Myrtle Beach

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Gonna be spending a week in Mytle beach in the near future. I have a couple of small rec yaks & a Tarpon 100. Can anybody reccomend places in the area suitable to do some paddling & fishing from small yaks. Most of my paddling experience is on fresh water, small rivers & creeks. Not opposed to salt water fishing but lack experience with yaks in that environment.

One piece of advice…
If you latch onto a blue fish, don’t bring it into or onto your yak.

One of my sons still has scars on his calf from when he latched onto a big blue and brought it into his yak.

He didn’t think about how dangerous they are until it was too late.

He had to pry apart its jaws to get it to let go.

Can’t help you on Myrtle beach. Most paddlers in NC and SC, go north or south of there.

Too much of the “WILD” life,(human type) there.



mostly ocean stuff
There aren’t a whole lot of inlets to fish from unless you get down toward Murrels inlet. Even then, there’s a lot of tourist traffic.

Pretty Decent Surf, But
I spent a month at south Myrtle Beach when I was in college. The surf is pretty decent for the east coast. You would need to find a protected spot to launch the Tarpon. I would not try it with a rec yak.

I don’t know about any fishing spots. You could try fishing from Springmaid pier. It is on the south end of the beach.

Murrells Inlet for sure
Definetly check out Murrells Inlet south of MB. There are a few ramps to launch from…easy access. Watch the tides though…it can be rough paddling against the current. Also, if you wander in the reeds much, keep an eye on where you came from …it cam be tough finding your way back. Have a good time.

If you are going to be anywhere near North Myrtle Beach there is a nice launching point at Cherry Grove (the northernmost tip of beach in North Myrtle Beach). You can paddle back into an an inland marsh that is bordered by some nice marsh islands (and golf courses). I’ve picked my way through some of the small estuaries back there and had a great time. Be aware that the current can pick up some steam heading in and out of the inlet though…I’ve been in it at full ebb and flood and I’ve been able to make good progress against both. But you don’t want to get swept out into the ocean where the inlet current meets the ocean current, it can get messy out there.

Good luck…if you have any questions feel free to ask… :slight_smile:


Decent Surf??
L maybe when there is an off shore storm!! I agree what jack said, I ovoid Myrtle Beach like the plague, it’s the Pedro’s South of the border of beaches!! Closer to Georgetown is a cool State park that has nice beach access. But the darn name escapes me right now, although I go there all the time!!!

Sounds like I might want to do some coastal paddling in some areas off Ga coast that I’m more familiar with first.

Hurricane David, to be Exact

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I got there right after Hurricane David and the surf was still running pretty decent.

I think it was David. My memory is pretty shot...

Hurricanes also drive big open water sharks close into shore, but that is another story....

Go to Murrell’s Inlet and turn right
toward Weeki Wachi landing.It is on the Waccamaw and Pee Dee Rivers. Go straight across the Waccamaw and follow the channel to the Pee Dee; less than a mile. Or , take a right on the Waccamaw for about a half mile and you can enter a system of creeks on the left - White Creek, Black Creek and more.You will never believe you are so close to civilization. I have seen gators , lots of birds, and a bobcat back there.

restaurant warning…
There is a seafood buffet restaurant at Murrell’s Inlet that advertises a “live mermaid” in her own pool. My wife & I agree it was the worst meal we’ve ever had at any price,let alone for $21.95, and the mermaid was nowhere near as fetching as the one in the picture! Just a word to the wise!

morehead city
Waters edge rv park in morehead city,nc is on intracoastal waterway and you might catch some fish in this sheltered area. Breaking surf in myrtle beach is really an advanced technique. We loved KW cafeteria in myrtle.

Nance’s in Murrell’s Inlet is very good
as is the Cajun Kitchen and Captain somebody’s(?).

Good seafood is easy to find there.

Capt D’s"""

Go to the Conway riverfront
I live in the area, on the Waccamaw river…if you want to fresh water fish, the river is at a good level now…easy access at the Conway Marina…lots of other public boat landings in the area…beautiful blackwater river, lots of old oaks dripping with Spanish moss…huge bald cypress…during the weekdays you’ll have the river to yourself, but on the weekends, things get crowded.

If you want to come to Conway, it is just 10-15 minute trip from Myrtle on Hwy. 501.

Huntington Beach State Park
We’ve been there many times and hope to relocate near there.

. . . . . . . . . .zippidy

Thats a good place.
Some nice esturary paddling there.

We saw a couple of river otters in one of channels.



Hey they got the best fish…
…this side of Alaska.

I don’t know what kind it is, but it tastes just like halibut.



myrtle beach
yes murrells inlet is good,you can put in at the public boat ramp next to captain dicks marina. lots of parking and floating docks and big oak trees.take old tennis shoes and wear them if you get out your yak on any mud banks as there are lots of hidden oyster shells, and if your’e going there anytime near sunset take lots of BUGSPRAY. Sailfish marina on garden city point is great since you can paddle south down the estuary and go to a nice sand beach and cross over to the ocean, then farther south is huntington beach state park,which is my should have seen it in the 60’s!!calculate yours tides carefully you definatly want to paddle with them…have fun, Lee

m beach
is it Huntington beach state park? had big sculptures across the highway from its entrance?and a castle? and gators?great place , one of my favs