Mohawk Canoe Model?

I’m looking to buy this Mohawk canoe for $500 and was wondering if anyone could tell what model it is, as the seller says she doesn’t know? I live an hour away and don’t want to waste a trip.

The owner says it’s a 17’ Kevlar that weighs about 41lbs. It says Kevlar on the canoe but from my understanding ( and this thread) Mohawk never made a full kevlar, so it must be a fiberglass/kevlar composite? Could a 17’ really only weigh 41lbs? Also, from this list there are only a couple kevlar composites and none of them are 17’.

Looks like you can ask Mohawk - can you get the Hull Identification Number (HIN). That would also tell you how old it is (last two digits).

Thanks. I asked for it, but haven’t heard back yet.

Good luck. I have found that the people who purchased Mohawk when the company moved out of Fla could not tell me much about composite models made before they purchased the company. The “new” Mohawk did not make any composite canoes.

Mohawk of Fla, like other manufacturers, would tend to slap a Kevlar 49 decal on any composite boat that had even a little Kevlar in the layup schedule.

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I have found that as well, but there is a spec chart on the Mohawk website.

They show a Blazer 16 in a F/G Kevlar flavor. It weighed in at 58 lb. Can’t Imagine that the 17 would have been lighter. Also, that prop pushing up on the yoke is not a good sign. Don’t think that is factory.