New WS Tsunami Sizes for bigger paddlers

Went down to the local Kayak dealer the other day, to try on a Tsunami 145. Owner notes that WS is coming out with new sizes in their Tsunami line. I’ve seen 120 and 125 on ebay, I guess for smaller paddlers. But good news for larger paddlers is that WS is supposed to be making bigger sizes, for paddlers in the 350 pound range.

Does anyone know anything about this? Has anyone else heard this?


new sizes
the 160 and 165 were available for preseason order in the dealer book, with an ETA of winter/spring delivery. They didn’t have any specs in terms of cockpit dimensions, etc, so no idea how they’ll fit (though the 145 is a plenty big cockpit for anyone up to 240 or so, imho - if the cockpit of the 160 is much bigger than that, it’ll be big enough to carrry a paddler and a keg…)

Just what I heard from the dealer
She noted that the bigger model would be for paddlers in the 350 range. Just her SWAG.

I’m 250 and 6-4, and sitting on the floor for 10 minutes I fit in the Tsunami 145. Just fit. Not too small to be be too tight, but a touch more room would be good. I’m waiting to take it out for an afternoon, as soon as they get one for their fleet. Then we’ll see how well I really fit.

Now getting a bigger one with a built in keg, thats a good idea.


new boats
hopefully WS quality control can handle the proliferation of new models.

well now…
straight from the design team…

the new boats are 160-165-175. The sizing is similar to the Tempest family, where performance is the same, sizing for M-L-XL paddlers.

We’re totally done with the 2 smaller boats and real close with the 175. Not exactly sure when they will hit the streets (dealers) but soon.

The 175 will fit large paddlers and have a huge cockpit, very similar to the Ts-145 and have alot of sea kayak-style capacity.

We wanted a family that could address the paddler wanting capacity and friendly paddling characteristics. The Tsunami series seems to be quite popular and growing that concept has been fun.

FWIW- the whole Tsuanami family has been thru a very complete R&D process and tested in conditions all the way to ‘very gnarly’. =:-0)

that’s the 165 prototype in 25 knots. no rudder needed!


Very Cool! When…
Can I see a Tsunami 160 in the Greater Boston/RI/NH area? I am considering a 145, but if a 160 can be had soon, I’d be up for looking at it.

When and Where? Please tell me sometime before April 1…


PS Don’t do an Impex on me like saying the Force (Tsunami 160) is coming soon, very soon. This went on for over a year AFTER the Force announcement was made.

let me check
I happen to be in Easley, as we speak. I can see if I can get some realistic dates on release.

but you know how THAT goes.

=:-0) (0-:=

I know for a fact the 175 (size XL) is going to be last in the release schedule. As popular as the series is maybe you could just buy a 145 NOW and use it till the 175 comes out, then sell it.

I’m always ‘thinkin’!!! :wink:


Flatpick, the picture you posted of the prototype doesn’t look like it’s a poly kayak? Am I missing something here, because all the Tsunami’s now are rotomolded.

yep the proto in the pic is a f/g boat.

FYI the Tsunami’s come in both composite and roto. The new one’s fer sure!


Can we get some more info???
Steve I would like some info on paddler sizes envisioned for the Tsunami 160-165-175 kayaks. While I fit in the 145, I just fit. I’m wondering if the 160 is going to be a better fit. Is the cockpit opening on the 160 going to be a touch longer than the 145 for my knees?

Also, Southwind Kayak here in Orange County CA is in dire need of 140-145-160’s for their rental fleet. They needed them like last week.

Make that I needed them last week, to try out. ;>

Thanks for any secret info you can pass on.


More info…
I have searched all over the web, and I can’t find any information on composite tsunami kayaks. Is Duralite considered a composite boat? Can you please send me a link for information on the composite kayaks, or perhaps a site that sells


I’m 6,2, 220. Legs are bigger than average and I fit pretty good in the 145.

I can see how someone a little bigger would prefer just a touch more wiggle room.

I only sat in it briefly. Might have gotten uncomfortable after a bit. But I’m a canoe guy anyway.

sell and info


won’t fit
you won’t fit at all in the 160. It is sized like the 140, cockpit-wise.

you just fit in the 145? you will want a 175.

last week, eh?

yeah right! =:-0)

maybe in a while.

i’ll know soon, just when


I know people
who are your size who fit in the Tempest 165 and Romany 16, both smallish boats!

you big sissy. :wink:

getting ‘used’ to a "waaayyy tigher than a canoe’ fit take some time. Canoe’s ROCK, tho kayaks ROLL!



alright mister…
Be nice! I’m just a joe-average paddler. ;p

I actually look forward to renting one for a couple days. I like the hull shape on the bottom a lot.

that’s why…
I said it with a ‘wink’.


good luck with ‘converting’. sometimes it just takes a while getting used to a new boat. When I slide into a smallish boat it always feels a bit un-comfortable at first and then… lo and behold it gets real comfy. The tightness of fit also makes for good boat control.

have fun.


no convert
Just like paddling.

More boats…need more boats.

Nice pics
Shameless hussy. Working and promoting that big bad nasty conglomerate. Rightfully so ! lol Nice work.

are fiberglass boats in production?
I thought things were in limbo for the new facility?