NH AMC/MVP beginner whitewater school

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Club event, non-professional, lots of enthusiastic folks to help you get started. April 7-9 to catch the spring runoff, so the water will be, ah, "invigorating".


I went as a kayaker a couple of years ago and had a great time. I'm trying to decide if I should help teach kayakers this year or be a canoe student.

Ditto That.
I trying to figure out whether to go an learn OC, or help with the program.

Last two years, they’ve paired folks off into one on one. Lots of volunteers needed. I think they also also started to get feedback from the students on the volunterr coaches too.


Just Signed Up
for volunter as safety boater. Does that mean I get to keep all the stuff floating downstream from folks who tipped? :wink: If I see a pink helmet floating by I might have to let that go!! Just kiddin’ Sing.

Looking forward to it!


Went last year
Did OC1 with tommyc1 - learned a lot and had a great time.

TC1 Is Great!

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Tommy helped me get started in ww. And he was not even prejudiced that I was in a itsy bitsy covered canoe (ww kayak in Brit speak) no less. :)

I think the folks I helped coached have left the sport or drowned by now. No seriously, I gave each cookies and milk at the shorebreaks to get a better review. :)

I am looking forward to doing it again this year. Last couple years, NHAMC WW School sort of kicks of my ww season.