Let's take it from the top

It was suggested that my baseball cap was not appropriate paddling attire. What kind of hat do you prefer. No WW here, flat water and slow rivers only. Rec and touring only.

(Sorry, nothing deep like the best boat or canoe vs kayak)

Ad for the record, I’m in the south. Atlanta to be specific.

I prefer a…
Tilley. Air Flow style for the hot weather and a hemp model for other times.

Couldn’t care less about the ‘fashionable’ aspect of Tilley hats, I simply find them very well engineered, fully functional, versatile, and available in many styles and sizes.

The naysayers can have at me but the fact is Tilley addressed a market need and they are being duly reimbursed for their insight by a loyal cadre of customers.

This personal opinion has been brought to you by the highly nefarious ‘Tilley Hat Owners Cult of America’!


I opt for a baseball style cap
I guess I don’t make a fashion statement either.

I use a cheapy when I wear one
It’s a boonie style what I like is it’s camo or you can turn it inside out for flourescent orange which is handy when your on big water with power boats. A friend suggested spraying it with Thompsons Water Seal to make it serve as a rain hat too, I may try that.

Good Luck


I don’t care about ‘fashionable’ (just ask my wife). I just wanted to know it there was a better way. Thanks (And my head thanks you too)

Boony Hat
About 6 or 7 dollars from an Army Surplus store. They dry out quickly. The brim goes all the way around to protect the ears and neck from sun and rain.

they come in a huge variety of colors, solid and camo.

I have 6. depends on my mood.

here in OR they cost $12.



So I take it
That a hat with a wide brim is the key. I have an Indiana Jones kinda hat that I love when it gets cooler and in the rain. I take it a lighter weight version of that is what I need.

You know, it’s funny the things you think to ask. And even nicer that there are people who will take your question seriously and give up good info.

Why NOT a baseball cap.
Your temple area is very thin skin and very prone to overexposure. My father in law lived at Hilton Head for 20 years and always wore a ball cap. He battled melanaoma in the temple area for 10 years before he lost. Wear a full brim.

I am also an elitist who also wears a vented Tilley. Best hat I’ve ever had.

Fashion statement…

I wear a Tilley when the chips are down
When the sun is broiling my brainpan, the wind is howling or it’s pee-pouring rain, I clamp on the Tilley. Rest of the time it’s a ball cap, but the ugly old Tilley is always within reach.

I’ve got two

  • a Woolrich
  • Dorfman Pacific

    The Wolrich hass a little smaller brim. The drofman flops a bit more. I like a full brim to keep the sun off my head. Both are treated with Camp Dry for a bit of water repellancy.

Anyone missing a large dark catapillar??

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Look on the dude's lip. Super cheesey. Ya gotta love the early eighties for tact and clothes style. Edit: I would totally wear that hat proudly!!!
Been there, and now am thinking of therapy to cope..........

Tilley is the best protection.

If you wear it for the protection that
the all around brim offers, there is on thing that you are forgetting. REFECTION OF THE SUN OFF THE WATER. So as I said before I were a ball cap because I like it and if you talking protection from the sun. I will add that I normally put on SPF30 when I paddle.

Oldies but goodies,
this has been beat to death and then some. It is as big as the canoe vs kayak, skeg vs rudder, sot vs sink, etc debates. When all else fails, get what feels comfortable to you and provides the best protection for your noggin. In my case, I used to love baseball caps, but burnt my ears all the time (I have modified taxi cab door ears, they stick out just a bit.) I didn’t find relief until I spent the bucks on a Tilley. I can wear it anywhere, frisbee golfing, fishing , yaking, bbq in on the porch, swimming in the pool with the kids, it is a fashion statement of its own.) It is well made and keeps the sun off my ears. And I have willed it to my son in the event of my untimely death. 65 bucks over the next 5-10 years is chump change for relieable sun protection.

thus ends my .02

I’m an outdoor reserch fan
helios or some other sun hat. Lightweight, and wide brim. quick drying and tough.

Burnt the top of your ears via reflected

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sun light??? Damn. I'm sorry to hear that. Wide brimmed hat keeps the direct sun off your head. No more, no less. Baseball hats keep the sun out of your eyes on off the the apex of your head ( in my case, it's losing some of its natural sunscreen), nothing more, nothing less. The best way to aviod reflected sunlight is to stay inside. :( That's not an option I'm willing to explore.

Not a problem with a Tilley - NM

Ball cap works for me
except when it,s really hot. Then it’s a bandana that gets dipped in the river every few minutes. Or when the sun gets low, it’s the bandana and a ballcap to keep the sun out of the eye’s.

When it gets cold, a polypro stocking hat with a ball cap over it works just fine. Tilleys are nice. There is no law that makes us wear them.