My SOF is finished!!!

Finally got it done this afternoon. Will make float bags this week, and probably add some minor cockpit outfitting tweaks after a few paddles.


19’ 8 1/4" x 18 7/8" (6m x 48 cm)

Waterline measures (approx) 18’ x 18"

Depth (overall) 12" forward, 7.5" aft

Depth (interior) 9.5" top of floorboards to underside of masik. 6.5" top of floorboards to top of coaming. Deep for SOF, but I have large thighs and wanted some room move to cover distance. I’ll likely add a little foam under masik. Maybe under butt.

Rocker: 3" forward, 2" aft at bottom of slight skeg, 2 1/2" otherwise). Widest chine separation 14"

Cockpit interior 19" x 16" - outside 21" x 17 3/4" (fits Brooks akuilisaq and anything made for VCP ocean cockpit very well).

Frame is mostly pine, with oak ribs and coaming, and ash for masik, knee brace, and foot brace. Artificial sinew lashings, leather deck lines. Deck sliders are walnut. Beads are maple. Also small amounts of cedar, birch, and bamboo. Skin is 8 oz nylon, sewn with 30 lbs braided white fly line, coated with Varathane oil-based satin floor PU (5 coats deck, 6 hull.

Color could be prettier, but it’s growing on me.

First launch will either be tomorrow afternoon or Monday to give it better cure time if I can wait.

Congrats …
and keep us posted on how the maden voyage goes…

Happy Paddling


Feels good doesn’t it?

Wecome to the hardchine world, you’re gonna love it… Congrats

Very nice
Looking forward to some launch pics. Enjoy!


Purty and looks fast!!!
Let us know how she paddles.



SOF Finished…
She’s a beauty! Looks light,sturdy and…fast:o))

she’s beautiful!

How does Saturday sound for a launch. Mine should be here by then. Coaming goes on tomorrow and then paint…should ship beginning of the week.

How are your eyes? Cleared to paddle by then?

The boat is beautiful. I had the advantage of seeing it (and paddling it) with the shrink wrap test so I could see better how it would look with the skin on.

Great Job!


Funny looking Baidarka

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But certainly beautiful. That stitch line is perfectly straight, nice work.

I was signed in with my daughters sign in…Lauren1

funny comment about the baidarka. Must be some deep seated insecurities or something that he is overcompensating for with all those “stays” looks like a whalebone corset!

Just call him rib boy.

sorry Kris…just couldn’t resist!

worst part is that the damned thing will probably be super fast, indestructable, and a great roller to boot. Kris may have hit on a good combination of baidarka and greenland kayak.

Kris will be insufferable / impossible to live with from now on.


Beautiful work.


Another beautiful boat in the world! :slight_smile:
Congratulations…you’ve done a beautiful job!


Read your building books…
… and look at more qajaqs. My ribbing is quite ordinary.

Two more weeks on the eyes…
… to be OK to “swim” - as an infection prevention measure. Can’t wait that long to paddle. I’ll either keep upright or use the mask.

Most likely I’ll take it for a quick paddle Sunday or Monday afternoon, either from here or GE.

Oleta next Saturday might be nice for a more official launching.

Now to start a GP and complete the set
Time to start hunting for a decent piece of WRC. Somehow my beloved carbon GP looks funny with the new SOF. Don and Sing’s look better.

SOF finished
Great work! It’s fun to be done. Even better to paddle. I definitely agree with a GP or Aleut paddle. It just feels right in an SOF.

How much does the final boat weigh?


If I remember correctly it should weigh in at about 38 lbs.

gonna be tough for me to tow.


Nice boat
Are you gonna change your screen name to “creamyak”?


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No, I'll just switch the explanation for "Greyak" being short for GREy KaYAK to GREenland kaYAK.

You have one damn sexy boat there.