Kayak rolling on dry land


cool idea

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I may just try it. Thanks for the link greyak. Might get intresting for someone with fiberglass seayak though.

c-to-c practice only it seems
for sweep rolls i don’t think that would work too well.

it has its limits - but twisting the boat over and off you is twisting the boat off you (hip flick, knee drive, torso twist, whatever) - no matter what you do with the paddle.

Looks like a decent enough muscle drill for the landlocked and weather challenged with suitable boats.

Just came across it and passing it along. Won’t be trying it myself. Don’t want to beat up my QCC (but have done some lawn edging in it checking outfitting changes that were about the same stress on the boat), and the Pintail would probably crush me.

might be
better in 3 ft. of snow. But then the neigbors would really think I am nuts.

sweep rolls?
'Stead of a paddle, how 'bout a pole with a caster wheel bolted to it?


Kayak Angels!
Would be better! Could proably work on the sweep a bit easier too.

Neighbors thinking you’re crazy is a good thing Keeps 'em on thier own property!

I think
testing my -10 degree sleeping bag in Dec. was enough to keep em away. But its always fun to see em stare as I load/unload the yak in the middle of winter.

Nigel Foster…
in his surf kayaking book, advocated that “land method” as well. I think it has merit and may give it a try this summer with a newbie. See if imprinting some of the sweep and hip snap before actual water time will speed things up.


now that’s an idea!
I’d like to see someone come up with a nice rig like the one you described for dry land training!

I did this in my front yard
my thirteen year old came out…

Dad, what are you doing? Please stop the neighbors are watching.

Neighbors watching
at least they won’t call the coast guard or run over and try to rescue you, things which might well occur while practising in the water.

But watch out for the dog and cat poo.

Kris…a timely post
I was practicing the hip snap on the beach last night, have no idea if it was good, bad, wrong or even to good but just playing around I could get the CD Storm airborne from a leaning position, not an all the way over postion.

I always figured the land self rescues and such might be helpful to those who fear getting trapped or for just getting a feel of being on your side.


Thanks for the information
That looks great. I am not a big swimmer. That is why I have a PFD. I have not had a chance to get in a pool with my new boat, and I would like to get a few basics of rolling before I try it in the water.

It will be awhile before I am able to get into a class. This way I may be able to have some of my muscle control, and a light understanding of the rolls. I understand it will not be as good as actual rolling, but a starting point. (and when i get in the water, it will be wet entries first…then move up…I have been reading)

Thanks again for the information…I wish I had the link for Rope Rolling. You others may want to look for this…it looks like fun, and will also keep the neighbors away!


For good practice and truer simulation
get a very heavy boat that crushes the breath out of you so you have to roll up or die.

I’m just so full of crap lately :wink:

I got my first rolling instruction
. . . on dry land in a “kayak on a spit” system that Tony Kramer of theseakayaker.com built. It was actually the center section of a CD Scirocco mounted on poles from the front and rear with an overhead “paddle” that hung from bungees above the kayak. It was my first real experience with rolling. I very much enjoyed it and think I got some good habits from it not the least of which was learning how to stay in the boat while hanging upside down in mid-air.

There is a photo on his website:


Just scroll down and click on “Out of Water Roll Class.”

In addition to giving lessons with it, he also takes to various metro Atlanta paddle store events for demos. My 9 year old daughter was able to get in and tumble it over and over just using her “hand roll.” She had a ball.

that’s pretty ingenious!

Be careful . . .
I was having a great time and think that the exercises will help a lot, but on the last set, practicing the roll on the last side, I think I tore my rotator cuff.

There was that grisly cartilage tearing noise in my left shoulder when I rolled over into position.

I think I’m not that limber on that side.

Any praying folks out there please pray that I’ll be OK.

I’ve just discovered this sport (at 54 y/o) and haven’t had this much fun since I can remember.

I was thinking, why would you even need a boat for this? get a belt and strap your leggs together. that way you dont have to trash that Kevlar QCC…

I’m trying to visualize
the belt idea.

Hmmmm . . . .



I think my poly boat will survive.