kayaking in summer

how the hell do u all do it?im a winter person i walk around most of winter in short sleeved shirts.but summer i just cant deal with the heat any tricks for kayaking in summer heat?

Ah’ dun’t…

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an' ah' dun't "kayak" in any weather! Nope, nohow!.

Me'paddlin' (canoos) season ends in mid June an' dun't start 'till September - unless we git a rainy summer day... then ah'll go. Ah' also kin'na toolerate de heat. Ah' toyn inta a whimperin' wooze above 75 degrees (kind'a like most o' de rec 'yakers toyn inta under 75 degrees)


guess you gotta move to california
year around. Never too hot or too cold to paddle.

ive always had issues with
heat i love the cold

Learn to Roll
It’s great for cooling off.

i dont think
my kayak will roll its to big in the seat area

How “cold” does it get in Georgia? I live in Iowa and the only people walking around in short sleeves in the winter are drunk!

nothing like iowa
sometimes gets to like 25 f or so but its humid still me i never drink i do enough stupid stuff sober lol

Just Paddle…
…Newfoundland waters - the North Atlantic is about 3-5 degrees C right now, it’ll probably hit 8-10 C for a very brief period in late summer and early fall. Drysuits, thermal underwear, wool and/or fleece layers, gloves, hoods, boots, the whole kit and kaboodle…and this year, there aren’t even icebergs around or pack ice jammed in the harbours…

never been there
maybe someday

Short sleeved shirts are lovely
for xc skiing but the frostbite hurts. I think your cold is our warm. Its 45 degrees out today…nice and warm. A hot day is 80. The water in Maine is around 50 degrees midsummer. A good way to cool down is to roll.

Going shortsleeved in 25 degree weather with no wind is not unreasonable.

Clearly you need a northern summer home. There is a penalty though…for eight days its been fog and drizzle.

Sleeveless shirts and bathing suit and
then every so often pull up on a nice sandy beach, and take a dip in the crystal clear waters of Lake James.

We can see rocks on the bottom at a fifteen foot depth.

You guys in Georgia can’t see your hand if it is more then a foot under water

If we are race training, just dip the ball cap and pout it over our heads and keep on paddling.

Life is good here in western NC

Jack L

Jack L

are lake is filthy
people are real bad at littering here i used to paddle and get all the trash i saw in the lake but i quit doing it

Ducktape an ice pack to your forehead or move up north. You might even experience shrinkage…

the water
usually keeps me cool, if that doesn’t work I drink it.

Thought everyone in Georgia
Drove tall trucks, lived mostly in air conditioned bars drinking beer, when not picking peanuts.

move to northern MN
shouldn’t be a problem then. Water never thaws out here.

i hate bars i walk every where dont have a car or truck i do like peanuts however

I’m with you
I hate kayaking in the sun in the middle of a summer day. Tips:

Paddle very early in the morning and in the evening.

Paddle at night.

Put a wet handkerchief around your neck—helps quite a bit.

Use a half skirt to keep your legs shaded.

Wear a large hat.

Wear white.

Get out often to swim.

Slather yourself in sunscreen.

i did go out latter tonight
but got back to late could t see a thing.i think i may rig up a light on my kayak i have a headlight that ya wear on ya head but it is not to bright .i will try in very early am next