launch permit for blow up kayak in PA?

do I need a launch permit for a blow up kayak and how is it suppose to stick???

Yes, you are required to have the annual launch permit for inflatable kayaks. I have folding kayaks and since I can’t adhere the sticker to the fabric and rubber skin on those, I talked to a park ranger and they agreed it was acceptable to place the sticker in one of those clear plastic ID badge holders and clip it to the safety lines on the boat so that it is visible along the side above the waterline. If your boat does NOT have safety lines, get the sort of ID badge holder that is on a neck cord and fasten it to something iinside the cockpit and draoe it over the side.

Remember that you only need it to launch from areas that are under the management of a state agency. Many rivers and lakes don’t require one. But finding out which do and don’t can be a pain so it’s better just to spend the $10 and be done with it. Not worth the fine or being denied access. Some of the Fish and Game guys can be pretty cranky about permits – I think fines are a revenue stream for some of the districts.

Yep, I’m in Northeast PA. Same thing.

the AG

You Need One Even for a SUP
Paid $18.00 for a 2 year one last month for my surfski, even if it is only good for a year and 5 months, till Dec. 31, 2016.

Figured it was cheaper than the fine and hassle. Be careful with the sticker, for it can tear easily.

Also, if you’re not wearing one, make sure your pfd is attached and visible on your boat or they’ll bust you for not having one, unless you’re rowing a racing shell?

other requirements
Besides the PFD, the state also requires that you carry a pea-less whistle. The orange flat styles are cheap at any sporting goods store – the metal game ref whistles are NOT acceptable – just attach the whistle to the pocket or accessory flap of your PFD with a piece of nylon cord or old shoelace. And you must have a bright white light of some kind on you if there is any chance you might be out on the water after dark. I usually carry an LED headlamp and a tiny clip-on waterproof LED “jewel” light to stick on the back of my hat or PFD.

The days are getting shorter, so it would be a good idea to carry some lights. Willowleaf, where did you get your led headlamp and jewel? What kind did you get?


Don’t you need an explosives permit to
blow up a kayak?

vacation on the outer bend down in the canyon

What a rip especially if you can’t buy it at the park.

Sounds like
The nanny-state on steroids. Does the state even require a permit for air mattresses and inner tubes and if not, why not?

you can buy
launch permits at the state park offices right before you launch. they are good at all state parks and places that require launch permits.

Asked for permit
I was on the Allegheny yesterday for the first time since I tried back in the spring when I got my kayak. I’m living in the middle of nowhere and launched at the claimed "smallest city in America (Parker, PA). Upon carrying my boat down to the water, I was approached by a DCNR official/officer/ranger, whatever their title is. The permit is red and happens to be attached on the red part of my boat and he didn’t see it.

So, if I can be asked pretty much in the middle of nowhere, then the chance of them catching you is pretty good.

He was really cool and we chatted for a good while about the river, launches, Lake Erie where I want to get in the water an he use to work.

A t any PA launch area, even if unimproved, if it is state land and under DCNR or Fish and Game jurisdiction, they will demand the permit. I’ve been turned away firmly from muddy streamsides in the middle of nowhere in PA by stony-faced Fish Police for having an expired sticker.

BTW, it is simple to order the stickers on line at the PA DCNR site. They will send to you witin 10 days but meanwhile you print out the receipt and carry it with you and you’re good to go. I just make a habit niw of renewing all my boat stickers on New Years day after they expire.

I think my present LED headlight was from the $4.99 table at a motor parts store. Nothing fancy. And the jewel lights, that clip on the accessory patche s on PFD’s were bought years ago ai REI. Some bike stores have them though white lights are harder to find than red. Oddball places like Harbor Freight Tools and Tuesday Morning stores ha ve yielded some handy outdoor lights on the cheap.

I appreciate this thread.
I live in New York, near the PA border, and almost went down to Honesdale for a regatta last spring. I plan to go next spring, and it never occurred to me that I’d need a permit for that.

come to MI
Our DNR is so shortstaffed that even if a permit were required, there’d be no one to perform enforcement!

runnamauck !

Ditto, come to Northern Michigan
and paddle our Great Lakes, inland lakes, and rivers free of charge. We don’t even require registration for private nonmotorized canoes, kayaks, rafts, or surfboards, sailboards, etc. Length makes no difference.

There are loads of DNR public access sites which require only that you leave nothing but footprints behind; some access sites may have signage that a DNR Recreational Passport is needed for entry (or you have to pay a fee), but many aren’t staffed and if a ranger happens to show up after the fact, no tickets are issued; just a leaflet telling you how you can buy the pass.

Most waterfront towns have parks (with ample parking) and good launch sites - Google Earth comes in handy for that.

no wonder they are so cranky
Geez, the Fish cops only get $65 per day and have to buy their own guns and ammo?. No wonder they are so touchy and gruff, Kinda puts that in perspective. Still, I wish they would focus their attention on game poachers and fracking waste tanker drivers trying to sneak and dump in creeks rather than driving off paddlers with expired $10 stickers.