Nalgene bottles

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I want a water bottle for kayaking and I think nalgene is the way to go. Do you agree??? Would it fit in the cupholder of the W.S. Kayak ???

I like my mine
I don’t have a cup holder but it stays under the deck bungee pretty good. Makes it easy to get to.

do they cost $7- $13 ???

Near Boulder?
The EMS at 28th and Arapaho has Nalgene bottles with a flip-top lid that covers a convenient drinking nipple. They or REI also sell a bag made by Outdoor Products that the bottle just slips into. Put a 3500# caribener through the belt loop for a carrying handle, clipping to pack straps, and to use for whatever rigging you might need. (like making a bear pinata or hanging a Sky Chair) This is all I ever use for paddling, hiking, skiing, etc. One bottle follows me everywhere. Slip a Ti spork in the bag with the bottle and you always have a pig-out tool handy.


I buy Nalgene knock-offs at Wal-Mart
They cost about 4.99 and are nearly identical. Many brands, but if you have a choice, look for the Arrow Plastic Manufacturing Co, Elk Grove IL trade name.

Nalgene is good but expensive.

Don’t ever drink…
Don’t ever drink from the yellow nalgene bottle that is in my tent :slight_smile:


small ones

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Nalgene also make samll bottles (pints, instead of the usual quort) I find the big ones don't fit my boat.
Supposedly the hard Lenex ones leach chemicals into your drink if it is any thing but cool water. It's a pitty because they can keep coffee warm for hours. The white #2 plastic ones are a good alternitive.

SIGG Instead
I prefer SIGG bottles to Nalgene. They are nearly indestructable and weigh they same or less than same size Nalgenes.

Hope that’s helpful


Nalgene is a brand
so it’s tough to say it is the “way to go”, especially since they come in many different capacities, in wide or narrow mouth, different materials, etc. I like my Nalgene lexan narrow mouth 32 oz bottle. The lexan is pretty rugged. I got narrow mouth so that spills (both from the bottle being knocked over and from water coming out too fast when you tip it to take a drink)would be less likely, but since you can get inserts for the widemouths that prevent spills, if I replace it I will get a wide mouth, much easier to clean. Sometimes on shorter more energetic paddles I will take my bike bottle - squeezable with a long straw.

Have you looked into Camelbaks or other bladder-type hydration systems?

I use old gatorade bottles for that.

Nalgenes are tough
story one - testing with an aluminum bat - four adults taking turns did not break a lexan bottle for about 10 minutes. Finally, the cap was broken, but the lexan did not break.

I don’t trust the knock-offs. Nalgene makes lab-wear, and has a really good reputation.

Nalgene = quality
Nalgenes are guaranteed leak-proof and nearly indestructable–as for the knock-offs that look similar (Coleman and others) I can’t comment on because I’ve never been interested in trying them. I have used other bottles (notably GSI) and found their quality to be lacking: poorly-molded threads that don’t seal and tops that crack when screwed down too tightly come to mind.

The 32 oz./1 liter Nalgenes are pretty big and won’t fit in most cup holders (not sure about your boat, but they don’t fit in my car).

I also have Nalgene 24 oz. bike bottles that are contoured (fits under a bungee nicely and in standard cup holders), squeezable, and are equipped with a flip-up “mud cover” so the drinking valve doesn’t get dirty. It should be noted that these bottles are also usable with just one hand–something to consider if you’re paddling for extended periods in rough conditions and trying to unscrew and fumble with a big bottle.

Check out REI for some examples and prices of the above.

Cheap is cheap
Nalgene is made with a material that will not taint the water with a plastic taste. Its worth the few dollars more than Walmart’s so-called equivalent. But Nalgene’s large bottles did not fit in the holder of my Wilderness Systems Pungo. That didn’t matter, because I put my GPS there. I never travel, even locally, without at least one Nalgene bottle.

Laughing up a storm here! Have a yellow lexan Nalgene 2 quart for the same purpose. Everytime I see a display in a shop, I smile to myself…

To me, yellow Nalgene=pee bottle.


The cup holder in my pamlico 140 looks like it’s too small. Does Wilderness Systems Make good water bottles ???

Good whishey should only be stored in glass or Nalgene

Nalgene’s don’t leach
they had a copious response to that claim made about Lexan (type of polycarbonate, much like what some kayaks are made of) and i generally believe them.

they are largely unbreakable but over time, 5 years or so, they become more brittle and prone to cracking, especially in sub freezing temps.

I use a yellow Nalgene-like bottle…
…for my lemonade. I use a grey colored one for my pee. I did mistakenly mix the bottles up once.


pee bottle
I prefer to use a clear bottle rather than colored. easy to check hydration/dehydration by fluid color.

Yes, but
if you keep your eyes open for deals, you can get them for a little less. It also depends if you get plastic or lexan. I have a plastic Nalgene. However, I have an off-brand lexan bottle. These don’t hold odors or flavors. You can find knock-offs of these from $2-$3 at Target, Wal-Mart or such. They work pretty good, but don’t think they’re as tough.