New P&H Kayaks?

I’ve seen these new boats on the MEC website, but haven’t heard anything about them. They’re not even on the P&H website. Anyone have any information on the Aries, or the Delphin (the RM version)? They seem to be short trip/fun/play sea kayaks. Very interesting.

Some Delphin info and images

Looks like a cape falcon F1

Does the Delphin come with

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a skeg or a rudder? The photo's show it both ways. Im not aware of any P&H boats with rudders.

Based on Olly Sander’s comments
the rudder sounds like an option…

looks similiar to
a Dagger Alchemy, from what I can see of the overall lines of the deck anyway.

Not speaking of the hatch day hatch layout - they differ there, which matters not to me. I’m glad P&H didn’t try to go overboard w. 4 hatches LOL.

The hulls might be totally different.

I’d really like to see the fglass version (the Aries)

and try the Aries and Delphine one after the other to see how much diff if any fiberglass makes compared to roto.

A P&H rep out here of my acquaintance will come thru w. at least one version or the other this season and I hope to try one out. I’ll be seeing him June 27 and will ask.

Delphin is on this side of the pond
Heard from a friend who got to play in one in Rhode Island this past weekend. John Carmody brought it to a training session. This friend has been using an Alchemy a lot for training/coaching and noted that the Delphin is also great fun.

I’m guessing that the design goals for the Delphin and the Alchemy are very similar. They’re probably parallel developments acknowledging the growing desire for playful shorter sea kayaks.

IMO you are right
Since the Alchemy only comes in roto I really want to try out the P&H Aries.

The Alchemy S I tried was a very likeable boat, but there were disappointing lacks in the finishing. The thigh braces while of sturdy ww heritage were out of alignment in the boat - one was further forward than the other and this was not due to the adjustable thigh braces. The left one also had an annoying lump that bore its way into my hip.

The owner - an excellent kayaker - said that he had to Lexel the foam hatches a month after he bought the boat as the stern hatch leaked a lot. I know that foam flexes and over time some more ‘goop’ is needed, but a new boat?

From P&H I have higher expectations for QC, so I await the chance to try either eagerly, but for weight reasons the Aries more so.

More appropriate boat for most
thanks everyone for the info. Looks like an interesting boat. I’m really interested to try out some of these “new breed” shorter sea kayaks. Seems like just the ticket for day paddles, when I really don’t need to lug the Explorer around.

Aries info and images
Using the Cetus as a guide, P&H has created a series of shorter sea kayaks in the 15-foot range. The Aries 150 and 155 are composite kayaks, while the Delphinus 150 and 155 are polyethylene. Designed as a short, playful, very maneuverable sea kayaks for day trips and light overnights, these boats are great for someone who doesn’t want or need a 17-foot kayak. For each, the 150 fits a small-to-medium paddler while the 155 fits the medium-to-large paddler.

Later in June
Expecting my Delphins arriving later in June.

See you on the water with new toys,


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Compared to Vela

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I'm guessing these new boats from P&H spell the end of the Vela whose end has been rumored for a few years.

Though sharing a hard chine, with overall length and width difference between the new boats (esp the 155) and the Vela not so great, the amount of volume carried fore and aft in the new boats seems notably more than in the Vela. I'm guessing this will make them more reassuring than the Vela, but maybe not as quick?

Another Vela

Let me know if you want another Vela for your collection. I know someone in Rhinebeck that wants to find hers a home.

See you at the Symposium.


The River Connection, Inc.

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Vela leaving fleet? Maybe not
My totally un-informed and un-knowledgeable guess is that they may keep the Vela, as it is in their “classic” line. there are a few boats in this line that have similar, updated designs in the P&H range. What does the Vela paddle like?

One Vela is enough

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Marshall, thanks for the tip. However, one Vela in the home fleet is enough... Very neat boat I would recommend to most aspiring smaller paddlers. Celia's is serving her well.

In time for your symposium?
I am planning on coming down with Celia and might take some of the time to play in boats…

“…may keep the Vela…”

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"...may keep the Vela, as it is in their "classic" line."

I wonder if that will or has come to mean available by special order? Like classic Nordkapps are from Valley?

In answer to how it paddles - like an English sports car. It is very quick and lively and not terribly reassuring. I'm way too big for it but even with my weight it is a fun boat. ;-)

"…Like an English sports car…"
I had a British sports car once. i think it kept my mechanic in business for the duration of my ownership. Or at least put braces on his kids.

Not in that aspect…

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Yup, classic British sports cars needed a lot of care and maintenance. The Vela IS a P&H boat and is very well requiring no special care.

I second, the F1 design look-alike.