My wife worries when I'm paddling

Many of my favorite paddling spots are accessed by I-85.
A friend was going to work last week on 85 towing a trailer. He had to pull off and was hit by someone doing 83 per the Highway Patrol. He had broken ribs and general contusions.
An ambulance was called and was at the scene when it was rear ended. As my friend was being transported the HP had that individual on his face handcuffed .
And she worries about paddling!


I was rear ended coming back from surfing this weekend. Thankfully, not on the highway but a main thoroughfare with 45 MPH limit. Car on the opposite side cut across two lanes to get into a coffee shop parking lot on my side. Car in front of me stopped. I saw what was happening and stopped in time as well. I looked in the mirror and saw that the car behind me was not slowing down. Oh crap. I knew I was going to get rear-ended. I leaned back and pressed my head and body back against the seat and took a breath. Sreeeeech… BANG! We got off the main drag. My rear bumper and hatch door took most of the impact. The other car – a SUV – has some minor front bumper scratches and bent license plate. Thankfully, neither of us were hurt.

Eh. It’s just a car. I drive the car only to go play. So, no big deal. Filed a report/claim this morning with the insurance company.


I carry 2 14’ Pungos in my PU bed with a bed extender. On the way to the lake Thursday, a woman hit one of the boats. I could see the dent in her grill and looked for a chance to pull over. At the first intersection, she took off.
Boat was OK.


Glad you are OK Sing. Hope the waveski was too.

I got rear ended when I stopped at a red light a few years ago and a woman in a Mercedes talking on her phone plowed into me. Fortunately I was driving my wife’s car :grinning:

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Driving to/from the put-in/take-out is definitely the most dangerous part of any paddling trip.


Agree completely.

Glad your boat was OK.

Hope that wasn’t your Honda Fit.

:rage::rage::rage: !!!

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Yeah, my 6 year old Fit (still only 41K mileage). Better that than my wife’s new Niro hybrid. :thinking:

Thankfully, my waveski was still on the roof racks than inside the car as I would normally transport it. I had the waveski on the racks to make room for camping equipment from my trip last week. Good chance that the waveski would have folded inside the car.


Driving new 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3 months old. Guy merges on 3 lane highway and I see him ahead. Just set my cruise at 60 mph. I’m in center lane 60 mph he’s in right lane doing 25-30 mph. He then just cuts left in front of me so we now have a 30 mph difference in speed. I swerved left thanks to my boat, car racing, and motorcycle experience. Thinking wow I’ll just miss him.

Well I didn’t :sob::cry: just caught his rear left of vehicle. Hear a clipping noise. Ok now I start to pull over unfortunately he didn’t so I figure he’s looking for a place he likes. Place he liked was bye-bye to me. I followed him an exit but he never stopped. Then I just called police and sat on side of road. They put out an alert but I didn’t know what type car it even was with excitement and anger. I knew Japanese 4 door brown / gold color. Figuring he’d pull over I didn’t even grab plate or car model. He just disappeared and I figured a chase would leave me with more trouble.

So 3 grand plus later jeep was whole again.

He probably had no license and no insurance leading me to other suspicions. Ten AM in the morning so probably not drinking who knows.

People are dying like flies in Nassau and Suffolk counties especially on constantly winding parkways. Although the road I was on was basically surveyed with an arrow shot when they built it. Insanity here. I really can’t go for 15 minutes down the road without witnessing moves that could cause an accident. Piles of flowers and memorials on parkways. Now they are going to spend literally millions to study the parkways.

Just spend millions on enforcement and DWI checks. I need to go live off the grid soon. :laughing: Montana?

Only one of a group of Long Island NY parkways.

Kayaking bays of Long Island south shore is getting horrible. Usually few deaths in power boats every year on shore alone.

Just googled Southern State parkway accidents NY on YouTube tons of stories on death and injury. One stretch is called “Blood Alley”.


I’m about to head for the lake down I-85. Wish I hadn’t read that.

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Well God bless!


It was really nice at the lake.


I worry when I kayak, especially to and from.

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A life well lived involves some risk. Be smart and eliminate as much risk as you can.
PFD, dress for immersion, go in a group. practice rescues.
Then add a communication device.


“A life well lived involves some risk.”

I have never liked the lack of a good pull over lane on the Southern State. Unless they have remedied that in the last decades since I regularly had to choose whether to drive it.
I usually opted for the dreaded LI Expressway instead. Still nasty driving but for the most part I understood what those drivers were doing.

Piles of flowers where people are dying on Southern State

We still manage to kill ourselves off. Usually due to speed and etoh and a single vehicle accident here in Maine but not always… Kid driving under suspension rear ended another car at a traffic light ( granted not a lot of those around here) panicked and drove himself into a tree about a mile away.

However dem wide open spaces have their own hazards. Moose and elk and particularly bison don’t get out of the way.