More spring temps in February

The warm, wet weather continues in southern New England. It hit 50 again yesterday, and my local river was up and running. I headed over to do a few laps at another of my local park-and-play spots - the Millville Rapid. It is an easy class II with a couple of nice surf spots. I didn’t do much surfing yesterday - just dragged my boat up a few times and did the run down. My camera wasn’t coopertating, but I did get a couple of the runs on video.


Ride 'em, cowboy!!! :cowboy_hat_face: :+1:

The coming week is going to continue with the warm trend. Ocean storm tomorrow. Waves to follow!



SW MI was around 50 over the weekend with 100% sunshine and almost zero wind. I’ve never experienced a winter anything like this one.

Today I ended up just poking around logjams in a maneuverable canoe and basking in the sun and seeing how much garbage I could reach.

And if that wasn’t enough excitement, darned if I didn’t see a yeti later this afternoon.


I thought you were getting cold in the mid-west. Lets hope that jet-stream moves south or north or whatever it needs to do. It’s nice to get out and paddle without worrying about ice or cold, but I do miss winter. Also making me wonder what our summer is going to be like.

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Midwest is a pretty big area, I’m sure there are cold spots.

Our winter started early with 6 days of winter storms in late November which melted away pretty quick. Then December was mild other than one short 3 day “flash freeze” event which froze my river faster than I’ve ever seen.

Then the entire month of January was above freezing even at night with a couple of minor exceptions and February has been just as nice.

Typically I’d only get out once or twice in Jan and Feb for short sanity paddles but this winter I paddle 3-4 times a week and have the luxury of skipping days that are better than I’d typically ever get in mid winter.

Yesterday I was wondering if I’d see turtles.

I share the same concern about summer. While here in northern Michigan we still have over a foot of snow on the ground and the inland lakes are frozen, it’s been a warm winter and February air temps are unusually warm.

Heat and humidity are not my friends.

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Nope. Still cold here.

-11 this morning.
It’s + 21 now, just past noon a bit. Supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow again.

I grew up in summer heat and humidity and lived and worked in it most of my adult life. The only time I remember being too hot was paddling across Jocassee on a 95+ day with no breeze.
I consider sweating a good thing as long as it can be washed off before bed.

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We all know that the old evaporative coolers (aka “swamp coolers”) don’t work in humid climates, yet what is sweating? Evaporative cooling.

I also remember weeks on the SC coast when the bed sheets never dried out. There would be a lot fewer people loving the beach without AC.

“Hip, hip, hoo-ray!
Climate Change all-the-way?!”

Wednesday’s looking at breaking 60F here.
Might be suiting-up and breaking out an iSUP for first time in 2023, to try a little park 'n play meself.

(My old bones haven’t defrosted enough yet, to even think of lifting/cartopping one of my other paddling craft.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

June on Long Island this afternoon.

Sounds pretty good.

I’d like to hear more about your iSUP and paddle. That’s something I think I’d enjoy and it looks like a great paddling option to have.

It is a great paddling option. Craft diversity and the flexibility (not to mention fun)it provides, has always been a big part of my paddling portfolio/personal fleet quiver.
If I manage to get my cold water play in on Wednesday, I’ll be sure to post a few visuals back here.

In the meantime, I gotta think about just where I want to go. Because what looks like this in spring/summer…

Looks more like this right now …
…And this just a week ago…

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I’ve thought about getting a paddle board - they are fun and self rescue is easy. It would be good for my summer trips at the beach. Haven’t bit the bullet yet, but I try them whenever I can - this was a club SUP session.


On occasion you see people doing whitewater on them around here. Looks like fun, I’d be scared falling off one on to a rock. Just seems like a long way down when you are standing.

60 degrees here on Thursday - down to the high 30s this weekend with more rain in the forecast.

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Surf’s up. Waves of 6’ plus @ 10 seconds from yesterday’s ocean storm. Got my schedule cleared for tomorrow morning. Should still be leftovers tomorrow.
Sun is supposed to be out and air temps in the 40’s. Rarin’ to go!


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Doesn’t have to be that long a way down, Eck. One IS allowed to both kneel or even sit going down a chute/rapid set(Indeed, I’ve added D rings and a kayak seat to one of mine–Something board companies charge as a premium on different models, btw.)just because I don’t feel nearly as confident as I do when using a canoe/kayak above Cl. I.

For some very gnarly play, checkout the FB group, ‘Whitewater SUP’ (a link I can’t seem to share, for some reason):thinking:

Of course, before I got into SUPs, canoe was my usual way of river striding. Vid here…Redirecting...


Not to mention, duckies…

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70 ° today, light breeze, warm sun. We even paddled a bit.


So envious…