Midsummer heat stroke blahs.

Mornings are decent , afternoons are HOT.
Paddled Lake Hartwell Sunday afternoon. Stopped to cool off.
Sort of like cooling off in bath water.
Lots of fall planning going on.

I’ve taken to paddling at 5am for this reason. Cool(er), quiet, no competition, doesn’t inconvenience the family, etc.

…and I still have trouble convincing people that the kayak season in Florida is not summer.

Dats why ah’ don’t do canooin in an’thang over 70 degrees…

Well, up here in the beautiful north woods the temp is 72F and there’s a brisk easterly that feels a bit chilly. Will drop to the 50s tonight. Lovely payback for our long winters. :slight_smile:

Get out of the heat - come visit!

Yeah, we’re stuck with temperatures in the seventies and low eighties here in the PNW and all this sunshine. It hasn’t rained in weeks and the grass has almost quit growing, so I don’t get to mow the lawn as often. The nights are cool so you don’t get to run the AC. I guess I’ll have to go paddling.

Today was in the mid 90s and our A/C has died. Thankfully, the sun is off the house. Gonna be a hot time in the bedroom tonight.
Repair guy can’t come until tomorrow.

I hear you String, our A/C died yesterday too. Thankfully, I was a service tech in a former lifetime.

Remember one can always go paddling at night! It’s beautiful!

Summer ac break downs make me thankfully I’ve got an RV in the shed.

‘Em locusts are sawin’,
the night itz headache.
Humid’ty’s stewin’,
air sinks inna lake.
Many skeeters come a callin’,
theyz choke in folks sweat,
In summer South’s rose agin,
“Too damn far north!” some now fret.

Or is it:

White Walkers marchin’ from the north!
Dragons cross the Narrow Sea!
Gettin’ sure intemperate here in Westeros
for both kings and peasantry!
(A myth-o-meaty-or-ology)

17’ Casita with air it serves as our camping/evacuation shelter.

Turns out, it eas not the AC. A couple of years ago we signed up for a Duke Energy program where they can turn the AC off for short periods during peak load.
My wife works in the hottest room on the house and she thought 4 hours was more than we agreed to on the hottest day of the year to date.
It took 3 hours to recover.
Duke no longer has control of that AC.

@castoff said:
17’ Casita with air it serves as our camping/evacuation shelter.

When Hurricane Matthew came for a visit last October we didn’t get away early enough and ended up evacuating to the driveway.

Mornings are hot, too, though nothing like 4 to 5 pm max heat. Wilting time unless a T storm bursts out. Which it has been doing almost daily.

Lately, I’ve been paddling only a few minutes before engaging in roll practice. Half an hour of that cools me down enough for comfortable paddling, at least for a little while. Can always do more rolls or static braces to cool off. The water here is not bathtub warm, but it is no longer cold. If it gets warmer I will forego wearing neoprene. Or do full-body-immersion practice–wet exit followed by reenter and roll, or cowboy rescue, or PF rescue. It’s high time to do those anyway.

Y’know, it feels good to have a distinctly HOT season, with water temperatures rising also. Never thought I would miss paddling on days when air temp is over 90 degrees.

Some shallow waters in the southern US see water temps rise to high 90s–I wouldn’t like that. Someone told me it is hard to feel where water ends and air begins when that happens.

Out today on Long Island high 80’s very humid one fast paddle for an hour was enough for me soaked in sweat. Plenty of idiots in boats who come to closed then slow a bit just enough for maximum wake. Better going by at full throttle less wake. Going early tomorrow or I’ll be in my boat.

No heat here: Air temp on today’s Lake Michigan paddle: 74F. and low humidity. Water temp: 65.3. Would have been perfect except for headwinds gusting to 27 mph on the way back and lively water. Tomorrow air temp will be 68F. Drytop time.

NW Atlanta on the Chattahoochee was pretty comfortable until the weekend of the 4th. Since then…pretty steamy. The humidity is what I find uncomfortable. I teach, so I’m in the river just about every day from May to August… When it’s like that, early in…lots of water…nutrition of several types, and long sleeve spf shirt for when I can’t be in the shade. I’m doing photography and if I didn’t have a neoprene lens cover, I wouldn’t be able to touch my gear!
Can’t wait for autumn and winter!

To hot to paddle in SE GA in the Summer unless you go early in the AM. Looking forward to the Fall.

@shiraz627 said:
To hot to paddle in SE GA in the Summer unless you go early in the AM. Looking forward to the Fall.

Or at night.