Music on the water?

what are yall doing for music on the water?

Normally im using my ipod and nifty little waterprrof case when im solo. Thats working fine for me.

What about with company? sometimes its nice to have a radio going if youre out with freinds for a lesiurely float.

Does anyone know of any good quality (preferrably water proof/resistant/outdoor geared) ipod docks/speaker setups? Ive tried several, but they really suck.

i see folks on the river all the time with radios.

Am I stuck strapping a cheapo radio to my deck and hoping for the best??? Sure hope not

Thanks Pnet!!!

MP3 player
I use a low end MP3 player with FM tuner I Wooted several months back.If it dies, oh well. It’s got an SD slot so I can download my favorite podcasts (usually Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and Prairie HOme Companion) for when I don’t want music or can’t get a great FM signal. I have a variety of music, some for calm, some for when I want a little more pep, etc. I certainly don’t always use it but since I’m usually alone, it is nice to have a little soundtrack going. However, I would NEVER go on a paddle with speakers. That’s just me. I get annoyed when I have to hear Kid Rock blasting from the power boaters passing by and I’m not about to do that to other people. I have seen some canoers with radios and that’s their choice. Just not the same one I’d make. I know there are other paddlers who specifically leave all that stuff at home and don’t even use personal players saying that the whole point is to enjoy the natural surroundings. To each his own, I suppose.

As far as speakers there are some waterproof speakers to which you could attach the old Ipod. I found this one:

Don’t know anything about it as I refuse to give in to the Ipod! :slight_smile:

I’m surprised
the silence/nature sounds nazis haven’t ripped you apart yet. Personally, I don’t listen to music while I’m paddling, but to each his (or her) own. Check this out:

Isn’t that what guns are for?
Dinks who think I want to listen to their music?

Reminds me of the time
a couple months ago, there’s an anchorage for ocean-going ships up the Hudson near Hyde Park, one morning I went out around dawn, a freighter was out there, probably having been there most of the night, and, presumably partly just because they could, had euro-pop music blasting out a cabin window, loud. Carried for a least a few miles down the valley.

There are a few secluded cabins along the shore, I could tell some campers were not too happy when I paddled by.

Just stay home and blast it…
I paddle to get away from the people who want to impose their music on others.

The music that I like best on the water
is the sounds of the waves that I am making, the deep croaking of the bull frogs, the whosh of air as an Orca, manatee or porpoise break the surface for a breath of air, the cry of the loon, the shrill call of a Osprey circling overhead or the pleading call of a Limpkin.

The sounds on the water are a ever learning and exciting experience.

Why spoil it with something you can get in the confines of your house?



I’m with the “music of nature” crowd. I like to become part of the surroundings when I paddle.

My better half bought me an iPod a couple of years ago, and her original intent was for me to use it cycling — very dangerous to do! You need to hear cars and other hazards.

However, it does get used a lot in the car, and at the gym.

Car Ipod??

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I completely agree that using the Ipod cycling is dangerous and in many areas illegal but in the car should be the same. Are you using the Ipod while parked or not driving? I actually saw a girl leaving the UCF campus the other day with her headphones on while driving. Really ticked me off. Cell phones are bad enough but thank goodness that's only one ear. How can you hear sirens, etc with headphones in?

oh god, dingbat moment. I completely forgot about transponders and USB ports in some newer cars. Guess the gal at UCF annoyed me into stupidity. My apologies.

reggae down bob
i use a sony fm/am walkman headset. its usually tuned to npr. it helps drown out the sound of gunfire from parris island

don’t listen to it - nature is out there
Only listen to my surroundings - nature (birds, waves, etc.) I can listen to unnnatural music at home.

thanks for the ON TOPIC replies so far
I appreciate it.

I appreciate the views of yall who think the rest of the word should conduct themselves just as you do/as you see fit. However the thread topic wasnt ‘Whats your opinion of music while paddling’

Im just as much of a purist as most of you, and I like my peace and quiet. HOWEVER there are times when im paddling the same strecth of water, a workout paddle, longer trips by myself, a trip with freinds, etc where music is a welcome and enjoyable accompanyment to the day.

Im not asking for some ghetto blaster that I can freak out everyone in a 3 mile radius, im just looking for a decent PREFERABLY WATERPROOF alternative to an el cheap boom box strapped on. Im not your average river dork that youll find blasting the latest 50cent album at level 10.

so sue me if I like to hear a little Johnny Cash or maybe some Skynard if im feeling frisky while I enjoy a relaxing paddle.

If the topic of this thread bothers you, sorry. Please visit for some good reading on the subect.

otherwise, thank yall for the helpful info.

thanks liratoad!

I can totally understand you holding out on the ipod crase. normally im the same way with new technology, and I was with the ipod at first.

I was honestly suprised at how much i liked my ipod, and even more with how much I use it and enjoy it.

Im really big into music, so if youre not maybe you wouldnt be AS excited, but it is truly a good piece of technology. Cant beat it in my opinion… 100 hours or more of music on something that is smaller than a poack of gum, that is easily managable…

my point is i think you might like it alot more than youd think :wink:

careful bud
some of those dinks might also have guns and return fire :wink:

wow redmond
thats pretty neat!

3500 and a custom built stero system into my yak is quite a bit more than Im looking for! lololol

Ill keep that in mind though, and add it to the ‘useless crap ill buy when I hit the lottery’ list lol

No kidding…
…I have this image of him sitting in is house

listening to one of thse “sounds of nature” tracks.

did you ask for opinions or what?

You asked?/You stated…
You asked?

“What are yall doing for music when you’re on the water”? Majority responded; prefer to do without music while paddling.

You stated.

“Sometimes it’s nice to have a radio if you’re out with friends”. Majority responded; prefer to do without music while paddling.

I also prefer to do without music when paddling, with or without friends.


point well taken.

When I typed it, I was thinking in the context of what method was used in the delivery to your ears, ie. portable radio/whatever

but see you point about that

i did not mean, do you or dont you like to hear music on the water. I should have been more clear in my post.

Good for yall if you dont like music. Lucky for me i guess i rarely see other folks while im paddling. If I do see other folks b/c im on a crowded stretch of river id bet a dollar that somewhere in there is a radio blasting somewhere.

to clarify

I dont blast my music. You CANNOT hear it 20 yds away and i make very sure of that. Im listening to good music, at a respectable volume.