NDK Greenlander Pro???


I am considering moving to a Greenland style boat and am looking specifically at a NDK Greenlander Pro. I live a long way from any place where I could demo one so I am trying to research the possibility as much as possible up front. Ultimately though I realize I will need to test paddle one as there is no substitute.

I currently paddle a Valley Aquanaut and like it a lot, but there are a few things that I am looking for that I suspect that the Greenlander might do better:

  1. I would like a bit more speed on flat water—I know that the Greenlander is a bit faster so that issue is settled.

  2. I want something with a bit less initial stability that will make edging more effortless. I find that the Aquanaut takes a bit of effort to overcome the initial stability and really get it up on edge.

  3. I want solid secondary stability. The Aquanaut has great secondary and I would really like to have a boat with similarly good secondary that will make solid sculling braces easy. I also enjoy rolling a lot, but I think either boat would do great for rolling. I know the Aquanaut is really easy to roll.

  4. I want a boat that carves smooth edged turns / responds well to bow draws and to edging.

  5. I would like the boat to have good qualities in really rough water. I would be hard to beat the Aquanaut as a solid performer in big water, but I have heard that Greenland style boats are quite capable in big water.

    Based on the qualities that I am looking for, I would think that the Greenlander Pro or perhaps a Nigel Foster Legend would come very close to what I am looking for. I have really enjoyed my Aquanaut, but it is getting a bit boring for me paddling on flat water which unfortunately is where I will be paddling most of the time since moving to the Chesapeake Bay area ( but still plan to travel to the coast as often as possible this summer).

    Anyone have any input?



You demo’d mine
but did not like it.


Hope all is well. Good to hear from you.

I do remember paddling yours and not liking it, but it was a long time ago and my tastes have somewhat changed as my skills have increased and the conditions in which I paddle have changed. Back then I was not fond of a boat that had to be deeply edged to turn, now I am looking for somewhat of the opposite. Additionally, having to paddle flat water mostly has made me want something a bit more lively.


Maybe Legend/Silhouette?
Depends on what you mean by nicely carving a turn - even with your having more seat time the G Pro will still be stiffer than the Aquanaut. Though both do take a deep lean to really skid around.

Have you tried a Foster boat, either the Legend or the Silhouette as dictated by size? You’d get some speed and a boat that is quite willing to sacrifice a bit of primary for good secondary stability, paticularly in the Silhouette. And as I recall the Silhouette ends up near the top in a lot of races along with the G Pros.

Just a hunch, but it sounds like you should give these a try before deciding.

He Had One Of Those Already…

Missed that and…
Oops - missed that one. Also, I just opened up email from MIKCO that listed some way good sale prices on new boats including a couple of G Pros. Copied and sent it to you.

(The email mentions modifications coming for the Explorer LV too. Intersting.)

Why Greenland?
Haven’t you seen Epickayaks’ video?

is a super sweet boat, I do love mine - but be aware of how high the back deck is. Does not prevent me from laybacks (butt wayyyyy out of the seat) but if you are looking to develop greenland type rolling skills you may want to look for a boat with a lower back deck.

It (the legend) cruises at a pretty high speed wihtout too much effort and its surfs really nicely to.


Get a surf ski
or fsat decked boat for speed.

is this harded vs. soft chines
a boat as the aquanaut works great for a banana boat. carves great, surfs well, and handles rough water. hard chined boats are going to seem easy to edge and carve as you will be sitting on a picinic table of an edge. Speed is going to increase as the Greenlander and Legend are longer and definatly out paddle the aquanaut on rough water. I have been paddling a Bahiya and love the speed and manouverability.

Impex Force 4
Unless you’re set on a NDK produced kayak throw an Impex Force 4 into the mix while you’re making up your wish list. Sounds like it would fit what you’re looking for.

See you on the water,



no such boat

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meets all your criteria.
Sounds to me like you're looking for the "perfect" boat.
fast - edges great - hard chined - high secondary stability - superb in really rough water.

Also not sure what you mean by flat water, the Chesapeake Bay area can certainly get interesting in a hurry if you time things right (or wrong).

If you insist,
here is one for sale.

http://www.connyak.org/ Classified section.

"Perfect Boat"
I don’t think I am looking for the “perfect boat” that doesn’t exist. These properties are not mutually exclusive. A boat with low initial stability will edge easily…and hopefully would be designed to have good secondary.

A fast boat with a long water line is perfectly capable of carving good turns. I believe that longer boats tend to carve turns, rather than quickly skid through them as a shorter boat would.

Rough water performance…generally the Greenland style boats are known for good rough water performance, as are most boats with good secondary.

Actually my Aquanaut meets nearly all these criteria, but has more initial stability than I would like which is what makes it a bit harder to edge.


Agree with Tsunamichuck

Displacement hulls
do not “carve” This is industry jargon. Their hull coefficients determine how they will “move” through the water when on edge.

If your Aquanaut
meets most of the criteria but you are looking for less initial stability,

then a Nordkapp should fit the bill nicely.

For me, rocker & rough water capability go hand in hand as manueverability is key when the going gets tough, but rockered boats are slower in calmer waters.

Long straight hulls move faster through calm waters but tend to pearl in troughs & plow through waves, making them less desireable for me in sloppy conditions, which is where i want the boat to perform best.

But that’s just me.

I agree with Sea-Kayaker
Well said

Tender and fast

It sounds as if you are looking for a Brit or West Greenland style boat that has lower primary stability and less drag than your Aquanaut.

They’re aren’t that many in this catagory that produce less drag than the 'naut above 4 knots. Most that fit the bill have been mentioned already: Legend, Greenlander Pro, etc… Another is the Azul Sultan - as fast or faster than a Legend with lower primary.

A Nordkapp is kin of the Aquanaut. Kapps have lower primary, less secure secondary, and produce less drag under 4 knots and more drag above 4. A Nordkapp LV could be a fun boat, more playful than a 'naut. Not as fast as your Aquanaut, but faster than your Avocet.

drag specs

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I am personally not a great believer in these things as they seem to be derived from swimming pool like conditions which I never find myself in.

I have been in both the Aquanaut & the Nordkapp & am able to make better/faster headway in a Nordkapp in conditions, however, I prefer the Aquanaut as it seems to me better-mannered overall.
I am lookig at aquiring a F/G AquanautLV as soon as they become available here (N/East)

But for what you state you'd like, I would have to revise slightly & agree with the poster who said 'NordkappLV'