Kokatat semi-dry suit - what size?

I’d like to order one of these but I can’t try one on and want to get the right size. I’m just a touch over six feet and a little under 200 pounds with long arms and all my normal tops are XL. According to the Kokatat sizing chart a Large might be a good fit but I hate restrictive cloths and an XL looks better for sleeve length and inseam even though it’s bigger than I need for chest and waist. Is there any reason not to order an XL?

better too big than too small. You “burp” the air out anyways, which keeps the suit fairly tight.

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I’ll add to what daggermat said and say you you will have layers on under it so roomy is better.

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TomL, I’m also >6’ and <200#. My suit is an XL. I was able to try both the L and XL on for size. LIke daggermat says when you burp, the suit kind of sticks to you, and it is better to have room for layers underneath. Because I kneel in my canoes, I like having the extra inseam length, but it isn’t in the way when walking about.

I am 6’ and 225#s and wear an XL. I also would say get the XL.

You do need to allow extra space inside to allow you to wear different amounts of clothing under the suit to vary for different temperatures, so you don’t want for fitting.

And nobody looks good in a dry suit. Having extra cloth folding over isn’t going to make it look any worse.

You and I sound to be similar size. Go with the XL. I do not like the extra material, however it is much better than being too tight - the XL gives you space for layering. Plus, you will “burb” the suit anyway for that clingy fit by paddling.

Thank you all very much for the feedback everyone. Super helpful. I’m going to ask Santa to order an XL for me when she gets back from the grocery store.


LOL, ‘clingy feeling’! Think I’ll tell the wife ‘Honey, I’ll be right back, just need to slip into something a bit clingy…’, then load up and go paddling. I’m sure she’ll be quite amused.

If I recall, Kokatat also made custom ones. Why not just get a custom one made? I know that’s the route I’m taking. Of course my odd body makes that desirable, but man, getting something that fits just feels so good…

I have a Kokatat semi-dry suit. I am i little smaller than you. 5-10 and 175 I wear a medium and even with a few layers underneath I am swimming in it. Think you will be fine with a large.

You can be sure that I’m not trying to impress anyone with style. And for some reason I never seem to run into any pretty girls when paddling in winter in Michigan.

You’re not helping. I have no trouble with big decisions but little ones sometimes drive me nuts. :slight_smile:

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Swimming in it?

If the YMCA weren’t closed I’d be closer to your weight. And my height sure ain’t increasing as the years go by.

6’1, 190, 40" chest, athletic. I got a large kokatat front entry drysuit and like it. With air and water temps 30-45 I would wear a 250 weight wool base layer with a medium weight fleece layer and was not restricted or tight. This left me slightly cold when sitting but still sweating when moving, the best compromise I could find.
The suit is pretty baggy already. If any of your measurements are pushing the limits of Large a size up may help. Also if you wear 3 or more layers or 2 thick layers a size larger may help

Thanks again for all the great input. Seems like either an L or XL will work but I think I’ll order an XL since I am indeed pushing a couple of the limits of a Large and there seem to be folks of similar size that are happy with their XL’s. My wife wanted me to check a local shop first to see if we could buy it locally so I went in today but they only sell wetsuits so I have to order it. Really appreciate all the useful feedback.

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Since your regular paddling tops are XL and they fit…and your between sizes
XL is the clear choice.

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I think you’ll be happy with the XL.

Call Kokatat or Kayak Academy. They can recommend a size based on your measurements: chest, waist, height, inseam, arms, feet…

I got a used one that is slightly too long. It works, but sometimes I regret not having paid a few extra to KA to customize it. I could still send it back but it doesn’t bother me enough for the hassle.

I have an XL on order. I really appreciate all the great advice. Hearing from other Kokatat owners around my size helped me get over my indecision.

It hit around 60 in SW Michigan yesterday but it looks like that may be the last unusually warm day for a while. Pic taken yesterday on the St Joseph river.

I sold these for years. You are a Large.