legend for tempest 165

thinking about giving up the Legend and getting the tempest 165 RM. Where I am now, I have no need for another fiberglass sea kayak. I do have a need for a plastic boat though as some of the rivers are bony.

anybody want to trade?


No need to loose that Legend
I’ll give you $600 for it :slight_smile:

thanks medicineman
You’re all heart.


that was two payments of 600 right?


Avocet for Legend?
I’ll trade an Avocet for a Legend. 2005 model and in great condition after only one year on NE coast.

a Chatham
for a Shadow?

Even better choice
Three is a decent chance that I’ll be moving out of the Piedra for a planing hull WW boat sometime this spring. I was planning on keeping her for a spare, but heck the boat’d be perfect for bony rivers. I’ll trade.

intersting but I don’t think I want a dedicated river runner…kinda got my heart set on a tempest.


How about my old bike??

ok I’ll go composite for you rick
Your 40 lb kevlar wonder for my boat.


Wonder is right…

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I WONDER where it is...


not to say
that I might not be intersted in your boats as I get more into river tunning…

I’ve got a Prijon Rockit
Which will shortly be displaced by a Pyranha Inazone - if you are too big for Celia’s Piedra :wink:

I know someone
I know of a plastic 165 with extra rocker for sale. It came out of the mold a little funky but for your purpose that would be a feature not a flaw and it still paddles fine - just really needs the skeg.

Unfortunately it’s diagonally across the country but I think you would enjoy a trip to the pacific northwest.

Otherwise I’d trade my Riot 007 and my partially finished Sea Rider. … Oh, I see you are building one, too. I bet you get done long before me and do a better job.

ask pamlico_140

OK - - How about - -
An Aquaterra Sealion in Poly - - - Heck I’ll throw in a paddle.

Bring yours to somewhere farther north and I’ll throw in two P-net Calanders and a new pair of NRS straps.

Come on what do ya say - - Nice old classic you can beat around the rocks and then retire it to a high wall for ambiance. Do some rock gardens with no fear.

How about class III and 17’ - - - You’ll hit the rocks before the rocks hit you. Nice color blue with red stips - – - easily spotted from a helicopter when in rocky muddy water

Tell ya what - - I’ll be down the weekend before christmas since I wont need to go Christmas shopping - - - - - Just tell me what time you unlock the garage door. I’ll take care of it from there.

it was just a thought. Trade a good boat for a good boat. Already having serious second thoughts about it. Be nice to keep the Legend for serious camping which I will be doing a lot more of here in SC. And it is a phenomenal rough water boat. Lots of storage. See? talking meself out of it pretty quikly.


Happy thanksgiving everyone
I for one am very thankful for my opportunities to go paddle and enjoy this wonderful activity. It’s like taking a blood pressure pill.


Here, I’ll help talk you out of it
You can’t have my T165!

Keep the Legend and shop around for a used RM T165. I think I’ve seen only one advertised, though.

My husband and I enjoyed a fine Turkey Day paddle and hope you did, too.

Agree with you. Think I found one (T165)not too far away and pretty reasonalble. Not sure how much use the Legend is going to get right now but it will stay with me as it will be great for skills practice ala Foster and Hutchinson, and it really does have a trememdous amount of room for camping and expeditions that is surprising for it’s size.

So I really will get what I wanted…got to keep all my toys