Kevlar Mohawk Canoe?

Does anyone know if Mohawk ever made Kevlar canoes? I could have sworn they only did Royalex and fiberglass, but I don’t really know. Someone out here is advertising a 17’ Kelar Mohawk for a decent price (for Kevlar).


no kevlar
I have owned several Mohawk Canoes, I bought them at the factory when it was in Fla. They have never made anything that was kevlar, at least to my knowledge all were royalex and rolayex lite.

seen several
Mohawks with a Kevlar49 sticker on the back. The layup inside looked different then the usual Mohawk glass job,

but on one the inside was painted… I do not rememember looking at the inside of the other.

Kevlar Mohawks
They did make several of their composite boats in a layup containing kevlar. None that i have seen were all kevlar, just a layer of kevlar in the hull so it could be advertised as Kevlar. They had a 17’ Jensen design that was their best paddling boat, even though it was a generation or two from the Wenonah Jensens. The early 80’s buyers guides should show the model names. Only one that comes to mind was the Blazer, several places up here sold it and rented it. Flat bottomed heavy glass layup.


The Blazer
Was a 16 footer offered in kevlar and the Ranger was a 17 footer also offered in kevlar. They also offered some Jensen designs in kevlar. They listed the material as PL/K which stood for Proprietary Layup/Kevlar they also offered the same boats in PL/FG.

Thanks for the replies
The seller specifically said the canoe was “Kevlar 49”, so I imagine it had a sticker on the boat and probably had some Kevlar in it. He claimed the boat was about 40 lbs, which is pretty light for a 17-footer. He didn’t know the model. Based on the dimensions he gave me (exactly 17 feet long, with a 35" beam), I’m guessing it is a Nova 17. I guess it could be a Ranger…I couldn’t find any info on dimensions for the Ranger. He also said it had adjustable seats…which sounds like a Jensen design to me.

At any rate, I can’t get out to look at it for a while. If he still has it when I get back, maybe I’ll ride out and have me a look.


17’long ,34/32 inch widths,19 1/2 bow height,13 center,19 1/2 stern, 59 to 63 lbs in PL/K depending on which years buyer guide you read.

Mohawk Kevlar Canoes
CLASSFIVE now makes Mohawk canoes in Kevlar! We use a high end Vaccum process to produce a very light weight boat. It is our Mohawk ELITE line.

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