New Layout... ? OK here's more characters

Topic doesn’t have OP or latest poster listed up front.
Less info not more, very cumbersome to use…
An I missing something… Terrible change.
And we’re getting badges for using Emoji … WTF
Sounds like the Chinese social media rating game. WTF

15 characters min.topic?

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Hey everyone - I know the system is new so we are working out some kinks. Yes, it will be different than the old one so I just ask that you give it a bit of time.

For the topic titles, we can change the minimum number of characters. We just updated the minimum number of characters to 10 (note the topic “New Layout” is just 9). The goal with longer titles is for them to be descriptive which helps other users as they see new topics.

Note, I am closing this topic, let’s pick up any other discussion here: