Updated Forum - Oct 2019

Hey everyone - the new forums are live.
They are moving a bit slowly right now as everything comes on-line. Thanks for your patience.

Feel free to post a reply here to report any issues that you are having.

What a mess… I can’t get to the boards…

Is it just me or is the site slower and the pictures missing from posts?

I hate to be negative, but I don’t think the changes are for the better.

So, the forum site is definitely slower right now… we are working on that.

We have been testing the new platform (Discourse) for the last month and it has tons more features and is much faster (can’t quite see that yet) and should be the last time we need to move the forums.

We just rolled out some updates. The forums should be faster.
Also images that were broken should now be fixed.

Thanks for your patience.

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Things are definitely faster now, and images are working!


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Some posts from the last two days are missing… should we just be patient? :slight_smile:

Sorry about that, can you tell me one or two of the posts that seem to be missing?

No worries!

This post in the Advice section; “Sawyer X-17 Superlite or a Mohawk Blazer 16 Fiberglass?”

Thanks for the quick response-

FYI - there were a few posts that got lost on their way to the upgrade. They have been found and restored. Please post any issues you find.

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Or designated as spam.

Or spamed because they had a link to a NOAA web site.

Y’all flagged 22 of my posts from the past.

The stupid spambot that comes with this program is running amok and needs to be bashed with a paddle or reprogrammed. Give it some time and hopefully it will get fixed.

I am fine with the new site. I’m more than willing to be patient. More stuff than I feel I need, but over time might find the features very useful.

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In fact have already picked up on a number of them as I browse.

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Is it possible to disable “Suggested Topics” and all those childish badges in one’s preferences? Pretty sure the average age here is over 12.

Glad you like it. Thanks for your patience!

The badges are a bit overzealous right now but they will slow way down in a day or two.
A big part of why Discourse is the best forum platform is that it depends highly on a system of trust that is granted as users are more active on the page. Things are going a bit crazy because we imported all the old posts. Let’s give it a week and see how things settle out.

Topic doesn’t have OP or latest poster listed up front.
Less info not more, very cumbersome to use…
An I missing something… Terrible change.
And we’re getting badges for using Emoji … WTF
Sounds like the Chinese social media rating game. WTF

15 characters min.topic?