Kayaking in a quarry

Im just curious if anyone has done this?

My area is known as the lime capital of the world. We have many quarries around here. There are a few you can fish/boat in.

Im thinking of doing this.

Kind of scary knowing theres a few hundred feet of water below you, and clif edges. Cold yet clear water makes it appealing.

Flat water, no wind, clear water
I’ve had to do some recoveries in them and haven’t seen any very big…but sounds interesting and worth a try. If nothing else you will have paddle one. Have fun.

don’t worry
if you drown, it will be in the first few feet

Sounds A Lot Like…
…the North Atlantic, except considerably smaller and not as salty!

Can’t see any reason you shouldn’t paddle there - just take note of the water temperature, and apply the “…If you wouldn’t want to swim in it for any period of time, use thermal protection” approach, and you should be fine. A good test is to stick a bare hand into it, and leave it there for a while - you’ll figure out whether you can handle the cold pretty quickly.

There are a lot of filled quarries in
Illinois, and when I ran a short piece of the W&S Vermillion, near the Indiana border, I also paddled around some of the quarry arms. They were re-vegetated and quite attractive.

I paddle occasionally in a deep reservoir and I agree - it’s spooky going over 100ft of water. It’s totally irrational of course since it’s no different than being over 10 feet of water but somehow the blackness and the thought of it is weird.


I think I might give this a go later tonight.

The quarry is a county operated park now. The water like I said is very clear, until the sunlight cant penetrate.

Im not sure on exact depth, but Ive looked down in some of the remaining operation quarries and I believe them to be in excess of 250’+ easy.

Theres a rather large one that has some fairly amazing 20’ rock cliff/walls. To bad its no trespassing :frowning:

Heres the area I am talking about. If anyone is near and wouldnt mind going for a paddle let me know. I could use some paddling advice!


Heck Yes! Do It!
Then you can be the Pnet quarry expert, as it sounds like this is a few and far inbetween paddle venue.

I have been SCUBA diving in quarries but never paddled. The local law used to come get me when they thought maybe a dead guy was in the bottom of one from time to time. I always hated that. It was hard to say no when I was the only local who could dive. Luck was on my side, as I never found anybody. Probably becasue I never looked very hard. Too scared.

Cool. Have Fun and report back. Take Pics if you can.


Watch out for Rebar —
I’m not sure why but a quarry I visited when I was in graduate school at the U of M had concrete and reinforcement bars right where we put in. If you are going to dive or practice rolling check what is under the water carefully.

Why not, especially if there are:
No tresspassing signs.

When we were kids that was our favorite place in the summer.

The older folks in Bean Town will probably know about the Quincy quarries.

Clear cold water- off limits- no (good) girls would dare to go near them since we would shed all clothes as soon as we were there.

The heros would go off the high ledges.

I was always afraid of getting killed by my father if I got caught rather than thinking of getting killed by not jumping out far enough.



Yep, plenty of mines over here
on the OH PA border, we call this area little Canada because the fishing is great and no one is around. clear, cold and deep. http://s22.photobucket.com/albums/b315/Indy425/Little%20Canada%20Ohio/

Deep Water Good
Shallow Water Bad

Sick minds think alike
Had to laugh b/c I was thinking the very same thing. Doesn’t really matter how DEEP it is after the first 10 or so feet.

lucky dogs!
The ones near me are fenced off and no trespassing is allowed.

Lake Murray, SC
WAter over 300 ft deep. Out in it every day.


Watch For Falling Cars
Rock quarries are prime spots for disposing of stolen cars and dead bodies because they are so deep.

Anything deeper than 200’ is beyound the range of normal SCUBA gear.

Lake Tahoe Is 1,600 Feet Deep
The average depth is over 1,000’

This is true
0ne strip pit here in North Lima yielded a total of 36 cars a few years back. A popular place for dirt bike and mudder trucking. A truck went in that was hill climbing with three people in it two got out but the third did not. When divers went in to recover the body and truck they found a treasure trove of discarded stolen vehicles.

Unlike and not comparable to lake

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paddling. Most rock quarries in this area are deep and fairly well protected for the wind. Some are known as High Walls and have straight up rock faces looming over the water. Most have almost no place to take out except where the cranes and mining trucks entered the stripper cut or onto rock outcrops. You can be in your boat picking raspberries from overhanging bushes and have well over 100 feet of water under you. Some pits around here are rumored to have giant sturgeon living in them. http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b315/Indy425/fish.jpg

If You Find A Cadillac
If you find a Cadillac at the bottom, don’t open the trunk…