My story

Here is my story. I used to be one of those people that kayakers and boaters hated, a jetskier, although, I did show repect to everyone on the lake and followed the rules. I had been jatskiing for about 12 years now and I decided it was time to slow down and enjoy the journey instead of just the destination. I sold my jetski last weekend and bought a kayak. Everyone I know said I was crazy. Today was the first time that I have used it. I LOVE IT. Why haven’t I done this sooner. I have never even paddled before and I had to be coaxed out of the yak. I bought a Perception America 11.0. I think it is a good one but again this is my first. What do ya’ll think?

I hope you enjoy it.
The day will come when some wind, maybe too much sun, and the ability to twist your wrist and fly across the lake would seem like a good thing. You’ve made your choice - enjoy it for what it is, don’t compare them. It’s like saying you gave up golf for tennis - they’re different things.

Why not both?
Is there some rule that says you cannot enjoy both? Some kayakers will look down on a power boat user, but who cares?

Good on you for the change. Though
on the lake I paddle and fish, its not usually the jet skis I hate. Most go by fast and create little wake. As for the kayak, enjoy it, but you’ll be back at the dealer in a year of so wanting another. Its a contagion. I’ve two kayaks, two canoes, and will probably add one more of each in the next year or so.

My husband still has a jetski. He does freestyle and rides a stand up so I guess if I want to ride, I will use his.

If you enjoyed it on the water
it will do you for a while, but I bet you’ll be looking to move up at some point–something a bit longer, a bit sleeker, with a bit of cargo space.

I went out on a limb when I bought my first and got a Perception Carolina 13.5 (I had fewer than two hours on the water at the time). Now, the Carolina won’t touch some of the boats paddled by the serious long-time kayakers here, but for me it was a bit of a risk. I’ve got four kids and the last thing I need is an expensive one-person toy that gathers dust in the garage (and you know how common those dust-gatherers are, whether it’s a boat or a bike or season tickets to the opera or a piano or whatever). But I love my Carolina and I’ve been able to get out on it quite a bit. OTOH…I’m beginning to think what I’ll want in the next one, if I can ever get another…

You’ve chosen a great
stable, comfy boat - I have one too, it was my first kayak. I was able to load it up and camp out of it just fine.

Floating silently can allow for some amazing wildlife viewing, and great meditation time.

While I’m not against jetskis, per se, I read a funny quote online about them. It said something about jetskiers wanting to see as little as possible as quickly as they can. lol

Enjoy your new toy!


because she sold the jet ski

Thanks, Tracy.

How do you find out where people are from on here? I am used to a different forum layout.

I Enjoy the Silence
I really enjoy the silence of kayaking. For me its so much more relaxing that hearing a motor. You don’t really notice how loud it is until you turn it off and listen

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I don’t like it…
…not one little bit.

Next, you’ll be posting about “HOW TO ADD MOTOR TO KAYAK” and stuff like that.

Then you’ll be posting stuff about powerboats “not being so bad…” and… “JETSKIERS…LET’S GIVE THEM A CHANCE.”

I think you’re a mole.


You might fool the others, but me and Greyack are a little brighter than the average bulb.

Whata you think greyak??? Can we trust her???

I have two words for you…


One foot in each world
I do hate jetskis, because it seems that the majority of them are used like toys, by people with no respect for the water, the rules of the road, and other boaters. I know there are exceptions to that stereotype, and I am sure you are one of them - hey, your self-awareness and desire to buy a kayak is evidence enough of that :wink:

I am another one of those kayakers who also uses another craft that kayakers generally don’t like - powerboats. Used responsibly, with respect for the rules of the road, a powerboat, like a jetski, doesn’t have to be a menace to kayakers. Of course, it seems that certain types of craft attract more than their share of obnoxious types - jetskis, bayliners, bassboats, cigarette hulls, etc. But they can all still be fun. Hey, there are 151 million square miles out there, plenty for every kind of vessel!

Motor, Ha!
Why would I want a motor on my yak when I just got rid of one. They give a headache because of noise and smell. And like I said, its time to slow down and enjoy the journey.

Not all jetskiers are river lice and not all powerboaters are bad. Are you just trying to get a reaction out of me? This post was not to talk about jetskiers but to introduce myself to ya’ll and give some background. If I am a mole are you a troll?

Just joking…
…you river lice are so sensitive!

Thats Cool
I have never even heard that term “River Lice” or my husband brought up another one, “water gnats” until he told me. I still love jetskis and will still ride but I will guarantee one thing, I will not be the person that tries to ruin everyones good time. There is plenty of water for everyone. Matter of fact, one episode in particuler triggered my urge to do something else with my freetime but still be on the water.

The last time that we went to the lake last season, I was riding with my kid on our ski. When he is on it with me, we stick as close to shore as we can because there are crazies out there! Some fool on what looked like a brand new ski flew between us and the shore, spraying us as he went by. Well, he got the finger. He came back and asked why and I told him it was the only way to get his attention and to tell him the rules so he wouldn’t hurt himself or others and he actually thanked me. He rode off and I didn’t see it again, from him. I could babble forever but that was my last jetski experience at the lake. I will still ride, but not my kid. I really enjoy this kayaking so far.

Paddled to Alaska and Jet skied
there from Wa. in 25 hrs.(by Honda Jet Ski) Jet ski trip was WAY MORE FUN!!! Anyone who disbelieves this can check…it’s documented with Canadian CG and Customs. I like both craft. Modern Jet skis are super clean and fun.

I love kayaking as well…how can that be?

Depends on how badly you need an adrenaline rush!