Gulf Coasters beware, and be alert -Mike is currently being forecast to strengthen thru Cat 1 to Cat 2 on arrival at the central Gulf Coast by sometime around the weekend. Keep a weather eye out, and prepare to batten down the hatches -and cockpit covers, strap the boats down, and prep your homes… And evacuate if you’re in a flood zone, please…! We all want want y’all to come thru safe and sound, and hopefully, homes, cars, and boats as well, so all can continue, after Michael passes, to


Frank in Miami

I just notified my friends from Palm Springs who are planning to be in Pensacola for a navy reunion.

@grayhawk said:
I just notified my friends from Palm Springs who are planning to be in Pensacola for a navy reunion.

Still a little early yet but Pennsacola might be OK. But you know how they wobble a bit on those spaghetti strands.

Key Largo just had the strongest little squall we’ve seen in a while. 20 to 30 mph winds for the next few days.
Looks like lousy weather for the west coast.

Canoe Race in Lumberton cancelled last month due to hurricane flooding.

Race on the Suwannee River on Saturday looks like good weather, but trying to get from here in NC to there in Florida on Thursday, with a light weight canoe on the roof looks like a bummer and another no go.

Seems like we are wasting a lot of good race training when we could be lilly dipping !


No, friend, NOT ‘Rowed’
But indeed RODE!
As in ’ Will Mike have ridden them ashore’
As done in Harvey and Florence before?
But that’s just semantics
Diminishing Mike’s possible antics
Here’s to surviving dusk to dawn
To still solvently, healthfully, and happily


Frank in Miami

hoping my favorite raw bar near Port St Joe comes through OK

@kayamedic said:
hoping my favorite raw bar near Port St Joe comes through OK

They’ve been there before.

Will be keeping an eye on this one. Today’s report looks like it’ll have some kick.


Current forecasts call for a Cat 3 Michael coming ashore mid-panhandle, crossing into south Georgia, then heading back up to the eastern Carolinas, Wednesday-Thursday, before heading back to where Florence just visited.

Be careful, and literally take care, friends!

Mike’s Weather Page http://spaghettimodels.com

Is the best source of tropical storm information we’ve found.

All the major products for all the major storms on one page, from which you can choose full-size versions. The major spaghettis, probability zones, wind field forecasts by storm category, intensity forecasts, surges, even hurricane hunter flight paths and finfings -are all there.

The major ones are accompanied by surprisingly clear explanations (and caveats) of the rationale and details of information presented.

To our paddling friends in the Carolinas, and our own friends and family, we send our wishes for the most minimal of impacts . Plan ahead, prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

And check in from time to time -and circumstances allow! -to let us know how you all are doing, and how soon you expect to get past Michael to


Frank in Miami

The Big Bend and the Panhandle are two of my favorite wintertime destinations
I worry for all the small businesses there and the residents
It is old time FL

Looks like Michael will be rolling over Port St Joe. The only good thing is the people that bought my house over there will have a reason to use the storm shutters my wife made me install on the house.

Good luck to all on the Gulf Coast…
Open your FEMA account NOW…


GH offers good advice:





OK guys, time to get serious and buckle up. This looks bad for our Florida panhandle and Big Bend areas with winds and surge, but all you folks in Georgia and the Carolinas also watch for flash flooding. Be smart and be safe and we’ll see you on the other side, post-storm, ready to


Frank in Miami

The infrastructure will be gone at least for a while for those folks in the Panhandle… I guess the State Park we are booked in may cease to exist…


Twelve-plus foot perfectly formed waves rolling into the Panama City Pier… Roofs torn up, and some lifted off and cartwheeling away… Walls ripped off buildings… Power poles and lines pretzled…

Mexico City Beach, Panama City less so, and apparently St. Joe all hit hard by powerfully destructive winds, and seaside roads, homes, stores, and low bridges innundated…

And it’s still a powerful, hurricane-force storm heading inland towards Georgia…

Hang in there and hang on Georgia and the Carolinas…

It’s likely going to be a while before many of the Florida Panhandlers and other friends in Big Mike’s path get out to


Frank in Miami

Look out Columbia, SC Michael is coming your way.

Folks in Apalachicola are already out… Waiting on Indian Pass… Out in Port St Joe too.

@Overstreet said:
Look out Columbia, SC Michael is coming your way.

The mountains seem to keep the bad stuff away from us and direct it toward Castoff.