New Family boat suggestions

Looking to get a “Family model boat” To haul myself the wife and Daughter. I am looking at the Pamlico 160, as it has seats for 3. Yeah I know it’s a huge tank but it’s the only one that “looks” like it would haul the family around in relative comfort. The Daughter will have her own boat once she learns how to swim better! I already have a canoe that can haul us but it pretty much sucks in the wind, and the 3rd person sits on the floor, no real seat, and it’s a big WIDE tank. And I will be selling that to a friend soon anyway. Another suggestion is a Two seater, for just me and the daughter, with the wife in the QCC or Tarpon. But I think for Family vacations the 3 seater would be the way to go. Yeah I know all about divorce boats L I have paddled a Pamlico XL which I think is the same thing and it seamed pretty good for a big boat. Any other suggestions?

If you are willing to take the time
try pygmy boat kits They have a very nice three seat that is also comparatively light. I am in the proccess of building a kit from pygmy and so far I am very pleased. Check them out at: Hope this helps:)


The pygmy looks cool, i wonder what its Capacity is, it said big folks like to paddle it as a Solo, well I am a big person, but will NEED to paddle that boat with others, I all ready have a Nice Solo yack. And I am leary about the strength of a 65 lb 20’x33" boat. I Have slamed into many Cypres knees/ logs with both my tarpon and Qcc with no problems. Its a great suggestion, if i could find one pre-built. as I have too many things on my Build list all ready. Like an extra bay to my garage, a “Florida” room off the back of my house, and demolishing my Deck to lay a concrete pad, the foundation for the Florida room. and on top of that the layout/Table for my train set 22’x16’…

Feathercraft Klondike
Goes double, solo or triple. Take it with you on a MAC flight.

is WAYYYYY to expensive. I dont need something foldable I have plenty of space to transport stuff. Thanks for the sugestion though.

Ocean Kayaks
Has a SOT Malibu II I think has a place in middle for third person.

Wildy had a SOT that was a 3 seater. “Venture” or something?

Me, Too
I have weekends when I think it would be a lot easier to rack one boat than three.

A typical weekend in the mountains I take the Pungo and Mars on the rack and the Frenzy in the pick up truck bed.

I bought my step daughter and son in law their own kayaks so they can take them themselves.

I have a couple inflatables for extras. We used them this weekend.

I started with a three person canoe, an OT 133. I hated it because it was so heavy. When we divorced, I sold it for a surf kayak, first thing!

When we got back together, I already had several kayaks.

I have been thinking about getting another canoe. A lighter one, but once everyone gets used to having their own boat, it is really hard to get them to go back to sharing…

Trust me, that little girl will grow up before you know it. This weekend made me realize how fast that happens… Now the only “child” on our trips is Kathy’s grand daughter…

My X scheduled her Trip with her Boyfriend the same time my Wife and I had our vacation trip scheduled. Knowing full well that the wife and I take our Vacations the same time every year. So now I have to baby sit, which I don’t mind at all, its just part of our vacation plans included some yacking in our QCC’s. and my daughter isn’t quite up for that yet. The daughter loves going out in the canoe with me, and the canoe works great in protected water, but it sucks in the wind and rain. Sooo I am looking for a family truskster. I figure with the wife and I both paddling it should be able to keep up with most of the normal paddlers in normal PLASTC boats.

A Great 3 person boat.
I just got a Wionnah Minnesota 3 great three person boat and very light 50lbs for a 20’ canoe. Down side was the price, but the more I use it the more I’m convinced that it was worth the price.

A nice boat, but a bit pricy, and I already have a Similar Mohawk canoe. I am just not to found of canoes when the wind and rain picks up. And since this will be a once in a while boat it needs to be as cheap as possible. Normally I would be in my QCC 700

All that said,get the 3 seater
Pygmy and in 3 months you’ll be ready.

Yup -it’s a FOUR seater -room and capacity enough for the swedges all!

Something THAT size, with all paddlers going, may need to pay attention to No Wake signs, and folks in WW boats, LOL!

Have fun with you family as you buy your (yet another) boat, and may you all have fun in whatever you wind up getting and

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami

OK Cabo is a better bet
than MII if you’re inclined toward a SOT.

Hey Swedge,
You might look at the Perception Keowee II if they still make them.

Maybe someone who has one can jump in here also.

I have seen several with a mom and dad and a little one in them.

I know my little single Keowee came with a childs seat right in front of the paddlers seat, so I am guessing they might have a similar set-up.



For all the ideas. I haven’t decided yet, still going to look around and possibly test drive if I can. The fact that the WS stuff can be had in Olive green is a huge plus L I might just use my old Canoe if my friend doesn’t buy it…

For your hauling needs, maybe a canoe isn’t such a bad idea. There’s lot of models out there.

Maybe invest in a new one? Any boat, canoe or kayak, you get that can handle bigger loads is going to be heavier than “standard” models. Some expensive exceptions to that rule.

If you ask real nice, Water Buffy might just build that Pygmy for ya!!!

Swedge, check the stats

This is a duplicate of my post on the other board, but I was wanted to give you so more info.

First, the Palmico is known to be rated for MUCH rougher waters than the Acadia II, and at a foot longer, it possibly a faster boat. I was looking hard at the Palmico before I made my decision. The final factors were

  1. Dry storage
  2. rudder not necessary with Acadia
  3. Check the cockpit dimensions:

    Palmico: 79” x 23”

    Acadia: 86.75" x 24.5"

    even though the Acadia is a foot shorter, it’s cockput is nearly 8 inches longer. That’s a lot of space.

    Also, look at the front of the cockpit designs, the V Shape of the Palmico requires a thinner front paddler with their legs held close together. The Acadia has the rounded front cockpit allowing more hip and knee stretch.

    If you planning on rough waters, or some ocean, then stick to your guns with the palmico.

    PS. for my solo, the Wilderness Pungo was my hands-down choice, so I’m not a Perception junkie.


Cockpit size no big deal. My Solo boats are a QCC-700 and my tarpon 160. Small size up front no big deal as the wife or daughter will be in that position. Gear space is no big deal as it will most likely be used as a day tripper only. For over nights my QCC’;s and tarpon works great. and persnally i love the phase 3 seats!! but i will take a look if i see one some place.