keep your car seats dry

next time you get your oil changed ask for a few more of those plastic sleeves they put on your seat. they fold up to nothing and are a real seat saver when you are coming back from paddling with wet shorts. I carry at least two at all times.

Just a suggestion.


If I did that…
the sea weed and moss that is growing there would dry up or I would have to start watering it every day!



Towel? change?

These seat covers
are a good value.

They are nylon universal and fit any bucket seat.

It seems like the only time I use my car is to go get wet or sweaty.

you pay…

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...someone to change your oil? Yuppie.


You beat me to the punch!! L

Newer model GMC
I used to change my own oil until I replaced my 89 GMC Jimmy with a 99. Among other things I dislike about the newer model, for the life of me I can’t get the damned drainplug off - something to do with a steel plug in an aluminum oilpan. Not being interested in purchasing an impact wrench, I now pay for the privilege of having someone else change my oil.

Does anybody have any suggestions for getting the drainplug out?

Or these seat covers

They are to pricy for my Subaru so I cut down a foam sleeping pad from Wally world and use it when I’m wearing my wet fuzzy rubber after practicing re entrys.

ts called Righety tighty lefty loosey…

Seems like a no brainer. How much do you really save after you buy the oil, wash the clothes you get dirty changing it, and find a legal way to dispose of the old oil? Seems like a no brainer.

Some of us are also ‘old school’ and take pride in doing the work ourselves. It’s not the money - trust me - my wife and I live on one salary now, bank hers and support her mother 100% on top of ourselves. Oh - I’ve got one kid in college also. I don’t even make that much - we just save, plan accordingly and live below our means.

Dumping the old oil isn’t an issue - every auto parts store at least here accepts it. I can do the oil and filter in about 15-minutes and $9.00 if I buy the stuff on-sale.

Besides, I was ust having fun with Paul but… on a more serious note, if “they” screw up your oil change, $14,95 will seem like chump change. Google “oil change horror stories” for example.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, I’d suggest that you avoid the quick change places and use your dealer.

Take care - ya’ hear?!

You can pay someone…
to change your oil??

Next thing you know you’ll be able to pay someone to wax your car…


I KNEW there was something I was missing!

is that a job…
… that we can’t get 'mericans to do also?

I use percussive maintainance

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To do this you will need a proper sized combination wrench (that is a wrench open ended on one end and box on the other) and a moderate dead-blow hammer or plastic (not rubber) mallet. Put the box end of the wrench on the head of the oil plug. Tap on the side of the open end causing the wrench to move in a counterclockwise direction. It should break loose with not much more than firm knocks. If the threads do not move easily after you break it loose some monkey tightened it too much and pulled the threads. I wouldn't use a ratchet wrench and socket for percussive maintenance. The impact can damage the ratcheting mechanism or break the side of the socket, and a box end wrench can be held in place better.

Also: If the threads have been pulled, some of the more pro oriented auto parts stores sell specially sized taps and oversized plugs to repair that kind of damage in aluminum pans. Don't overtighten the plug. Use just enough force to make sure it doesn't back out and dump your oil. If you aren't sure how much that is a repair manual will give you a torque value and you have an excuse to buy a shiny new torque wrench.

Anti Seize
Works wonders for steel with aluminum parts. A little dab will do you.

come paddle with me K7
I got your yuppie right here…


Oil Change Stories
Besides the usual stripped plugs, I have one good story. BTW, I do my own maintenance so I know its done right & with synthetic only, but I’m loosening up in my old age - I no longer use a torque wrench when re-installing my drain plug…

My in-laws drive from MA to FL the day after Christmas and then back in May & stop here in MD. Anyway, I always check their car’s fluids. One year, the dipstick read so high, I checked it 3 or 4 times. Turned out the dealership (Christmas Party day) added 5 or 6 qts without draining the old 5 or 6 qts. Assuming the oil was damaged from overfoaming, I drained it all out, installed a new filter and they had no problems. That was a tough GM 3.8 liter V-6 and they were lucky - 500 miles driven with twice as much oil.

Good idea…
But here’s another…take a changing robe and a dry pair of shorts.


Birthday suits dry much quicker.
Tie the wet shorts to the mirror and they will be dry in no time. Me learns more every day