My RTM Disco Is On The Way West!

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In my never ending search for a general purpose plastic SOT that is not a total barge, the next attempt is the RTM Disco.

I had to order without a demo, but its not a huge risk. Its a very inexpensive boat.

I liked the looks and the lay out, and it got rave reviews from the boys down under, and from Captain Jimbo in Fort Lauderdale

RTM is a French company that bought out Ocean Kayak molds in Europe and has a couple designs of their own. They also make waveskis.

The main American distributor is Action Sports in Florida. There are no West Coast dealers, and I will probably have the only one on the West Coast this summer.

They are all the rage in South Florida right now. I understand all of the last two containers were pre-sold before they reached American soil. Even in Florida you have to wait on the next container. Which is why I didn't mention it here much until my order was filled...

It is only 14' long so this is not the elusive "Fast" SOT everyone is always talking about. I have that one already ;-)

But hopefully it will be a really fun boat for following the Pungo around the Lake that can take the abuse my general purpose boat has to take in the course of the summer.

We will find out!

do you have a link to a web review?


Ah that explains why their “Tempo” model looks identical to the old Scupper Pro!

Pretty Cool…
Congrats on the boat. I like it. The 13’ foot one looks like something I can play with.


i thought you just got another
scambler? is this in addition to or instead of? i am thinking of picking up something like a venus for short trips and surfzone play (help conquer my fear) or maybe that cd sot composite…

On The Left Coast…
I would consider a Johnson Wave Witch 12’ in plastic. Johnson is out in Encinatas (?). Surf and short distance coastal play.

Actually, if any you all see one… I’m really getting into using rollable SOTs for rough water play.


Looks good
Looks good. Post a review when you’ve had it awhile.

(The guy at the top of the web page should learn how to paddle.)

Saw one Sat.
One of the paddlers I went out with on Saturday paddled one. We paddled out of SF aquatic park with a swimmer that was practicing and then after lunch went across GG and paddled out of horseshoe to Yellow Bluff-seems to handle well in rough water.


13’ Baja
I will keep an eye out for you! Izzy had a Johnson Wave Witch for sale,but I haven’t seen him around much. I almost bought it, but passed after I demoed it. The rudder thingie was too complicated for me.

The Baja looks like fun and I have a thing for lucky 13 foot long boats.

It probably would be a lot of fun for you, but not enough capacity for me. About the same as the Mars, and I am replacing it as the go to beater boat because “it” doesn’t handle as well since I gained weight.

You Saw One?
Did he say where he got it? They are hard to find back east, and I couldn’t find one on the west coast at all.

It has a “V” hull and its supposed to do well in open water. I think it will unless I am too heavy for it. Stated capacity is 280#, but some reviews have raised concern it may not handle as well for over 200#, but then I don’t take anything with me.

I Did Just Buy A Scrambler
The Scrambler fits in the van for my little solo weekend trips from the campground to Margaritaville. It can handle that short distance and I can catch a wave or two if one takes my fancy.

I measured it, but its more obtrusive than I thought. It is between Kathy and I.

Hopefully the Disco will replace the Mars as the “Following the Pungo around the lake boat” or for longer coastal trips.

The Venus is a nice little boat, but very low capacity. It might do well for you, but I gave ours to my stepdaughter and Granddaughter because they are the only ones small enough for it. If the Disco works out, I might give them the Mars, but really, my stepdaughter is not into kayaking. My Granddaughter loves it

Every time we have a lovers spat
You go and buy a new boat!

We Had A Spat?
Gee, I wondered why you left camp so early Sunday morning!

You have to communicate yor feelings more!

Captain Jimbo Review

– Last Updated: Mar-20-07 1:51 PM EST –

Captain Jimbo likes it a lot! List is only $579!

Looks like a good general purpose boat – that can handle some rough stuff.

Every time I get into a “spat”, I go get a haircut, or sell off a boat. Since I don’t have much hair left…


Rudder… Oooh Forgot.
no rudder for me. Slicing and dicing boardies okay. Slicing and dicing myself not so good.


yes I saw it with my own 2 eyes…
I didn’t ask where she got it. Her & her husband have been paddling for a while- and they started in sot’s. I think they now have a fleet. They are members of SSK. Sierra Sea Kayakers


Disco Hatch
The hatch on the Disco is a tuperware sort of thing like the Brit boats.

The hatch doesn’t cost any extra, but you might not want it if you do big surf launches/landings, so I am having them send the hatch out, but not install it.

what is the learning curve?
i am looking for something light, that won’t require much of me:) and no rudders!!!

i will have plenty of opportunities to learn new things with my other boats:)