Lake Huron's North Channel?

Having thoroughly enjoyed Massasauga Provincial Park I’ve been considering an out-and-back multi-day trip in the North Channel, maybe Spanish to Whitefish Falls or Whitefish to Baie Fine. According to this most of the islands are crown land open to bush camping. I didn’t see any trip reports here on Anyone have any experience there? Pointers and recommendations?

Looks like a 5-day weather window opening on Tuesday. Plan to go from Spanish toward Whitefish Falls and return. Hopefully I won’t be playing dodgem yachts as the area appears to be a cruising mecca.

I haven’t kayaked there… have driven on 17 by it dozens of times where the road is next to the water.
Seems people like to launch at McBean Harbor… May have secure parking though this discussion thread is kinda old

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Link to trip report:
Beautiful place. I kept thinking “if this was in the US it would be a national park”. Definitely inspired to see more next summer, maybe McGregor Bay and Killarney.

McBean would be a great place to launch to see Croker Island and the Benjamins.