Looks of a kayak for a 9 year old girl?


I’m looking for a boat for a 9 year old girl, as a surprise birthday gift.

I found this one, on Craigslist, and it’s really inexpensive ($100). It’s a Wilderness Systems something or other… the size is right…

My question/concern is its appearance. Do you think a young girl would like it? I think it’s kind of “ugly”.


She’d grow out of it in no time.
That’s kinda the Barbie-Jeep of kayaking. Get her a REAL kayak, and she’ll love you for ever . . . .



that is the boat?
Is that a picture of the boat? Either there is something wrong with it, or they are practically GIVING it away. You need to look into that right away. Good luck!

put her in it
turn that fan on, and the breeze in her hair will have her air paddling in no time!!

He was joking

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thats my kayak and hes trying to insult me in some wierd and really strange way.

Your right though, that is a Pamlico 140 exp (840 msrp, plus skirt ($88). So its worth about 920 dollars for what you see in the picture

WWLakeandSea you are evil
but it a funny way :slight_smile:

Let it go… the kid has not learned yet how to deal with real world situations yet and probably lives a very sheltered life and watches too much TV.

And I’m not talking about the 9 yrs old girl here, you know what I mean…

Never seen an orange kayak before
weird looking!

now that they have killed
the original thread (“New company… etc”) this one is not much fun anymore.

Lucky for you Pam that there is somebody that looks out for you and did you a favor in deleting a thread that was not doing you any good

Pam deleted it…
That’s his normal course of action…

Anyone can delete a thread if they are the creator…

That was Pam’s thread.

That’s hilarious. You guys are too much.

Typical California snob.
I would know, there sure are alot of them here in Fort Collins… Snobbing it up!! Driving their maserati quatroportes and Ferrari Convertables and treating the true residents like dirt.

1st boat

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hi...looks like a earlier model pungo or pamlico ....boat is probably around 30"-29" wide...might be too wide for a 9 y.o. reach but for $100 ..it's a steal ///you can resell that easily . the skirt is probably too big for her too. buy it anyways ..let her try it. if she likes the sport .....buy her something more suitable later. good beginner boat. if ya know of any other kids approx. your daughters size ..take one of them for a test fit. she won't physically outgrow that boat for a few yrs. orange color might be a good thing at least you can keep track of her out on the water, not many orange boats around. make sure the boat hull isn't cracked someplace too !!!!

Thanks everyone.
I actually showed her the boat, and she didn’t like it.

She thought it was “cheesy” looking.

I think we’re going to start her up in a “real” sea kayak. I’m going to outfit my Squall so it fits her right, and teach her about wet exits, rescues, stroke technique, boat lean, etc.

She wants a real sea kayak, not a toy, so I guess that’s a good thing.

I can pad out the Squall for less than $100 anyway.

Thanks for the replies.

Another Woman on Water!!! I think that both of you made a great choice.

TsunamiChuck Is A Mean, Mean Man!
Picking on the little kids again!

Hes joking…

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Its my kayak and he is Mocking me, trying to bring me down. A total dumbass who is so obsessed with putting me down its almost like hes a troll. He accuses me of being a troll so much its almost like he has something to hide. BTW its a Pamlico 140, 14' long, 28" wide, 14" deep. MSRP 840 for that trim level

BTW- I've paddled a squall, and it doesnt blow the Pamlico 140 out of the water. I went the same speed in both boats. You, you need to reassure yourself that your boat is so much better because you are insecure and need a fancy kayak to improve self-esteem. You also put me down to feel better about yourself- to feel superier. Its basic phycology, Its proven that Bullies always have a shame and insecurity inside them, hidden from the world. Why are you so insecure?? What dont you like about your self?? What makes you feel empty in your life to the point that you need to tease me to fill that emptiness??

I have 2 orange boats
Not by choice but what was available. A “Lava” Valley Avocet and a “Mango” Liquid Logic Trigger.

They look great with my plum drytop.

(they are the same @$$hole) had a really cool Orange Nordkapp and an RPM.

for $920
I can get a Tsunami (135, 140 or 145) and an Immersion Research Excursion sprayskirt

Beginning to wonder…

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Re WWLakeandSea - I wonder why you so like providing endless ammunition for the P140 entity, something that trolls really like.

Lots of conjecture about who is who - so P140=tontomargolis=maybe others.

A while back when I was really bored I did a quick search and turned up P140 on various sites with ages from 15 to 17 depending on the board.

One thing that is certain from the activity level and the times and frequencies of posts - this is a person with way too much time on their hands.