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Imagine being so completely demolished by two old ladies. This must really sting someone of his intellectual standing.

To be fair, I overshot the mark on our cumulative ages a bit. I was in the moment… but not enough to make either of us spring chickens.

Actually, there is another more recent name that I am going to be watching, see if it disappears. Whatever this was, it was someone with tremendous time to devote to drivel.


We did not “demolish” him. We were pretty reasonable and more than patient until he continued to amp up pompous assishness, and even then never hurled the “insults” or exhibited the hysteria of which he accused us. Any damage to his brilliant manhood originated in his own touchy imagination.

The fact that he seemed to have been more indignant about us two than the guys who also lost patience with him suggests some deeper conflicts. But it would be ultracrepidarian for me to posit opinions on psychological issues – not my expertise.


If we should meet out in the “real world,”
and your intellect flap out unfurled,
as if assured banner of the SOTconvert,
would it rise up from depths of itinerant obvert?

Would it rise on pride within its grand capsize?
Would it rise tipping hat to less tippy guys,
and gals who’ve remained on more even keel,
as you swimmingly get out on your own appeal?


On the bright side, through all the frustration and mesmerizing weirdness of it all, I did learn some things. So there’s that. Thank you to those who persevered to provide knowledgeable input.


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He he, yeah, notice how he said he would postpone practicing wet exits in the Castine till winter pool sessions started. I almost goaded him about that right then and there. Maybe someone else did, so he wants to leave before getting egg on face.

Late summer in CO, where he claims to live, is when the lake water is warmest. The air is still hot, too. Wet practice is refreshing.


I think his real first name is D_ _k.

There have definitely been some characters here - Pamlico140, Coffee/CoffeeII, and who was the guy who posted nothing but Google links.


Among them, Pamlico has acquired an almost charming aura in becoming history.

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What’s the betting line, the Over/Under, on how soon he will be back?

Cool blog…

I must say I found the reaction to SOT much more interesting than he himself. I couldn’t believe the number of responses he got to a couple of his provocative threads. What exactly was the fascination?

When he started to argue with me that the ability to swim was of absolutely no value when it came to safety in moving water I just wrote that I was done with him and moved on.

Say what you will, the guy had real talent when it came to drawing people into his straw man arguments and inane posits.

I don’t consider trolling an admirable talent, and I don’t understand why people kept feeding him. I am surprised SOT claimed he is going away. I’m quite certain he will be back with another username, and not difficult to spot. I’m with Celia on thinking he’s already got at least one other active, recent username.

This thread title, however, is pure genius. " Last post. By." By who??? Or is it whom? I’m never sure.

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Problem was he got the attention of some newer folks. Who might actually think he represented anything. He was posting so actively that any particular red flag got buried in a new wave of stuff. In fact he kept burying his own lead, as in the newspaper analogy.

If it was intentional, it was a pretty solid piece of misdirection.

Not sure what the end goal would have been, if it was deliberate.

Personally, I kept thinking “Don’t argue with the mentally ill. It’s pointless and just makes things worse”. I do see how the misleading “information “ is detrimental on a site like this, and needs to be stopped. But it just egged him on.

I, too, had two recently-arrived prolific posters in mind as co-creations, along with the subject of this thread.

Interestingly, they have been absent the last couple of days.

If all were personae made up for some purpose, the purpose might be to fragment and destroy this site, which leads to the more interesting question, What For? Is someone priming a new pond to receive fish stocked from the remnants of an old, established one?

The attention drawn feels sort of like picking at an irritated gum or a scab.

I won’t name names, but someone speculated to me that the purpose might be to drive more traffic to the site, by someone with a financial interest. I’m not saying I agree with this, but I also don’t think it’s out of the question.

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More hits more advertising dollars. Money may be driving it.

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Controversy and anything that sparks outrage = “engagement,” right?