that "kayaklock" maring or canning my boat??????

But if you are willing to pay $67 so that it says "Kayaklock" on it, be my guest.... Atleast when people walk up to read the lock, they will know that it is for a kayak...lol

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Have not bought it yet
Does the one from Home Depot have the box type of lock? Is it stainless steal? How resistent are both of these to bolt cutters? With either can you set the combination on the lock?


While this could still fall prey to a set of bolt cutters (what couldn’t) I’ve found that the Rackguard Cable by Shred Ready for about $21 is great for someone like me who loses keys or combinations. It has two loops and a permanently attached nylon ball (about 3" dia.) that slides on the cable. Loop the cable through a hard point on the kayak and place the ball inside your car door. Close door, lock car, don’t forget car keys inside, and your boat is now part of your car.



I just use an old Car “club” fits across the cockpit prevent further use of it tell its removed. Clubs are pretty useless for cars though as it only takes a few seconds to saw through the steering wheel. But on a yack they would damage it by sawing through it.

I don’t use a “Club” but i stayed at a Holiday inn express last night!!!


These work pretty well - two pieces. One loops over each end - and they lock together (wrap up slack first. All stainless cable, all pvc coated, and other hardware covered too. Use your own lock.

I wouldn’t pay $35 though. These can be had on eBay for closer to $20.

Other option is to get the same thing made at any home center/harware store. By the time you buy all the parts - and figure lengths - and go do it - $20 sounds OK for the ready made.

Cutter or a hack saw will defeat any. These scare off the grab and go thieves, not the more patient types (your neighbors?) who know when you’re not around and have time to work.

“Club” on coaming is good, as you can easily lock cabes and chains to that too.

Anyone actually own the kayak lock?
Perhaps one posters labelling the inquirer a sucker has kept people from fessing up. I checked the Home Depot website AND Kryptonite lock’s website and could find nothing that resembled this completely adjustable cable lock. I did see some non-adjustable cable locks. The website is selling two of these locks for $30 a piece, so the comparison with one possibly mythical $12 lock is false. Lots of great suggestions out there, but I’d be curious to hear from someone who actually owns and uses the advertised kayak lock, on its advantages/disadvantages.

The lock is a combo lock that you can choose the combination, the cable is coated. And as any other cable/chain/lock, with the proper amount of force and a pair of cutters it can be cut. BUT, someone would notice sombody ontop of a vehical using a set of bolt cutters…LOL.

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Go to Home Depot and look at it…
Get away from the computer & shop “the real way”. It is back by the ropes & chains. A 6’ cable lock that goes through the seat area & attaches to your rack system. I could take a quick pick And post it, but I left it locked to a tree at the campsite last weekend & have to go back to get it on Saturday…lol.

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Home Depot’s an hours drive away
but it sounds like what you are talking about is different than the kayak lock on the website. Take a look at it again. It appears to wrap tightly around the hull several times, and can be tightened and locked. The cable through the seat might work for many boats, but it is different from the product posted on the link. Being a curious person, I’d love to hear from someone who actually owns and uses one.

looks slick

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as long as it would tighten down to hold the boat . Not sure a I have never tried it though. I am sure someone was complaining about just that , but not sure who.

That is exactly what I stated…
“Although it is not a replacement for straps… It is the same thing as what you posted”.

A lock to keep your boat from getting stolen…

No biggie, I think you may have just read too far into my origional post. I see where you were “coming from”, though.

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who are you protecting yourself from?
My thought is that a lock is to foil the opportunistic “grab and go” person who might take a completely unsecured kayak. the Kryptonite issue is a bit different for kayaks than bikes, since the paddle vessel thiefs need a vehicle to take away their plunder. I use the hardware store variety vinyl covered cable and a combination lock (about $10) run through the seat post. I figure anyone really determined to steal it would have a set of bolt cutters which would make short work of whatever I could put on there. (Have you ever seen how easily a bolt cutter can filet a hardened padlock?).

Has there been a rash of kayak thefts with the thieves defeating basic locking apparatus?

Bought 2
I just received the two locks I ordered. Very pleased. Easy to use. Stainless steel. Can set own combination. Can be used to lock kayak to car, dock, tree, etc. I bought the ones for canoes since they have a longer cable.

How thick is the cable. As you can go to Lowes ect and get Bolt cutters and they will snap a cable in a second. Now Kryptonite makes some really cool Bolt cutter resistant bike locks that could be translated to yacks pretty easily.

Lock types
Depends on which boat I’m locking.

My WW boat has steel rescue loops on the deck that I use a bike lock on.

My CD Caribou, I run the bike lock around the cheekplates that hold the coaming on.

My canoe, I run the cable through the handles built into the deckplates, and lock it to the towing lug under my rear bumper.

The problem child is my BBK Recluse — no cheekplates, no U-bolts, no seat (I use a gel pad). Nothing to lock to unless I want to drill holes in my wood kayak. I bought a “Lasso” lock for it — similar to several other products mentioned in this thread. It’s pretty secure. I tried stealing my own boat off my car, and unless you use a hacksaw or bolt cutters, nothing doing.

You can only stop the amateurs…a pro will always win.


almost anything
can be cut, go to the wire aisle at Home Depot, take a look at the huge reels of wire that can not go up on their wire rack. the 2.0-2.0-2.0

or any of those wires. I work at Home Depot, and with a simple cutting tool, not even a bolt cutter, I, a female at 5’4 can cut any of them like butter.

If they want it, they’ll take it!
Think about it, even with LOJACK cars get stolen. I use a coated 1/4/-1/3 inch steel rope from home depot/lowes and a lock on it. I have a SOT so I run it through the scupper holes. Put it this way…ANY and I mean ANY chain or rope can be cut through LIKE BUTTER with a heavy duty bolt cutter. I’ve used one to slice through an old padlock(masterlock) when I lost the key…I barely used any force and the lock was cut. These cables and tie-downs are meant like someone said, to deter the grab and go thief. Such as you making a pit stop for food or something. If you leave it out longer…there is not real deterent other then maybe leaving a skunk in the seat or a pit-bull…happy paddling people


Kayak Locks
Hi all,

I am the owner of KayakLock.com and have read the postings above with great interest. I can say #1, that I have sold thousands of locks to folks all over the world with “almost” 100% customer satisfaction. If I receive back 10 sets of locks a year which I do not, I would be exaggerating. These locks are extremely well built and should with a little WD-40 in the locking mechanism once and a while, last a lifetime.

Sure, you can get cable at many home supply retail outlets and make something of it. If many of you remember, that is how I started this whole affair. Building them by hand individually to customer specs.

Now with the Lashlock, all my thoughts and requirements have been met in this simple to use system that “Just Plain Works”.

I also, if you all read the site found, offer a 100% refund including return shipping if not completely satisfied. Rarely happens I can assure ya.

This system no less locks your boat(s), but also acts as a tie-down removing the need for straps.

Hey, if you want a car you can build one and hope it all works out when you are done. You can also, with a lot less hassle and a truly engineered system, get the Lashlock(s) and be sure it is what you wish you could have made yourself. Sure it is $60.00 a pair. But you know that it will work as indicated and you can spend time paddling not making locks.