Mad River Duck Hunter 17’ Royalex

Hello, everyone! We’re searching for a canoe for our family of 4 (2 adults and 2 girls - 3 & 5). We found a Mad River Duck Hunter 17’ Royalex and think it looks awesome! Any thoughts on this boat for us? Thanks!

Should be great although a bit on the heavy side.

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I have a 17 ft MR Explorer, same as the Duck Hunter except Duck Hunter was OD green inside and out. Great family boat, we had 2 kids in it often. Catalog says It’s 75#. Before I had 3 solo boats, I put a kneeling thwart in the Explorer and solo’d it for a couple years. It is a good all around boat.

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I think at 17’ this would be a Revelation based Duck Hunter. The Explorer based were 16’ and shorter.

Either way, great family canoe… I’ve always liked the colors.

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Thank you!!

Thanks! It is a sharp-looking boat!

We found it for $1300 with wood gunwhales, an extra bench in the middle, 2 wooden paddles, a solo loader and foam roof blocks. It looks to be in excellent condition and the seller says it was only used one summer with one owner. Does that seem like a decent deal?

Offer 12 and see what happens or even better, show up with cash.

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Seems a little steep. I had a Revelation and it was a great down river boat for longer trips.

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For sure a Revelation based DH.

As for price, it’s in the ballpark. If you were actually wanting a Revelation, That’s fair… not great… fair. A comparable boat today would cost a lot. It will last you a long time. Make sure the wood is in excellent shape.

Devils advocate… you could wait and maybe find a lighter/newer boat that would fit your needs just as well.

Wont look as cool though!

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Dick Summers. I have an 87 & 90 MRC catalog. Both the 16 & 17 are called Duck Hunter Explorers. If I recall correctly, when the Revelation came out the 17 Explorer was dropped from the catalogs. I always wondered what is the difference between the Explorer 17 and the Revelation? Never Saw a Revelation to compare.

To the original poster. Please, remember you need to oil the gunnels regularly and store inside if possible. I just bought a MRC Independence that appears to have never been used, but was stored on 2X4’s on the ground. The hull looks new but the gunnels and decks are a rotten mess.

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I stand corrected that 17’ would automatically make it a Revelation. I have '90 and '91 catalogs and they state what you posted.

They did make the DH based on Revelations in other years… the boat posted looks to be one.

2001 is one year where the 17’ DH was a Revelation hull. All around bigger than an Explorer and I would guess more rocker.

I remember someone saying they are the same boat, just different names. The boat in the photo seems to have fuller ends that my 17 Explorer. Might just be an optical illusion.

The 17’ Revelation and Explorer are definitely different. The Revelation is a very full boat in all regards.
I think very few people would ever need a Revelation over an Explorer, but if you can find one and need a big canoe, why not.

Thanks for the revelation. Pun intended.

Thank you! I didn’t know about the oiling. Mineral oil? Like a cutting board? :joy: Also, we do plan to keep it hanging in the garage.

Arguments abound on the proper treatment. I use Watco Teak Oil on the wood gunnels on our Independence. I use the same on my cedar Greenland paddle.

A word of warning: rags soaked with Watco and other similar oils can combust if balled up or in the trash. I use old socks and hang them outside until I re-use them or they dry out well for disposal.

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Thanks so much!!!