New Recruit Needs Name

We picked up Maive this morning. She was found abandoned in a box at the side of the road, and was advertised as a dachshund/beagle mix by the shelter. About a year old. 12 pounds.

She needs a new name.


enjoy your new family member and I’m sure you’ll have her out in a boat in no time at all!

She’ll name herself after the No! and OHNo! phases.
Thanks for giving her a home.

In December we added another rescue dog to our house. A 30# terrier mix 3 (aproxamatley) yrs. My wife had a genetic test and it turns out she’s about 9 different breeds including a Golden retriever. Can’t see it, but she’s great with our GERMAN Short hair Pointer

!00% she’ll be an excellent dog!



What about Marlise? Since she’s 50/50 German “weiner dog” and British beagle extraction and there is a spicy ginger spiked English sausage called Marleybone. Marley might seem too boyish, but Marlise is a lovely German girl’s name.

I’m sure a number of names will come to mind with the first shoe chewed up. Don’t use those.


Thank you all for the great suggestions for names. I will run them past my wife. So far “Riley” seems to feel best. We considered Lucky but didn’t think of Magic or Marlise…I like them both. We also considered River.

We may get a second rescue depending on how things go. This dog (like so many others) is afraid of men and timid in general but I expect that may change as she gets comfy with her new home. The kids in the neighborhood already love her and yesterday we had a stream of kids coming over wanting to meet our new dog. Nice


Was this before or after you got married? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


good one

And true of most humans if you look far enough back.

This beautiful young lady will name herself. Did I hear Maeve?

Her kennel name was Maeve. An Irish name (“she who rules”) is a good fit since she was on sale for St Patrick’s Day (only $17, seems way too cheap…we will be donating). My nieces like the name Maeve and it has grown on me but my wife thinks she doesn’t look like a Maeve.

I think the guideline is 2 syllables with the second ending in a vowel (Fido, Sparky, Toto) so commands are as clear as possible (Fido sit!). I like the name Yazhi (Navajo for Little One) but my wife apparently doesn’t and I’m happy to let her make the final choice. Mazie (spelling TBD) is a top contender.

But it seems clear that she needs an elegant name as willowleaf mentioned, something much more elegant than Peanut.


She is a little doll, for sure!

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First photo suggests “Jaeger”, second “sleepy”. Jaeger does match up with Dachs (Badger).

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Mazie works for me. Anxiously awaiting the final decision!

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Traveler, Scout, Bay, Scamp, Skippy, Junebug, Hunter, Chance, Griffin,
Daisy, Ruby, Iris, Rosy, Rita, Jane,

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I think Maisie is good. Not elegant, really, but meets the other criteria. It’s a good call name. My Hazel is Hazy, or perhaps Haze. ( A few other things, as well)

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