Mysterioso M-tech clothing

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Any opinions on the quality of this cold weather gear? There are some Pnet reviews and while they're all 10s, they're pretty old.

Dry suit weather has arrived here. While the water temp (61F) is warmer than the air temp (50F) right now, they're both on a downhill slide.

I'm looking for warm and thin that could be layered over or under a Kokatat woolcore shirt.

Have lots of 3/4 fleece zips, but they all have high necks. Too much material up there.

Thanks for any feedback on the M-Tech.

where who
sells mysterioso ? por favor

No Google?

NRS has a similar product.

109 ?

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108 maybe but 109 is too much...

Gotta Gore jacket 244...Arctyrx wands 475

Mysterious here was 45 each top bottom.

REI SALE I connected into the Flow n bought blind

The 2 stored in a Nitrogen gas cooler at 47 degrees

Cannah imagine paddling in top or bottom.

Know nights when maples cracK n pop ? When burning aspen flavors air ?

This is M time


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Old right mine are 2007 ? So, I asked the same Question what now...I wudneed a Feely at that price. More than corner AAA Sporting 'Goods'

My Ms are thick 4 way fine woven stretch. Know an industrial green scrubee ? Like that only 10x denser.

Ms 2007 are one step warmer than $100 Polar Tech n .75 than pair No 3 whose name eludes also in the price range.

Try a long sleeve poly crew over basic LU or intermediate eg silky long underwear in its real cold...45 no sun

'Expedition' then name eludes me then Polar Tec then Ms...then Anarticwear

Why go out no sun at 45 ?

How wickibf?
I don’t know the material, but l can guarantee you that you want the first layer on your skin under a dry suit to be extremely wicking. Why l like polypropylene or capulene for that layer

Mysterioso - Two thumbs up!
I believe I was one of the reviewers.

I had purchased my pieces from O’Neill Surf in CA, but they no longer appear to carry the line.

Myterioso’s M-Tech line works really well under dry suits.

I fit well in my normal size (Medium), some may find they need to go up in-size. Mysterioso has an athletic fit.

You can order Mysterioso M-Tech tops and bottoms directly from the company:

The M-Tech is very soft and comfortable. They wash well and pilling has been minimal. I prefer it to my Kokatat and Patagonia pile pieces.

Immersion Research fleece is another good choice.

Yes, and it was a well written review.
How are the inside seams finished, specifically around the neck?

My Kokatat woolcore neck seam has zig-zag stitching which was abrasive and left red marks around my neck. Fixed it by hand sewing the seam flat, which should have been done at the factory.

Trying to figure out how much layering I need to stay warm, but not overheat.


spray skirt

a goretex spray skirt helps moderate humidity below deck…body moisture producing a wet cotton effect.

getting there and acquiring clothing for conditions no problem.

find 1-2 hi tech T base shirts

buy 1 each: bottom level long underwear top, one intermediate top prob silklike

2 long sleeve polyester crews

one bottom level long underwear bottom

light neo gloves

wool socks, hiking and expedition

under a dry suit

that should suffice for 65 to 50 degrees sun or not wind or not.

search thru Champion clothing online …


the market is in ski clothing

buy 2 balaclava ski masks while there one light one medium …Amazon has a boatload

50-65F are spring, early summer temps.
It’s 42F here right now, wind at 17 kts

I’ll get a chance to test layers as soon as I get my boat and gear loaded in an hour or so.

No problems with lower body. Have fleece lined tights and if needed, Kokatat surfskin pants although I haven’t yet tried them under a drysuit.

Hood and ninja mask carried in the drysuit collar. Have hunter orange ski hat, needed as it’s duck season.

Love 'em
Mine are from years ago. They have a dense, plushy interior that wicks sweat quickly and feels great. The outer face is smooth for layering over. I especially like the high crewneck, or mock turtleneck. It is good for warmth and avoiding all but the upper part of the neck contacting those cooooold neck gaskets! Fit is snug with some stretch.

They wili shrink in the dryer, so if you plan to machine-dry, use no more than a low-warm setting and make sure the garment has a little extra room when you buy it, to allow for shrinkage. It will shrink in both width and length.

Mysterioso stitching…
I actually had to take a look at it. Once I put it on I’ve never noticed the fit at the neck. Obviously that is good thing. I can’t say the same about my Kokatat pieces.

The Mysterioso is flat stitched and the neck is not too high. I have the pull-over top, not the zip neck.

Yep, I line dry pretty much ALL of my tech sport clothing including Mysterioso.

Clothes driers = BAD.

Your description of the fit and feel of Mysterioso fabric is spot-on.

Thanks, pikabike.
All the great reviews are from years ago. Wonder if the manufacturing process has changed since then. Sometimes that happens and affects the quality.

No info on the website where the gear is manufactured. I emailed and asked.

Dry my paddling clothes outdoors on a clothesline (they smell better) or inside on a drying rack so shrinkage wouldn’t be an issue. Neck line is important. Don’t like scrunch up there.

Mysterioso sizing…

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I just contacted them in regard to sizing. I couldn't find a chart anywhere on their website.

Oddly enough they do not have one! You will need to provide your height and weight.

Check the recommendations on fleece
Some fleece says to put them in the drier to restore the loft. Rest I line dry.

Hadn’t gotten that far - sizing.

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Thanks. Did get a response to my manufacture question email. Cut and sewn in Los Angeles.

Paddled for seven miles here at home. 44F, rain squalls, but wind not too bad. How dry is a drysuit supposed to keep you? Lower body was fine but I could feel wetness under my PFD. Wasn't cold, but sure wasn't overheated.

My layering was a tank top, then the Kokatat woolcore shirt, followed by a lightweight fleece with the t-neck tucked under. All layers were wet, first two the wettest. Checked the label on the tank top and it's 58% cotton, 38% poly and 4% spandex. Was that the culprit?

Wore Buff paddling gloves. Didn't notice my hands were numb until I tried to get my car key out of my PFD pocket.

at 42
with your outfit, are you sweating ? ‘Like’ damp clothing when done, wet ?

ditch the tank top
Wear the wool shirt next to your skin. Wool transports body moisture well and stays warm even if damp, also dries from body heat from the inside out. Cotton, even in that lowered percentage you were wearing, just holds sweat and condensations like a sponge.

Taking your advice.
Lesson learned: read the fine print.