Kayak Paddle recommedations

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for kayak paddles. I am currently using a PowerFlex paddle, which has an aluminum shaft and plastic blades. It is okay, a little on the heavy side. What I was hoping to find was something a little lighter but the only ones I have seen in the stores have been carbon fiber and really expensive and I am not sure how well they hold up against rocks and oyster reefs. I should say that I paddle mostly in saltwater, in the shallower areas of Corpus Christi Bay and the Laguna Madre. Very recreational. No long trips anticipated. Shot jaunts, a few miles at most.

Onno Paddles
Look on the reviews on this webpage. Patrick custom makes the paddles for you at much lower cost of expensive brands. Very light, strong, and well designed. For my touring sit on top my favorite is a full tour. It’s in the hybrid layup so it was not very expensive. ~ 180 bucks a few years ago, very much worth it.

A Lendal with Carbon Nylon Blades
The 4 piece paddles are awesome and all blades and shafts are interchangeable. The Carbon Nylon blades are tough and light http://www.lendal.com

I’ll second ONNO’s , but
get on the list behind me.

My wife doesn’t like me stealing hers all the time.



Adventure Technologies


I LOVE the Exception. small, balanced blades, anotomical grip.


Third the ONNO.

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I tried one and it is absolutely luscious. and Patrick--owner, paddle maker, artist-- would specifically reinforce it at areas of the blade where you need it for your type of water.


I've spoken to Patrick by email and soon phone to get all my specifis to make me one.

So, stand behind me too in line for a custom Patrick ONNO paddle.

makes some nice midrange paddles.

What Flatpick said
Only thing better is a Greenland paddle.

ONNO Paddles
If there were a piece of paddling equipment I would recommend spending money on, it would be a great quality paddle. If your definition of “really expensive” is the $400+ carbon models by name brand manufacturers like Werner, then I strongly suggest giving Patrick at ONNO paddles a call. He will make YOU a paddle, designed specifically for your body, boat, and paddling preferences. And, it will be cost less than the really expensive paddles out there.

The difference is like buying an expensive suit off the rack compared to having the finest suit hand-made and tailored to your exact dimensions for less money. One is “really expensive”, the other is a work of art.

picked up a

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Carlisle (?) Magic and it seems to be OK. Cost is about $100. Not top of the line, but great for what I use it for.

Aquabound makes excellent paddles for exactly what you’re talking about. The price is extremely reasonable, and they’re much lighter than comparably priced paddles. The Aquabound carbon expedition AMT is very reasonable (180) for carbon fiber, and the fiberglass version is heavier but also less expensive. ONNO sounds great, but if you want the paddle soon, you might not want to wait.

I’ll second the motion—ONNO
I have treated my paddle poorly and it is up to the task. Patrick if you see this I’ll be sending it in over the winter for a little tlc.


Exactly what
Flatpick and jsmarch said.


I’ll check them out

Aquabound worked great for me so far. I own 3 of their paddles, an All-carbon Tsunami,fiberglass shaft/white blades Expedition AMT and the newest one a Tripper AMT with carbon shaft and black blades. Tripper is the only one of the 3 i bought new,took a week from ordering at the store to pickup because i wanted a custom length(215) and also left feather hole added(they normally only come with right/straight). same price as standard(240$ canadian) Aquabound is great value in mid-end paddles.

none better.

Bending Branches
I have used their paddles for a while and have been happy with them. I jusr ordered an Evening Breeze.

Many to choose from.
I use and LOVE my Epic paddles (I have three of them). Last week, I seized up one and wasn’t able to get the length lock apart. I phoned Epic and they gave me a RGA number to send it in for warranty. Not bad, considering the paddle is probably 4-5 years old.

I know many folks that use AT and ONNO paddles and speak highly of both.

Give many of them a try… good luck


paddles have a great ferule that will not loosen up over time like other paddles, and a very stong shaft/paddle. Not cheap in all carbon, but less in fiberglass, and if you are an REI member you can get a 20% off discount (probably this Labot day) and get a carbon for ~$300 and fiberglass paddle for well under $300.

If you can wait and wait and wait, the ONNO is cheaper, but I know someone who has repeatedly broken them, and the wait to get it fixed was half a year.

Werner – I’ll second that
I got a Kalliste – what a light, smooth, sweet paddle. I love to watch it move through the water with almost no visible turbulence… providing, of course, that I do my part.