New Skin on Frame

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this boat was supposed to be a skin on frame representation of Bjorn Thomassen's "Hunter" and for the most part it handles very closely to the wood strip one that my friend Tripp is building (almost done!) The differences are obvious in that the deadrise is greater in the sof and I increased the volume by raising the deck a bit. I have the Strand SOF but frankly just can't lean forward enough to touch the deck or to do proper forward finishing rolls. (flexibiity and age) so this one has a deeper cockpit and higher masik which will allow me some movement of thighs and knees to be able to bend forward easier.
Having more of a v to the hull increases initial tippiness, but I am comfortable with it being 15 inches wide between chines at widest point. The increase in performance and speed is the end result.

So not only do I have a boat I can roll well in, but now I can actually paddle her too! she is kinda weird looking but I am very pleased with the performance of this boat so far.

compared to the Yost boat I built, which is incredibly stable, this is my first attempt to make a traditional boat. All wood pegs, artificial sinew, and glue. Skin is balistic nylon sewn with bait floss and painted with rustoleum oil base for the first couple of coats. haven't decided what color to paint her yet.

Pics here if interested:


looks good Paul!



Nice looking SOF, I hope to come down and give Trips Hunter a try when it gets done, perhaps we can all get together.

A suggestion for a seat for your SOF is the Jackson SweetCheeks. It has straps to keep it in place, allows you to sit low without being violated by the keel, and is easier to get into the boat with than an Ensolite pad and more comfortable without raising you up to high.

I have used all sorts of different pads since I built my boat in Sept. and this is by far the best combination of comfort, low seat height, and ease of entry.

BobW (Brown Brian Schulz/Cape Falcon SOF)

will probably order one. I didn’t feel too uncomfortable in the Hunter but the Yost boat is a definite problem.


Oh Man
Wish I had skills.

Beautiful boat.

Now was that so hard?
You’ll probably have 6 built, SOF and Strip, before I get around to my second!

will never be the same. especially as I am looking at this one and trying to figure out what to do to improve the next one…and oh yeah…the yost boat needs new stems and reskinning as that cheap cotton duck from walmart just sags like a baby’s diaper in places.

BTW…I got that 5/16 leather from McMaster Carr. sure seems awfully thick but I will use it anyway. I did the bow and stern loops tying it up with artificial sinew. Almost looks like carrying handles.:slight_smile: It will be easier to do the front and aft deck pieces with traditional knots on the inside.

still trying to fashion something out of the antler bone I have for the rear deck harpoon fastener. I think I have something figured out and will post some shots if it works.


Deck lines @#%&#
Brian has some handy tips here.

On my boat we ran out of strap so on one end the loop it is knotted on the inside rather than a continuous loop.

Either way running the desk lines was a bit of an asspain.

Doing it again I would consider some kind of fiberglassed in tube as my deck lines are the primary source of water.

I think we should have a SOF/Greenlandish get together when the Hunter and your boat are done. we can share building experience and perhaps improve the SOF gene pool.


Amen on decklines
Nice boat - looks very pointy though (just kidding). Last week I finished an SC-1 out at Cape Falcon in Manzanita and deck lines were the worst part of the process - I found swearing loudly helped the lines go through. Still waiting for the boat to be shipped back to NYC. Brian says there isn’t much interest in the SC-1 back east, so if someone in the tri-state wants to see/try mine, that could be arranged once it gets here.

Is the ‘Sweetcheeks’ cushion really worth $60? I have to say, sitting on an unpadded frame does not float my boat, so to speak, and a plain blue foam cushion probably won’t be enough.

Was easiest part of mine.
I did peg the end loops though. Next time I’ll splice and whip the loops outside and slide through (and maybe add pegs to keep splice inside and add another level of security). Rest of the lines are a breeze as you can reach inside.

Melt/burn holes, drill, run lines, tie. What’s the difficulty here? Witht eh thick leather you dont even need any sealant - just use slightly undersized holes.

yep. finding that out. Using a 5/16 drill actually is a slight bit smaller than the leather I am using. managed to get the bow and stern loops in with a bit of difficulty.

Problem now is setting up the deck lines appropriately to hold the line basket and harpoon properly without me banging it while paddling and still have tension for a bird dart (coming) and a lance.

Rear deck has to hold spare paddle, hear harpoon holder, and avataq.


I dunno
Paul - with all that hardware, bone, baskets, harpoons, norsaq, spare paddle, etc etc you may just need to be towed! :wink:

I started with my deck being loaded with lots of stuff and now have pared it all down to a more manageable amount. No sense loading up a 28lb boat with 10lbs of stuff as it negates all those weight savings and gives you higher center of gravity.

Besides - you will look like a Greenlandic battleship! LOL


No no no
the “stuff” is for display purposes. the only thing on the deck when actually paddling will be a spare paddle. I just need to preplan where to place the additional deck lines. Everything else will be secured by them.

Rest assured it will look perfectly normal when out on the water most of the time. However, if some bubba in his jetski or bass boat pisses me off on the lake I can always take the bird dart or harpoon along…


you will look like a Greenlandic battles

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My sediments exactly (as I wipe up the water I spit out on my keyboard).

However Brazil would be my first choice to paddle with when those PIA jet skiers (as uposed to the non PIA jet skiers, both of them) decided to see how close they could come.

Greyak if the deck lines were easy, you must have done them wrong :)

I really think we need a "Redneck SOF" Meet at a convenient nearby coast.

As for Sweetcheeks look around you can probably get one for less than $60.
I have a Jackson Kayak I robbed it from so I didn't have to buy it separately.
However if a Foam pad cost $30 then a SC @ 60 is worth the cost in a boat with a tight Masic like mine, not sure about the value in the larger SC-1 cockpit.
Subjectively it is more comfortable to my bony ass than any camping pad I have tried yet.

When I decide I need to hunt birds whil paddling, or open a museum, I’ll make bird darts!

On the other hand - a norsaq assited rescue/tow line throw setup might be useful.

On a serious note - I’d use no bigger than 1/4" drill bit for the holes if you bought the 5/16" belt.

1/4 inch drill
I can barely get the 5/16th inch belt into the hole as it is. I really have to tug hard to move it an inch so I can’t imagine a smaller hole.

Not trying to open a museum…just trying to increase awareness a bit. while at the East Coast Canoe and kayak Festival it was apparent that people were genuinely interested in the skin on frames and the harpoons and single bladed paddles. there were even a couple who talked about building their own soon and we signed up some people for QajaqUSA.

a norsaq assisted tow line…hmmmm…quick attach to the avataq too?


reply to sweetcheeks
"No more sliding around on your seat."

How can you do balance and static braces if you can’t slide around a bit? Not to mention some roll attempts where a quick grab of the coaming to readjust yourself will help you position to get back up?

seems like it woudl impede in a sof actually.


recovery kayak
looks like it would be close? sort of?


check out the whitewater forums for
cheaper sweet cheeks… has a good gear swap…

no problems
you slide just fine with the Sweetcheeks, better than a foam pad.

The black side (this is similar to the material Thermarest uses on their older pads, the ones your sleeping bag refuses to stay on) goes up and the grippy blue side down (Jackson uses velcro on their seats to keep it from sliding around).

when I first posted I didn’t realize they were $60 but they are well made and work.

The trick is to suck all the air out to keep its shape.

Jackson has a DVD they include with their boats that shows you how to use it properly.

it is not inflated as I first thought, but rather you blow a little air into it to allow you to shape it like you want then suck all the air out to keep its shape.

Then there is the “Happy Feet” :slight_smile:

As silly as his names are most kayak companies could learn lots about boat outfitting from Jackson Kayaks