More spring temps in February


Tonight’s 10k+ afterwork paddle on a glassy Hudson River.


That is pretty glassy…Where were you out of?

I guess I need to find a way to test paddle iSUP’s.

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Almost 60 here today. The St Joseph river volume has been slowly but steadily increasing so my upstream grind is getting more challenging and one needs to be more careful around downfall since getting hung up is worth avoiding. My next time out I may take my most stable solo as I often do in Spring.


My Boathouse at Hyde Park Landing, north to Esopus Island North Buoy and back. 6.4 miles 1’03”


Nice. Looks like you was moving at a pretty good clip. Hope you went and replenished all those calories when done!:hamburger::fries::pizza:

Hoping to get back downriver for another Highlands trip during the green season. Love it especially between West Point and Bannerman. (But my speed’s only about half of what you clock-Even with flood.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

That’s true, but it helps to have a 12’ pole.


Now that you mention it, I’ve tumbled out of there many times trying to attain or snub down rapids - what’s the difference.

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Heh-heh. So that’s why that area 'neath the wales of some canoes is called “tumblehome!”

As to poling, I’ve said here in these forums in the past: Too much like work! Things have to be pretty shallow (like drought)and I gotta be pretty hard-up to practice it.:crazy_face:)


Spring temps,…Sure we got 'em. It will be pushing 80 today. Water temp is 62. Pollen is 7.5 of 10. Pine pollen is real active. Yes it is still a little cool up there but at least you don’t have to load up on allergy meds to go paddling.

Yike. Sorry to hear that. I’ve gone down to the Sunshine State this time of year to visit family around Jacksonville/St.Augustine.
(Usually go off to paddle by myself when I need a break from them/they from me.:wink:)

Never been affected by the pollen, but when temps there"drop" below 80–Well, everyone I know seems to like to blame me for bringing all that “colder air down with you!”

Me: “You gotta be kidding me–It’s 70 today. It’s roasting here!” All relative, I guess.

“Changes of latitude, changes of attitude.”
To quote the great Jimmy Buffet.:palm_tree::ocean::rowing_man:

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I never had seasonal allergies up north - but get them now that I live in FL. Go figure. Fortunately they are pretty mild and are about done for the season; I get them between early Jan to early Feb.

GREAT NEWS! Allergies are NOT a problem at this time.

The snow on my road blew in again last night. This morning I stuck a ski pole in it and measured the depth.
41 inches at the first crest, and the shallows are 27-28 inches. So -------NO worries at all about pollen.
(trying to see the bright side to this.)

The lake has 2 feet of snow covering 2 feet of ice. So no paddling this week either.

So I did manage to get out today for some iSUP park n play. An although it was sunny and in the high 50s here in the Great Northern Catskills of NY State–the wind made things A REAL BEAR for me to wrestle with! (Even got to telling myself: “Idiot, you should’ve found a nice lake somewhere and went canoe-sailing instead!”)There was still a good deal of ice along the banks and I expected the level to be much higher than it was…So feature play/surfing (coupled with the damn wind)was somewhat lack luster, as I was constantly adjusting my balance-But hey, a not so great day on the water sure beats any day at work😉.

Waiting for pics to be sent from my shore crew on the banks. Until then…


Rain probably for tomorrow, but if it’s not too bad with temps above 60F (and maybe less wind, please?) I may try again at surfing beneath a barrier dam(no worries–it’s non-low head😜)


71 degrees here yesterday - new record. Unfortunately, I didn’t get out to paddle.

Don’t worry–You’ll get 'em next time, Champ!:boxing_glove:

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So true. The other day it was nearly 50F. Today it’s 10F with six inches of new snow.

Now the bus that tagged you is arriving in the Northeast…Mostly as rain, with temps being in the 50s. But plunging down into the teens tonight.:cold_face:

The west is a different story. Snow from now until the end of the month.