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You don’t know how strange I think it is that many of you have the impression of me that you do.
I am a very polite, humble, guy with self deprecating sense of humor.
Having said that: I have far, far, far more experience than most of you give me credit, probably more than cellia and willoleaf combined (I’m old, after all), and I have a very high IQ and have scored extremely highly in logic and mechanical on aptitude tests, so I’m pretty confident in my opinions.
Apparently more confident than many of you find acceptable.
I will probably meet some of you in the real world. I think you would be extremely surprised to find out that I’m SOTconvert.
But I don’t want to alienate any more people than I have, so I’m leaving the forum.

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Oh I’ll be bored especially in the winter. Oh wait I kayak then too forget about it then.

I guess you won’t read this anyway.

Post up you tests on the way out.

Post up your test results on the way out.

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I’ve been here since the forum was anciently laid out. 2008 although my member status is balled up some how.

Congratulations first announcement on someone leaving. I guess some leave just no band playing as the exited.

Is it by or bye? No clue myself IQ is to low.

Easiest to get out before he actually has to capsize…
I find it impossible to believe such a perfect specimen of intelligence and paddling skill could possibly want to engage with the peons here.


:joy::laughing::joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Guess we’re back to one post a day here. :roll_eyes:

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I think you misjudge the following nuance - forums are not only about IQ intelligence. There is a large element of social or emotional intelligence in being successful on forums.

You seem to be completely unaware of how others precieve you. I would recommend, to all people, and you ad well - the book “Emotional Intelligence 2.0”.

No hate intended, but you really don’t seem to understand they dynamics of this forum, and by extention most forums and the internet in general.

Basically, It’s not us, it’s it’s you

Edit, and to answer all your questions, you just need to test paddle boats and get used to capsizing and reentry. Once those are no big deal the boat doesn’t matter much.

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No need to post any more such erudite reviews.

Per Sheryl Crow: “It’s not having what you want. It’s wanting what you have.”

But you’ll never know if the boats you so impulsively bought are what you want because you don’t paddle any of them much, if at all. Next up: Know-nothing reviews of canoes and then SUPs.

I hear the sound of one very tiny violin keening in self-pity…


There is so much I did not bother to say… I believe that willowleaf and I have near 140 years between us. Perhaps SOTConvert has discovered the secret of eternal life. Let alone his trying to kick off IQ contests.


Does anyone else see this as a Pamlico 140 resurrection ? {some things might never go away}

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I once sold a ski and told the new owner it would be tippy.
He said that was fine as he was a Mensa member…
I later saw a review that said it was the worst tippy boat.


I do have mixed emotions. While I was concerned that people new to the sport might actually believe he knew what he was talking about, after the pontifications wallowing in abject ignorance, actual experienced responses would follow. And that’s really where someone could learn something. Many of the topics were relevant to discuss but readers were continually subjected to opinion without anything to back it up., like any experience whatsoever. To paraphrase, among many, many examples the “skeg is a crutch” and “lifelines aren’t needed” opinions Jumped off the page for me. Also, “be nice to rec boaters but Pelicans are crappy” spoke volumes.

But, Internet forums are chock full of aggravating personalities most of whom I believe think the forums exist just for them. Admitting he doesn’t read most of the responses pretty much proves it.

He read them, all they gave him purpose. SOT is reading this. Otherwise you just :stop_sign: posting and you’re gone. Probably be back under another name.


Normal people just leave. The SOT-s. announce they are leaving but rarely disappear.


I feel like I missed something.

And who are cellia and willoleaf?

I think I would have liked to paddle with him. So rather than talk about this stuff actually demonstrate it. Whether it would have any influence on his thinking I don’t know. Whether it would have resulted in future paddling together I don’t know. In a way it feels like a failure to me, but it also felt like a waste of time. I certainly can’t fault the effort folks here put forth to explain it all. C’est la vie!

Maybe our evil twins…


Yes, I had a strange feeling Chuck F. was trolling you folks again, but the language didn’t seem quite right. The “good-by” post mentioning his high IQ etc. had me wondering again. I used to see his facebook posts but I think I got culled.