Kayak suggestions less than 40 lbs

I couldn’t find the Saranac review.
Could you provide a direct link?

Innova Solar…
24lbs and you can carry it in the included drybag/backpack.

Littel Epic moves great in every sense.

How about a 17’ Shearwater. I played games with the plywood and substituted kevlar cloth for the fiberglass, and experimented with vacuum bagging.

Naked she weighs 33.5 lbs.

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Perception Sonoma 10.0 or 13.5?
Both those boats weigh in under 40 lbs as well.

Second the Epic
I’ve paddled one, great boat, good balance between tracking and maneuverability, 30 lbs, very efficient.

Eddyline Skylark
12’L 26" W 39 pounds

Nice boat.

Liquid Logic Sojourn

33-34 lbs. New this year. Extremely durable, based on product literature and testimonial in this thread:


Kayaks under 40 lb.
Looks like you have plenty of suggestions for kayaks to test paddle, but wanted to share a bit of info.

Given that you’re located in SE Wisconsin, I’m sure you are aware of Rutabaga and Canoecopia, one of the best places to test-lift and test-sit boats, but here’s a link to the exhibitor list for the March 2-11, 2007 show. http://www.rutabaga.com/canoecopia/exhibitor.asp?exid=150&year=2007

Since you are a Wenonah paddler, you might be interested in Current Designs boats (exhibitors at Canoecopia), including the Kestrel 120 or 140 models. They are highly rated by many, including a paddling friend. I test-sat one at last weekend’s Iowa Paddling Expo, as a possible recommendation for my brother’s consideration, but I was personally disappointed by the lack of knee contact in the wide cockpit opening. http://www.cdkayak.com/

After a similar search two seasons ago, and several test paddles, I traded a Dagger Vesper for an Eddyline Merlin LT, around 40#, and am very satisfied. Don’t know your size or hatch requirements, but Eddyline has 3 boats that might fit your needs.


Eddyline will not be at Canoecopia, but the folks at CanoeSports Outfitters, Indianola, Iowa, provide excellent service and are very accomodating about test paddles of Eddylines and all their other boats. http://www.canoesportoutfitters.com/

If you don’t get your fill at Canoecopia, you can always drive a few more blocks to The Paddlin’ Shop (formerly Carl & John’s), which I just discovered now carries Eddyline boats. Smaller shop, but very nice folks. http://www.paddlin.com/

Smiled when I read your profile including empty nesters in SE Wisconsin, Wenonah Prospector 16, and WS Pamlico 145T. We’re empty nesters in NE Iowa, Wenonah Prospector 15, WS Pamlico 145T, Eddyline Merlin LT. We purchased the used Pamlico Tandem after renting a tandem kayak in Door County.

Happy hunting!

Epic GP in carbon
Epic GP in ultra carbon is only 24 pounds. There a factory 2nd listed on the website for $2065 which seems like a fair price.


I’ve seen one in person and it’s really nice, but couldn’t paddle it (it was at NJPaddler event)

Seda Vida
How about a Seda Vida in Kevlar. It’s 14’ x 25" and has a skeg rather than a rudder. In Kevlar it’s 36 pounds.

Prijon Capri Tour

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Click on Touring on lfte sidebar, then MultiElement Touring, and then Capri Tour for details. 42 lbs. Blow molded HTP. Retails for $799, but often available for $599 new, and a friend just got one used for $300.

Hey. I normally wouldn’t suggest this but how about a good quality inflatable? like an Innova Safari or something along those lines? one added benefit of an inflatable in your case is you don’t need to lift it up on the rack.

Wee Lassie
You could try a Wee Lassie double paddle canoe. This site says they can build a carbon fibre one that weighs 10 pounds. http://www.wingsystems.com/Small%20Craft/Wee%20Lassie%20Main.htm

Betsie Bay Kayaks, of course!
I’m surprised no one has mentioned the Betsie Bay kayaks. They’re very light–my 17ft valkyrie is 30 lbs (and after 3 hernia operations, I sure appreciate that light weight!). They’re not cheap–about the same price as kevlar kayaks, but a lot lighter. (I paid $3500 for a kevlar necky elaho at 48 lbs, then sold it and paid $3500 for the BBK valkyrie. Much as I liked the elaho, I like the valkyrie a lot more–not just because it’s light, but because it’s fast, easy to roll, and a lot of fun in rough water. It doesn’t have much spare volume for camping, but you can always rent a boat if you’re going on long camping trips.)

ummm no one mentioned them
because they are all longer than the 12-14 ft length requested by the original poster.

because Betsie Bays are probably…
more boat than the original poster is looking for. Betsie Bays definitely came to mind when I heard low weight but they don’t have anything that would be in the 10-13 foot rec-tour category. Most of their boats are fairly extreme in the low volume sea kayak area.

I see “price is no object”, and all the rest of the words on the page vanish.

Kayaks under 40 pounds
I love my isere as well - very light, but has an open cockpit - no bulkheads or rigging. Am I safe in open water i.e. Lake Superior, Lake Michigan?

boat suggestions?
To get under 40 lbs, and short length:

  • Epic and CD both have some good rec boats.

    IF you are willing to consider a longer boat,

    but still well under 40lbs, then a “K1 trainer”

    type boat like a Kirton Tercel, Simon River Laser,

    or KayakPro Jet might be good to look at.

    While they are 17’, they make the weight spec

    easily. What they offer is much better efficiency

    (who likes straining to move a sluggish boat?).

    This would translate into less strain and fatigue.

    I know this is a bit off of length spec, but may be worth considering.