Light weight sit on top

I am looking to purchase a light weight sit on top kayak in the 12 to 14 foot range. I have tested a Stellar S14 S which weighs about 31 pounds. It is an excellent boat but I wasn’t really comfortable in it. I don’t mind paying a premium price for the right boat. Scouring the internet I have found an Eddyline Caribbean 12 foot which at 45 pounds is slightly lighter and a better design than my old 48 pound Hobie pursuit. I am hoping to find something a little bit lighter than the Eddyline with similar comfort. I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions. Thanks , Scott

don’t know if TPBs is making these yet (don’t see it on their website), and, if they do, they will be in the upper buck range, but if I was in the market for an SOT, I’d save my money and get one from them.

What are your metrics? (height and weight). What kind of waters are you looking to paddle on? What was your comfort issue with the Stellar? ( It is possible to modify seats and cockpit fittings to customize fit, especially with sit on tops.)

All that info will help inform useful recommendations from others.

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Looks like Turning Point is so swamped with custom orders for their madly successful Petrel Play that they have set aside any further work on the Outcast sit on top. Looks like it came in at 33 pounds and they took the beta model to Canoecopia in the Spring. Maybe the OP could contact them and see if they are taking orders for it.

But when an artisanal boat builder is backlogged with orders for $5000 to $7000 custom ultralite sea kayaks, I doubt there is much incentive to crank out fishing boats.

A little seat time will make almost any boat more comfortable. The S14S is a spooky boat Imo and takes more seat time than my S18S did. With the rudder up it will not catch enough water to be comfortable.

Thanks but I can’t find a website for TPBs.

I am 6 ft , 185 pounds, 69 years old. I live in San Diego and do some lake, bay and a little ocean paddling. The Stellar had very little back support and a little less stable than my current boat.At 69 I’m looking for a little more stability rather than a little less. I THINK I could get used to it but don’t want to spend $3500 unless I’m sure. Thanks.

Got it. Turning Point Boats. They look awesome but not what I’m looking for.

Lightweight SOTs are hard to find because SOTs tend to be short and fat. That gives them high marks for primary stability but also high weights. Other than the Stellar models, which as you noted have lower primary stability, the Eddyline model you mentioned is lighter than most SOTs and is still in production so it is easier to buy (new or used.) Wilderness Systems made their Tarpon 120 in an ultralight version for a short time. It weighs in at 43 pounds. It is also very hard to find, I have only seen 4 or 5 for sale (nationwide) over the last year. If you really want lightweight, the Stellar models are the only game in town.

Good Luck!

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Thanks for the info, wasn’t aware of whatever happened to the SOT - and now I know what they call it.

Turning Point doesn’t list the lightweight SOT (model is called Outcast) on the site as an item in their regular line up at the moment. They did have a post on their Facebook page showing them taking the prototype to a boater show back in early Spring. That’s why I suggested you contact them to see if they have a spec sheet and prices on it and if they will be taking orders to make them. They are a custom shop and are not going to be producing boats to stock or ship to dealers. They have their molds and make kayaks by special order.

Have you considered the drop stitch inflatables like the Sea Eagle Razorlite 393rl? Only 35 pounds, very stable and reportedly handle very well in open water.

The lightest boats for their length (longer being better for coastal paddling) are folding kayaks like the PakBoat Quest 150 which is only around 30 pounds and while not technically a sit on top, can be paddled with or without the deck. The rigid frame and 15 foot length makes it seaworthy and the inflatable sponsons inside the hull skin the full length of the boat make it stable, Super comfortable adjustable sling seat and backband. I have the smaller beta version of this boat.

Great information, I will check them out.

I have briefly looked into inflatable kayaks. I will check out your suggestions. I would definitely want to try it first.

I had a Hurricane Skimmer 128 which I loved. Weighed 47 lbs. The Eddyline Caribbean 12 felt sluggish in comparison.

Thanks. Another good option that I will check out further. At first look there is no Hurricane dealer anywhere close to me in San Diego. The Eddyline model is very hard to find in my area also. I can’t see buying something that I can’t try first especially since they are about the same weight as my current Hobie boat. I appreciate all of the suggestions as it’s fun to be shopping for a new boat.

Have you considered building a stitch and glue SOT? They are generally lighter than most fiberglass or plastic boats. Here is a link to plans and kit for one.

F1430 Sit-On-Top kayak | Bedard Yacht Design

Here are plans for another option.
Water Rat Printed Plans (


Let me know when you get yours built. I’d like to paddle it.

I am a dealer for Stellar and the S14S (renamed “Puffin” for 2023) is the most popular model I sell; my clientele are primarily in the 60-75 age range. Most choose to add the optional Clamshell Seat which has multiple adjustment points and can be custom-fit for much better back support than the standard back band. Stability remains the same.

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Something to consider. I will check that out. Thanks