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Just purchased a used MR Slipper that, other than a serial number, doesn’t have any Mad River markings on it. The boat doesn’t appear to have been painted so the name and logo must not have ever been there. Were there years when Mad River did not apply those to boats?

All MRC’s were sitckered…
someone must have removed them.

I was able to get a smoking rabbit
decal from a Mad River rep. Contact them and ask. The decal should be varnished once on.

Hey Rob, didn’t you used to have
some vintage MRC graphics kicking around your place, or did I dream that?

I like the old bunny better.
And, though I hate to disagree, varnishing over modern vinyl transfer graphics is not recommended.

If you can’t get duplicate…

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vinyl from Mad River let me know. I've made vinyl replacements for other out-of-business boat logos and can offer some ideas about how to go about it.

Perhaps this will bring a smile, speaking of stripping vinyl logos from Mad River Canoes.
I have a friend, an excellent paddler, who aspires to be a writer. I used to borrow a royalex Mad River Guide to run shallow rocky rivers from her back in the days when I owned only composite and aluminum canoes. In her writing she worried about excessive use of adjectives and always strove to use as few words as possible to describe anything. (Perhaps I should take a page from her book...) So she stripped the vinyl "Mad River" off the boat but left the word "Canoe" in case anyone needed help identifying the object.

At least that's what I figure explained the alterations. It brought smiles on the river.

Old Bunny’s Back
MRC is returning to their original logo for 2012. You’ll be able to get new/old decals from any dealer shortly. I don’t know about a return to the old font. That too would be nice.

Must have belonged to this guy

It isn’t a vinyl transfer. That’s why
it needs varnish to keep it on.

Be honest. Isn’t “Proline” one of the
lamest logos a company could put on a kayak?

It didn’t
but I read that thread. I have to admit I agree with that fellow’s desire. A few small tasteful logos are one thing, but a canoe or kayak shouldn’t look like a Nascar racer. But different strokes for different folks. Probably, if it hurts sales or draws complaints, they’ll drop some of the logos eventually.

And, yes, I agree for what its worth…“Proline” seems pretty dumb. Not quite sure what that’s supposed to mean unless maybe if it applied to a line of drafting tools or similar.

MRC stickers…
I do have a bunch of the original “Mad River Canoe” stickers and precious few of the origianl white bunny. Also have some gold MRC and bunnies, too.

Hmmm. Okay. Must be different than
what’s on my '93 MRC then. Those are definitely not varnished over and are still stuck on just fine.

Bunny Decal
Austin Kayak sells the smoking bunny Mad River decal

Thanks for all the info
For some reason, I thought the logos were stencilled or screen-printed on. Stickers would certainly be easier to replace.

Easily modified. “Mud River Canoe”

“Mad Canoer”

Pat, I nearly mentioned that boat …
… in response to the thread mentioned below. On that note, I remember one side of the canoe being completely blank, and the other having the word “Canoe”, so I always figured she stripped the whole name from one side and then got the idea of leaving “Canoe” while working on the other side. And yes, I remember paddling in the Ozarks with you and seeing some of the locals on the river bank chuckling about that.

Repeating myself here…
My wife & I were paddling on a busy weekend.

She was paddling my Mad River Guide.

A couple of “very” senior citizens in an old 18 foot Grumman(handling it with ease), pulled alongside my wife.

The lady engaged my wife in conversation…

The older lady asked, “Are you a river guide”?

No, my wife responded, “No, why do you ask”?

The older lady said, “Because it says Guide on your canoe”.

My wife stated, “Oh that’s the name of the canoe”; meaning it was a Mad River Guide model.

The older lady, thinking my wife had given the canoe a name said to her husband, “Isn’t that sweet honey; she named her canoe Guide”!

Senior citizens;you gotta love em!


Senior Citizen

I often pass by same guy sitting out
on his dock on my evening paddles. He always shouts the same greeting, “I love that Red River canoe!” Of course that’s not what it says on there, but it IS red, I’ll give him that.

“Thanks! I do, too!” is my standard reply. It’s become some kind of private joke, I think.