knee replacement

So somebody cheer me up and tell me there is paddling in the future after knee replacement.

Im due to have it in less than two weeks.<br /> I sure hate missing the spring races,but I think its time.<br /> I just didnt know if anyone had gone through this and still race.

I got into kayaking because I had
bad knees. Good news: you don’t need knees for kayaking! Just thighs for your thigh braces, and something between your thighs and foot pegs. Any ol’ knee (even a cruddy one) will do. :slight_smile:

Ive had a knee replacement as well
…No probs…Except getting it on the roof of my gas hoggin SUV hurt a little !!!

how old are you? nm

No problema…
As long as you dive into the post-surgical rehab. and continue to work at it, I don’t see why you will have any problems. I have a left TKR, and with time and rehab. paddling has not been an issue. Getting in/out of the kayak when in shallow water may be a tad different, but with practice and ongoing rehab., I doubt if you will have any problems at all.

The BEST thing I ever did (and that was recently, four years after surgery), is to find an EXCELLENT physical therapist. My legs (and back) are now stronger now than when I played soccer in high school and ran long distance.

You can do it!


Feel Better
I got involved in kayaking this past Sept do to ongoing knee issues…had 5 scopes altogether, with 4 of them in the past I think 5 years…dr told me no more scopes…it isn’t helping…I had 1 cortisone shot but that lasted 2-3 days…I’ve been hiking a lot in the last 4 years and I’d like to continue but the knee still hurts after 45 min on a low elevation trail…I’m hoping kayaking will bring me the thrills and long time friendships like the hiking community has done…I’m in the same boat as you but i’m trying to see how much longer I can last before geting a pkr or tkr for both knees…check out…

the therapist is the most important person…best of health…keep us updated…CF

Had a hip replaced about a yr. ago. I’m better than ever. Hip or knee, the key is rehab and do what the therapist tells you to do. Good luck. VF

I started paddling due to a torn up
lower leg. Friend who paddles with me got into his kayak the first time seven weeks after a total knee replacement.

You’ll be fine if…
…you take your post-operative rehab very seriously. If you don’t you may lose enough flexibility in your knee to make getting into the boat difficult. If you commit to doing everything the physical therapist tells you to, you’ll be great. If you will not commit to doing everything, don’t have the surgery.

Knees I have known
I had 8 knee operations (7 scopes) and a replacement. The rehab is the hardest part. The PT will give you pain. If you try to fool her by faking the pain being too much, YOU lose. Pain is your friend in rehab. It means you are pushing the limit. Push through the pain and it will get better. I took up kayaking after replacement so I don’t have any comparison of before and after. I do what I want and have very few problems.

I have heard that rehab is the key.

Since I can`t work I will have all the time in the world to workout. I have several races this spring

so I want back as soon as possible.

I bought a new Ski thats not here yet, so when it gets here that should really push me to get better.

Maybe if I learn to paddle that ski it will be easier to get into than my EFT

There are only two people who can
answer your question. Your Dr and you. My opinion is that you will have no problem. I knew a person who skis with his replaced knee and he was in his late 50’s then.

If you can, run some stairs NOT
stairmaster thing real ones.

I totally disagree with the ice BEFORE therapy … just did to makes sense to me and I never felt good.

Don’t forget recovery time … if you are still hurting ( @ the same level ) before your next session you are doing too much.

Signed, I guy who had his knee bent 90 degrees out to the side.

Take your Vicodin
Be certain your surgeon gives you plenty of narcotics. The rehab may hurt, often does,and some doctors have the “use narcotics sparingly” attitude, and this is not the time for that foolishness. Use plenty of Vicodin, Darvocet, Ultram, whatever you’re given, potterspoint434, and work that knee post-operatively. No issue with kayaking once healed.

One of my buddies had both knees done. One doesn’t fully flex, so he rides a sit-on-top. It makes getting in and out simple…other than that, no sweat.

Forgot to add. move it or lose it
holds true here … get that range of motion going asap … might take a couple years to recover if you don’t. Strengthen those quads as much as poss. before and after. Get on the bike too, loosens everything up + gets blood flowing in all the right places without impact trauma, not to mention the elation of being ‘newborn’ with fresh joints.

Im working<br /> out now before the operation. Im not very good being down and I guess Im looking for a reason to back out. Im due to have it the 27th.

I plan on working hard to get back and hope to do the first race the first of May. Thats my goal.

Pat I thought you are to young to know about this??

I`m sure that gas pedal set up on my eft will help my knee right??Har

Stairs, stairs and more stairs …
Come down gentle and hold the rail … your legs are gonna burn like never before but in a couple days you will feel some new spring in them you thought you would never get back. Doesn’t hurt the cardio either : )

This new fitness might convince you to hold off a little longer. Try if for the next week and a half before going in, nothing to lose eh ?

Is joint resurfacing for …
the knee an option in the U.S.? Ive heard that hip resurfacing in India was pretty successful. less rehab?

heard of it.

I blew my ACL out twice in the mid 70s and have been bone on bone that long.<br /> I think Ive waited it as long as I can but still

dont wont to be cut on.

I`m going to paddle like crazy up until next week when I get it done.

I hope to be able to use my speedstroke after a couple of weeks but time will tell

I think I need to go to one of those faith healers

and see how good he is(not)