Looking into a new paddle

I’m looking to get a new affordable high angle paddle I’m looking at the Werner tybee cf and the Aqua bound manta ray cf any thoughts would be appreciated!

I’m also looking at a paddle, a low angle flat water starter: Symbiosa Kayak Paddle

Wondering about opinions on its fiberglass shaft and the telescoping ferrule.

Both good choices. What distances are you paddling? Longer distance, perhaps the Tybee at 94sq.in. vs. the Manta Ray at 105sq.in. The later has more bite on the catch which can be good for all out effort or creating more resistance to move the ends of the boat around with greater leverage (think surf). The Werner is $185 and the Aquabound is $150.

Good options, which is why I carry them at my Store.

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1.79 kg = just over 63oz.

Far too heavy! Look for an Aquabound Stingray or a Werner Skagit at almost half that weight.

Wow, that is super heavy! If you’re on a budget look used. If you buy something and end up not liking it, or wanting to upgrade, or needing a different length or blade size, you can usually resell for around the same price. I’d try Craigslist, FaceBook marketplace, and eBay.

For higher angle touring paddle, the Werner Shuna seems to be one that many (including myself) use.

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Bending Branches Whisper is probably the best bang for the buck. Bought it as a spare and it’s marketed as entry level, but it became my go-to paddle for years over a single piece Aquabound that was twice the price.

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I’ll be going out for several hours at a time on lakes and rivers I recently took delivery of my new feelfree aventura v2 110 and can’t wait for the ice to melt and get out there lol this will be my first high angle paddle and figure a mid size high angle blade would be better to learn different strokes on but I could be wrong

As that model kayak has no front compartment - or bulkhead - put a flotation bag in the bow for safety. Otherwise if you do flip it you probably won’t be able to recover it.

NRS has them for $40 or so.

And also be safe and be aware of cold water safety.

Ty yes I am aware of no bulkhead in the front it has a center pillar so I need to get split bow float bags and ty about the cold water mindfulness I am a retired professional firefighter I have many certs in water rescue warm/cold/swift im leaning about 75% toward the Werner Tybee paddle

I’m a high angle paddler.

I’ve been using a Accent Kuai Carbon paddle, 101sq in blades, and weighs a whopping 29oz

I’m tough on paddles so I like the glass filled poly blades mated to a carbon shaft. I’ve had full glass, and glass/carbon and I wind up busting the blades.

to that point I accidentally ran over my kuai, was backing my car up tried to get close to the boat right over the paddle blade, it’s fine still going strong used it in a race last year. 10mi.

Thanks. I checked out the Stingray and Skagit. Nice paddles but a bit out of my price range (unless I find used) since I’m just starting out and need to purchase a whole lot of gear (x 2) before hitting the water. I double checked the one I was origianlly looking at and their website lists it as 34.2 oz, which is less than a kilo! :balance_scale:

34.2oz sounds more like it - I was just going by the info on the amazon.ca website.

I’m sure it will be fine for you. When/if you become more serious about kayaking you’ll probably want a better paddle but it’s always good to have a loaner or a spare.

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The Manta Ray. At 1lb and a few ounces, It’s a dream paddle. I love mine, It’s a game changer.

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Completely agree about the BB Whisper. Best paddle for the money – especially for new paddlers or those who are not ready to buy a super light paddle. I still have a couple that friends/students use. And, one is always ready for use as a spare for offshore paddling when someone forgets their spare.

Specs say Manta Ray paddle weighs 29 ounces. Just under two pounds.

And the Werner tybee cf I believe is a little over 33 ounces the biggest difference is blade size

Both of my Lendal paddles came from Ebay (one was from Marshall and I jumped on it when Ebay offered an extra discount a couple of years ago), the other from a private seller. Fantastic value on both. Love both of them but primarily use the 205 these days.


Yep. A very lightweight beautiful paddle. I use it over all of my other paddles.