New paddling hat design

I paddle surfskis in Southeastern, NC, and it is too hot for a conventional cloth hat. The heat, humidity, and calm wind days are a recipe for heat-related illness. I designed and made a paddling hat that keeps the sun off of my head, and dissipates heat.

Just to get this right, Pyramex is the company that makes the hat you altered and you are not directly selling this, right? Because if you are selling the hat someone is going to flag this as marketing.

Not sure how effective that hat would be for cooling, but what’s missing is a wide brim for sun protection.

Celia: thank you for your perspective, and this is a valid question. I am not manufacturing or distributing this as a finished product. I enjoy the process of designing and building. I hope others will take this concept and make a vented paddling hat of their own.

Pith Helmet 2.0!!!

Good innovation but an association jumped to mind of the headgear Roger Mann of Watertribe used on a Chesapeake event which was an Umbrella Hat. They’re @$5 or so on eBay!

Keep on creating!

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My first addiction was the bicycle. Bike helmets are chock full o’ vents to let air in and out. I bought a whitewater helmet some years back and it struck me that they were all solid. No vents. Why no vents? Why not let air and water in and out? There’s your market. Not hats; helmets.

It would certainly make an interesting sun burn pattern on hair challenged wearers.

Of course my Tilly floats. Bet that hard hat sinks.

Has built in flotation and a buff over the plastic shell provides sun protection.

Actually there is a part of the video that shows it does float.

Determining its SPF potential,
is a binary exercise,
where I suppose some hole zeroes
open over ones like I,

so as I paddle over miles,
knots pass over 'n under me.
and my scrim sunscreen evaporates cool scene,
but I count my topknot one red bean.

And then comes the hassle of that “hole” passel…of no seeums!

Actually, there is already a reasonably priced alternative, similar in shape to that “Swiss cheese” contraption, one I have used for years in hot weather, though more often for working on trail clearing and waterfront clean-up projects than paddling (i did add a cord to it to keep it from blowing off). It’s the standard tropical “pith helmet” design made in woven straw. Yes it floats, and yes it dries out nicely if soaked. And it has a floating suspension (like hardhats have) that allows air circulation onto your scalp while protecting against sun – the adjustable frame band has a terry cloth cushion on it that is comfortable and sweat absorbent… Dorfman Pacific makes them and they are cheap. You’ve probably spotted them before on US mail carriers. Be prepared to be addressed as “Bwana” if you choose to wear one…

There is also this, a perforated plastic pith helmet for $20, quite similar. Could also do double duty as a colander to strain pasta in camp!

The Army issued us sun hats. We called them steel pots. On hot sunny days they kept us mostly cooler and helped us develop
neck muscles.
The metal outer pot got really hot but the liner allowed air to circulate.

Thanks for sharing. Very clear and well produced video. How did you layout and drill such evenly spaced and clean holes? I am still in search of the perfect headgear that provides sun protection, is lightweight, stays on and with stiff enough brim not to flop in eyes from wind.

Need to stay cool? Pith on your head!

(How’s that for catchy advertising?)

@Rex said:
Need to stay cool? Pith on your head!

(How’s that for catchy advertising?)

It’s difficult to make me chuckle first thing in the morning. This did it.


I was going to make a pithy comment but Tex

@Overstreet said:
Of course my Tilly floats. Bet that hard hat sinks.

Come to think of it I’ve come across hard hats floating in the ocean.

Yes, hardhats float. They are made of the same material as most kayaks, after all.