Lost a good paddling partner

Lost Zoey yesterday. 2 months before her 11th birthday. She was very sick in February but bounced back with medication so we were both happy to get in a little more paddling.

I always liked this pic showing her enthusiasm

This was our favorite turnaround spot about 2 miles upstream of our favorite put-in. Even at 10 years old with arthritis she’d act ike a puppy and is about to bark at me because she wants to play.

I have a lot of pictures of the back of her head. She’d see and hear things that I missed and vice versa. She didn’t like to be out more than about 2 hours but we both enjoyed the routine. On our last few paddles the look of contentment on her face was a treat…she was just so happy to be in the canoe.

Somehow it seemed important to drive down to the beach to see the sunset last night.


Mega condolences. My dogs have always been my best paddling partners. It seems so unfair they don’t get a longer complement of days compared to our lives. I’ve lost some before and ir’s never easy. Peace.


Tom, I felt your post and know how much it hurts to lose her. Focus on the good times and the love.


thank you spiritboat

thank you string

Sorry to hear. Glad you had so much fun together over the years

Hardly anything worse. God bless Zoey she was still very young. My deepest condolences to you and all who knew her. :sob:

She was beautiful. All dogs are! She’d want another dog to have as great a time as she had when you’re ready.

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Oh, no! I’m so, so very sorry, Tom. Hurts my heartstrings; yours must be crushed.

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Such a beautiful girl, very sorry you lost her. Looks like she had a great life with you.

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I know your pain. I still miss Maggie, and she has been gone since Oct. 2017. I always enjoyed your postings with pictures of Zoey. I am partial toward hound dogs. I suspect looking through your photos for these you posted was both joy and sorrow. Thank you for sharing her with us. She knew how you felt about her. That is a good thing.

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Never easy! We had to put down Petey, Jack Russell terrier, was with us for 18 years. Still miss him!

She was incredibly beautiful. You were very blessed to have such a precious baby to share your adventures. So sorry for your loss.

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I really appreciate the kind words. Thank you.

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Sorry for your loss. Nothing like a good boat dog. The only cure I know of is more dogs. My friends are old and lazy, but my dog always wants to be in a boat.

So sorry. I lost my 12 year paddling partner in January. Really going to miss her out on the water this year.

Zoey was fortunate to have lived an adventurous, interesting life with a caring owner.

Yes thank you everyone. I’ll indulge myself one last time and then I’ll shut up. My wife got Zoey for free at “the longest yard sale” in Liberty, Kentucky. Zoey was 5 weeks old and 3 pounds and I got a message “can I have her?” on my flip phone while on a business trip in China. Zoey was 50% coonhound, 25% yellow lab and 25% terrier per her DNA analysis. The white stripe between her eyes was terrier. Zoey was smart and senditive and not very obedient. She was fast; when young she caught a squirrel, a turkey and a fawn…but she just bumped the turkey and squirrel with her nose playfully and left the fawn and it’s mother alone when they didn’t run She could run around you in circles until you got dizzy and then sneak up behind you to let you know she “got you”. She barked a lot but coonhounds are bred to chase things up trees. Some people were afraid of her but she was always just playing and never hurt anyone and our neighbors’ kids all loved her. She liked girls best and growled at men. She was a wonderful, unique dog and she will be missed.

Thanks again for the thoughtful comments.

We’ll get another dog one of these days.


I can see in her face…thats one hell of a great dog.

She was well taken care of and loved.

I have 4 of those paddle partners.

And yes…a lot of back of head shots.

I’m deeply religious…
So I will tell you. She is with the Lord.
And He is with her… She’s in good hands.


Thank you for your post. It helps me.


It’s says “The Lord loves all creatures great and small”

How can we do any less?