"Light Brit Boat" = Oxymoron?

Maybe things are a changin’…

I picked up my new Ultra kevlar/carbon Valley Nordkapp LV today (12 hours of driving).

Boring blue/white with compass AND HATCHES it weighed in at a svelte 43lbs. I had my scale with me (I’m one of those) so there is no guessing.

Fit and finish look excellent and the hull and deck are stiffer than I thought they would be.

I will give it a first impressions review in about a week… I haven’t even sat in it yet…

Thank you Valley and Peter, and most of all to this board for turning me on to this boat…


Valley decided to catch up with the Canadian and US manufacturers, and start vaccuum bagging their layups several months ago. Lighter and stiffer is the payoff for doing it.

A 43 lb Nordkapp would have been unheard of even a year ago. Sounds like they got the hang of the process.

Enjoy the boat,


It sure felt like a nice boat to me (at least during the 20 minutes I got to paddle one this summer). Hope you enjoy it! Let us know your impressions after you have some seat time.


Probably Infused
Not certain, but I think they are infusing those new boats. The result is less resin content and a stronger matrix. Old Valley’s were good…these should be as srong or stronger and better all round. Sounds super!

I’m so, so, so… jealous. :slight_smile:
Congrats on the new boat!

You’ve got that…
New Boat Euphoria! Congratulations! And blue isn’t boring - it fortifies your aura! Got a name picked out?

Thought I’d just call it “Sir”… until we become friends.

I’ll be down to try it next week!

It’s about time!

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I've got a new bike and now that I'm really old I can get into Shark Valley FREE... and anyone with me...

awesome on you!!!
and it makes me cringe weightwise looking at my Jubilee with footpump…dont forget the Chillcheater hatches for even more weight reduction, plus they look good on the Q-boat so I’m sure they’ll look good on the Nordkapp.

Congrats grayhawk. 43 lbs is sweet.

That’s a sweet boat. Boring blue is my favorite color.


A 43 pound Valley boat sounds dreamy. And a Nordkapp LV, how nice!

Enjoy the boat and if you’d like to trade it for a 55+ pound Valley boat let me know;-)

Brit boats not all that heavy
yeah my Nordkapp (2005) is heavyish at about 65pounds but i’ve paddled NDK’s (having the worst weight rep) that were about 55 pounds consistently. i don’t see a full blown sea kayak under 60 to be heavy, personally.

Congrats on the new boat
I know you have been eagerly awaiting it.

Be careful in Shark Valley with that new bike !


The Old Ingram highway in the Everglades NP is a good place to ride too.

Joel put us onto it.

Oops I forgot; we are suppose to be talking about paddling here.



Enjoy- it is a beautiful looking boat.
Looking forward to your first impressions.

43 lbs is pure heaven.
Should perform well down in the Keys for you. Get some pics when you have the time for your webpages. Like those webpages, always sunny pictures, you lucky bird.

Great feeling boat

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Congrats on finding and getting this boat. Really nice feeling kayak, even if too big for me.

At the end of the day…
My ProLite Aquanaut weighs somewhere between 55 and 60 pounds. At the end of a day of paddling, hauling the boat is a real pain, not to mention making injury more likely.

My Elite Romany probably weighs 40-45 pounds and is a joy to haul, even when exhausted.

Well, it was about time, wasn’t it!

Wanted to go over with you but we were still OTR for the IL Turkey Day trip. We expect to see pics of this Non-Oxymoronic Modern Marvel in the email box pronto! I bet Sally’d like it, too -and that’s saying a lot…

Let me know when Joel gets there… ;-> and when Paul comes back a thousand miles for a test run and possible purchase, LOL!

I can’t wait to see it, lift it (maybe with one pinky?), and of course, to sit in it and -at least up & down the canal, to


-Frank in Miami