Large thighs

I’m a short, stocky guy. Inseam is 29, waist is 34. But more frustrating is that because I’m a heavy squatter and deadlifter, I have rather large quads and hamstrings and my thighs simply do not fit comfortably into any of the touring kayaks I have sat in. But I want touring performance. What to do?

What have you tried? Try Current Designs Solstice GT or even bigger CD Titan. Both could have 3/4" in depth added for even more room. They call that HV or high volume. Both great performers.

I’ve tried Wilderness System Tempest 165 and 170. I have been trying to find one that will accommodate my legs size.

They will fit you

Titan would probably take a person 6-4 plus and 275 lb. Plus

Probably find Solstice used for way less than new. I got one two years old really like new with accessories for 1,800. Total cost new would have been 4,000 plus tax 7+ years ago.

Your location is?

Upstate NY, my budget isn’t really in the 1800 dollar range. I’m currently trying to sell a Wilderness Tempest 165 as it doesn’t fit me. So with whatever I can get for that and maybe a little more I gotta find something that works.

you can find a solstice for half that amount. I got a CD Extreme for 800 buff few deck lines like new from 10 feet. Same with the CD Libra I got for 900. You have to make a list of places to look and do it daily or the deals go fast.

your range of travel is what to pick one up? NYC metro area to far? I drove 3 hr. each way for some of mine. What is your present kayak worth?

The secret to making the Tempests fit is moving the seat back. I have done it several times for basically the same reason. If you don’t want to do it yourself ask the shop to do it. I also stripped out all the stiffening hardware in a used Alchemy to get it to fit. Much, much better.

Looking at specs on your 165 it is 12.5 depth and 21.5 wide. Fairly tight for you as you said. I get in my extreme now called CD nomad is same width but height is much more at 13.75". New Solstice is 14" deep. Dealer here has a Solstice HV probably 2008 all white they might sell in your range or a regular solstice. I am guessing 800 + -

What do you define as Upstate NY?

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I’m a reasonably large guy (6’2", 230 lbs), more muscle than fat, though not a weightlifter or body builder by any means.

I paddle a fiberglass Impex Assateague which is said to be one of the best “big guy” kayaks available, though most likely out of your price range.

My other boat is a Current Designs Sirocco, and though it isn’t my favorite it does the job adequately until I find a poly boat I like better. The CD Sirocco seems to be one of those boats that outfitters stick just about anyone in, from tiny to massive. If you can find one to paddle it might be worth a try. Up this way they sell for about $900 to $1300 CAD (used).

The tempest families are a quite few years old. More recent designs often have more leg room built in for larger paddlers or less flexible paddlers. They are not as long as the Tempests, but take a look at the large version of the Dagger Alchemy and Stratos. I find they have more room for my bicyclist thighs than the Tempest 170 (I don;t think I even can sit in the 165).

I think Wilderness Systems also has a line or two aimed at larger paddlers. I am not an expert on this, so ask at your local shop. But here is what the web site points you to:[]=26&size[]=35

If you are in between the Tempest 165 and 170 size wise try the Scorpio MV for fit. My buddy has a great waterline in it at 180lbs. It has a very generous cockpit that fits large thighs very well, at least the MKI I had did. The MKI and MKII cockpits look and feel very similar. dimension of it will take a big paddler. High deck big cockpit. Not sure if there are any used ones around or how long model has been out. Even this is large

See what Marshall has for you.

If you like the way the Tempest paddles and it’s just the thigh fit, try pulling the seat out and sitting on the bottom. It will give you more room and you can always just put a piece of neoprene on the bottom. Being a lifter etc. the stretch of the Hamstring etc{paddling with a more strait leg} will do you good. or try a foam seat, it too, will give you more room. The odds are , the deck height isn’t actually the problem…it’s the combination of the deck height and the seat height.

Yes. What roym said. The Tempests can be modified to work. I’ve done it. Try moving the seat back. If that doesn’t do the trick try taking it out. For me, moving the seat back was enough.