Has anyone named their kayak? I’m looking for an original name for my pink llbean calypso kayak. Any suggestions? I’m launching it a week from today & plan on celebrating with champagne! It’s the first boat I’ve owned :slight_smile:

Pink, eh?

Floating Flamingo

(and when you dump, F-ing Flamingo)

Sorry for the off color suggestion, but I’m in a flippant mood today and it struck me funny.

I have a orange Necky Eskia that I call BOB = Big Orange Boat!

Zombie Jamboree from an old Harry
Belafonte song. “Zombies from all parts of the island, and since the season was carnival, they all gathered for bachanale.” A fine calypso song.


If you start using it and don’t like the fit and can’t get rid of it…

Pink Elephant!

Depending on the shade…
“Cerise”. (Look it up).

How about - Sarah?
Pick a name that means something to you.

Pink Lez-Pedo

Shid Cerese?

Lady GaGa

No names, too much abuse to name it

The Floating flamingo.

I used to call my friend’s DIY spray-camo Radisson Sportspal “Swamp Thing”. Truly one of the most hideous craft afloat. It even smelled bad.

It’s unlucky to go out on the sea in an
unnamed vessel. I can’t give you suggestions for names. A boat isn’t a child or a puppy, you really just have to feel the name.

If you REALLY have trouble thinking of a name, then look up a list of names for WWII-era US submarines. Most were named after some kind of fish, and I think those names fit kayaks well.

USS Albacore (SS-218)

USS Amberjack (SS-522)

USS Amberjack (SS-219)

USS Angler (SS-240)

USS Apogon (SS-308)

USS Archer-Fish (SS-311)

USS Argonaut (SM-1)

USS Argonaut (SS-475)

USS Aspro (SS-309)

USS Atule (SS-403)


USS Balao (SS-285)

USS Bang (SS-385)

USS Barb (SS-220)

USS Barbel (SS-316)

USS Barbero (SS-317)

USS Barracuda (SS-163)

USS Bashaw (SS-241)

USS Bass (SS-164)

USS Batfish (SS-310)

USS Baya (SS-318)

USS Becuna (SS-319)

USS Bergall (SS-320)

USS Besugo (SS-321)

USS Billfish (SS-286)

USS Blackfin (SS-322)

USS Blackfish (SS-221)

USS Blenny (SS-324)

USS Blower (SS-325)

USS Blueback (SS-326)

USS Bluefish (SS-222)

USS Bluegill (SS-242)

USS Boarfish (SS-327)

USS Bonefish (SS-223)

USS Bonita (SS-165)

USS Bowfin (SS-287)

USS Bream (SS-243)

USS Brill (SS-330)

USS Bugara (SS-331)

USS Bullhead (SS-332)

USS Bumper (SS-333)

USS Burrfish (SS-312)


USS Cabezon (SS-334)

USS Cabrilla (SS-288)

USS Cachalot (SS-170)

USS Caiman (SS-323)

USS Capelin (SS-289)

USS Capitaine (SS-336)

USS Carbonero (SS-337)

USS Carp (SS-338)

USS Catfish (SS-339)

USS Cavalla (SS-244)

USS Cero (SS-225)

USS Charr (SS-328)

USS Chivo (SS-341)

USS Chopper (SS-342)

USS Chub (SS-329)

C cont.

USS Cisco (SS-290)

USS Cobbler (SS-344)

USS Cobia (SS-245)

USS Cod (SS-224)

USS Conger (SS-477)

USS Corvina (SS-226)

USS Crevalle (SS-291)

USS Croaker (SS-246)

USS Cutlass (SS-478)

USS Cuttlefish (SS-171)


USS Dace (SS-247)

USS Darter (SS-227)

USS Dentuda (SS-335)

USS Devilfish (SS-292)

USS Diablo (SS-479)

USS Dogfish (SS-350)

USS Dolphin (SS-169)

USS Dorado (SS-248)

USS Dragonet (SS-293)

USS Drum (SS-228)


USS Entemedor (SS-340)

USS Escolar (SS-294)


USS Finback (SS-230)

USS Flasher (SS-249)

USS Flier (SS-250)

USS Flounder (SS-251)

USS Flying Fish (SS-229)


USS Gabilan (SS-252)

USS Gar (SS-206)

USS Gato (SS-212)

USS Golet (SS-361)

USS Grampus (SS-207)

USS Grampus (SS-523)

USS Grayback (SS-208)

USS Grayling (SS-209)

USS Greenfish (SS-351)

USS Greenling (SS-213)

USS Grenadier (SS-210)

USS Grouper (SS-214)

USS Growler (SS-215)

USS Grunion (SS-216)

USS Guardfish (SS-217)

USS Guavina (SS-362)

USS Gudgeon (SS-211)

USS Guitarro (SS-363)

USS Gunnel (SS-253)

USS Gurnard (SS-254)


USS Hackleback (SS-295)

USS Haddo (SS-255)

USS Haddock (SS-231)

USS Hake (SS-256)

USS Halibut (SS-232)

USS Hammerhead (SS-364)

USS Harder (SS-257)

USS Hardhead (SS-365)

USS Hawkbill (SS-366)

USS Herring (SS-233)

USS Hoe (SS-258)


USS Icefish (SS-367)

USS Irex (SS-482)


USS Jack (SS-259)

USS Jallao (SS-368)


USS Kete (SS-369)

USS Kingfish (SS-234)

USS Kraken (SS-370)


USS Lagarto (SS-371)

USS Lamprey (SS-372)

L cont.

USS Lancetfish (SS-296)

USS Lapon (SS-260)

USS Ling (SS-297)

USS Lionfish (SS-298)

USS Lizardfish (SS-373)

USS Loggerhead (SS-374)


USS Macabi (SS-375)

USS Mackerel (SS-204)

USS Manta (SS-299)

USS Mapiro (SS-376)

USS Marlin (SS-205)

USS Medregal (SS-480)

USS Menhaden (SS-377)

USS Mingo (SS-261)

USS Moray (SS-300)

USS Muskallunge (SS-262)


USS Narwhal (SS-167)

USS Nautilus (SS-168)


USS O-2 (SS-63)

USS O-3 (SS-64)

USS O-4 (SS-65)

USS O-6 (SS-67)

USS O-7 (SS-68)

USS O-8 (SS-69)

USS O-10 (SS-71)

USS Odax (SS-484)


USS Paddle (SS-263)

USS Pampanito (SS-383)

USS Parche (SS-384)

USS Pargo (SS-264)

USS Perch (SS-313)

USS Perch (SS-176)

USS Permit (SS-178)

USS Peto (SS-265)

USS Pickerel (SS-524)

USS Pickerel (SS-177)

USS Picuda (SS-382)

USS Pike (SS-173)

USS Pilotfish (SS-386)

USS Pintado (SS-387)

USS Pipefish (SS-388)

USS Piper (SS-409)

USS Piranha (SS-389)

USS Plaice (SS-390)

USS Plunger (SS-179)

USS Pogy (SS-266)

USS Pollack (SS-180)

USS Pomfret (SS-391)

USS Pompano (SS-181)

USS Pompon (SS-267)

USS Porpoise (SS-172)

USS Puffer (SS-268)


USS Queenfish (SS-393)

USS Quillback (SS-424)

I see it the other way
Since my kayak is plastic, I refuse to name it. I think it’s bad luck.

What’s material got to do with it?
A boat is a boat, I respect and love the vessel that keeps me out of the water and safely gets me home.

Come on now,
how can you talk about love and respect for a hunk of plastic? It’s mass produced, from man-made materials that will someday pollute a landfill for about a million years, and could have just as easlily been part of the gulf oil spill. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got two royalex boats, but I can’t seriously name them. Now, my Kevlar MNII’s name is Rita, after a girl I had a fling with about 25 years ago. Her hair was precisely the color of ungelled Kevlar, and she was just as boyant, with better tumblehome.

You gotta be Kidding
There are lots of mass produced hunks of plastic out there that are worth their weight in gold. Of course we love them. True there’s a lot of plastic junk but it’s not all bad or good based on what it’s made from. If you must knock all plastic boats you don’t know what you’re missing. Plastic is still the best material for rocky rivers.

champagne sounds great
sure, name your boat if u wanna. I’d just do it and not look for approval here.

do agree w. one poster, ya gotta paddle the boat awhile until the name is revealed to you.

for my first seakayak it took about four months, the second almost a year. But the names (AFAIK) are original and suit each boat’s personality. It’s up to you to get acquainted w. that personality '-)