Kayak suggestions less than 40 lbs

Had two hernias repaired two months ago. Looking for a kayak that is less than 40 lbs. Money is no object. Please make suggestions for 10 foot to 14 foot rec/touring. Have seen the Hurricane Santee 116 Sport at 33lbs. so far. Need more brand options.

Thanks in advance

CD Kestrel 120…
carbon/kevlar @ 30lbs.

i’m a phoenix fan
they make several light rec type and downriver boats. my favorite , though i don’t own one, is the isere. 14’9" x 24.5", 30 lbs. i have a cascade (27 lbs), appalachian (31 lbs) and brown pelican (34? lbs) they are great boats but they need some outfitting to get the potential. i have added flotation bags, modified seats, skegs and rudder, and deck lines to mine. everyone who paddles them is impressed with the light weight, responsiveness and versatility of these boats. no i don’t own stock.

how do you make deck lines/rigging??
I might add some deck rigging since my pamlico 140 didnt come with much.

is 41 lbs OK?
Hurricane Tampico 135 S - 41 lbs and 13 ft 5" long. Own one. Was researching for just what you are looking for & I am happy w. my choice.

If you can find one from 2003, it is claimed to weigh 38lbs. There is one listed on pnet now (an all white one)- not sure of the year though.

Perception Carolina junior is 12 ft & 38lbs. I

can’t recommend Perception personally, believe there are reviews on pnet though.

Wilderness Tchaika (fiberglass) 38 lbs. No longer in production(?) I saw a few used ones & liked the dimensions. Plus they are pretty kayaks :wink:

Other folks will join in… these are what I thought quickly of given your preferred length range and weight.

Happy hunting…

one of my boats came with bungee
that was simply threaded through holes in the deck and knotted on the inside. very simple and effective. i use 3/16" bungee and drill holes through the decks that are a little smaller (5/32"?) so they don’t leak much.

CLC/Pygmy Glass/Wood boats
My Tern is about 40 pounds and is 17 feet long. CLC’s Mill Creek is lighter.

Lincoln Canoe & Kayak
Although their dealerships are in the east, the kayaks are light (I never tried one so I can’t opine on their quality):


Swift’s 14’ Saranac is a nice boat …
and relatively new design by Dave Yost. I have a fiberglass model at 44lbs., but the newer carbon/kevlar infused boats are around 32-34lbs. The website is not up to date regarding the carbon/kevlar model.



impex mystic/seabreeze
the seabreeze weighs about 38#, the mystic has more outfitting and weighs about 43?

there’s a review
by a Quiet World Instructor who demo’d a Swift Saranac… go to site for Quiet World Sports, click on Newsletters, click on “Swift Saranac”.

Epic GPX

yes, mystic–>43#
I was considering that one last year, but the Tampico won out.

Tons of D.I.Y. Designs Out There…
…and they can be very light, tough boats.

The S&G VOLKSKAYAKs I build come in a hair over 40 lbs., for a 17’, 25" beam sea kayak. Shorter boats can be even lighter - a friend’s S&G modified VK weighed about 32 lbs. before paint. Then there’s the strip-builts - a friend’s Guillmot weighs about the same as my VK. Dollar for dollar, pound for pound, a good DIY design is really hard to beat.

Second on the Lincolns
The Quoddy is about 32 lbs and the Chebeaque is 38 or so. They are good quality boats and are full sea kayaks with front and back hatches. The Quoddy is 12 ft. and the Chebeaque is 14.5.

How about a strip-built kayak? Maybe a Guillemot or a Redfish. They can be light, strong, and beautiful. If money is no object get one built for you.

While we’re talking about DIY boats…
a Tom Yost folding skin-on-frame is very, very light. The 17-footer I demoed weighed only 31 lbs.

You can build it yourself–his designs and instructions are available free of charge on the 'net. But he might be amenable to building one for you, for a fee of course.

canoe, but with double blade?
If you would consider a canoe that is designed with an on-the-hull seat and designed for use with a double paddle, a pack canoe can be very light. I don’t know all the players, but there was a recent thread about them. Placid Boatworks is one, and their boats are easily under 30 pounds.

An advantage of canoe over kayak is that entry is very easy.

– Mark

Maybe Phoenix Poke Boat?

I use a GCI Sit Backer Canoe Seat in mine and it’s reasonably comfortable that way and it’s very easy to get in and out of. It tracks well and turns easily with a bit of a lean.

It’s not a speed demon, but it’s faster than most other boats with similar dimensions.

Mine is the heaviest layup at 28 lbs. The carbon fiber layup is only 18 lbs.

If you get one, the 240cm carbon Werner Camano works great with it.

What is your intended use?

money no object
I saw a small double paddle canoe by Nick Schade with carbon/kevlar on the inside of wood strip. It was around 28lbs and I suspect not any more delicate than a similar construction in carbon. Give him a call, if it’s not for sale he might make one.