North Shore Lake Pontchartrain

I am new to kayak fishing and have been reading the post on Louisiana fishing. Was wondering if anybody could tell me if thursday would be a waste of time on north shore after all of the rain. The trip down for me is about 100 miles and I have never been to the area.

check with…
the fine folks at

I’ve heard, but don’t “know” that the influx of fresh water has slowed things down a bit as most of the northshore rivers are near or over floodstage.

I’m headed to the same area for the next few days. E-mail me and I’ll give you my cell #. Maybe we could hook up and try a spot or three.

Wed. I have to be in the Pearl River area and won’t be likely to launch at all.

Thur. I was think about launching from the south shore where Hwy 11 meets the Lake. There’s a quiet launch there on the Natl’ Refuge that affords a semi-protected approach to the train trestles.

Fri. I was thinking of paddling Bayou Lacombe out to the lake where they were doing well a few weeks ago. High waters have made me rethink that and I may head out toward Sawmill Pass / Lake St. Catherine instead.

those of you who didn’t make it to “hookey” day were wise if catching fish was the main idea. We got SKUNKED.

Can’t figure it out.

We launched from the Refuge and had an easy paddle out to the Southshore @ the tressles. (For those of you have been wondering - it’s an easy paddle)

Mistake #1 - we stopped several times to cast at phatom reds in the ponds. Result - we arrived at the tressles about 20-30 minutes after the bite ended. Other fishermen we spoke with had caught 10-15 each but reported “They just shut down about a half an hour ago”. The story of my life. We gave it the ole college try anyway but to no avail. The “hot bait of the week” was supposed to be the avacado colored Hybrid plastics. Oh, well…

That afternoon we moved of to the canal that parallels Hwy 90 between the highway and Lake St. Catherine.

The tide was falling, we had good water movement, bait was jumping and we had picked up live cacahoes to supplement our assortment of plastics. All to no avail.

Not only were we skunked, we’re stumped. I don’t understand it. Right place, right conditions but zero fish.

Hope you other folks have better luck.

The company was great. The weather was wonderful and sunny. It was a good day despite the frustrations of getting skunked.

A bad day of fishing beats a good day at work, anytime.

oh well-that’s fishing!
When I was in Belize I had a Mayan guide that summed up the unpredictability of fishing with that statement, a smile, and a shrug.

You obviously didn’t make the proper sacrifices to the fishing gods.

Sorry I couldn’t make it. We went to Grand Isle and fished the beaches and piers and caught a few trout when the water was good. Brought the yak, but didn’t put in because I wanted to stick with my crew. I did see a few cars with yaks stapped on the top-good to see a few others. I don’t think Grand Isle has changed in 50 years.

How was the boat traffic, and did you feel secure in Lake Pontch in the Scout? (or were you in the Tarpon?)

Maybe if you had caught some fish you wouldn’t be doing all of that bickering and bantering. ;^)

Mom use to tell me I would argue with a post if given the chance. Along came the internet and her comments turned out to be almost prophetic. I now argue with a post (or twelve).

We caught the lake on a morning when it was almost like glass. I felt plenty comfy in the Scout. Gloster’s a bit bigger than I am and was in a Mainstream Patriot(?) (SINK). I think he felt comfy the whole time too. By 10 or 11AM the winds had picked up a bit and we had small waves - no sweat. Boat traffic was minimal to moderate and no one seemed to pay attention to the fact that we were in tiny boats. There was a crabbing boat that came buy several times making a maximum wake but it was no trouble. A lot of people troll while fishing the bridges but they’re going slow and always go around stationary boats. If you could get set up to troll with a rod holder or two you could fish over there with the preffered method of the “experts” and get a little excersize.

Launching from the Federal Refuge is the ticket. From the launch to the trestles is right at one mile and about half of that is in protected waters.

Looking forward to going back with some live shrimp which are now available at Tite’s on the Northshore @ Hwy 11.

Glad y’all had a good trip to the island.

Mandeville Harbor
I may make a few cast at the Mandeville harbor area Saturday morning before launching the sea kayak for a paddle in the lake. Not expecting much as the wind is supposed to be blowing and I haven’t heard of any catches in the area.


How’d it go Kurt?
Catch any?

No luck. The water was muddy and the wind was blowing pretty hard. There were whitecaps in the lake. I notices a good bit of bait in the water and the grass beds appeared to be in good shape, so I expect the fishing to pick up. Had a good paddle though. The bayou at the harbor looked promising for freshwater action.


For a werewolf…
you sure do build some beautiful boats. I drool everytime I see them. In another 10 years, when I retire, I hope to build one (or four) also.

What would you advise on a greenland style paddle for a combat-style fisherman like me? Wise or not? Could I make one that’s tough enough to push me through 2" of water and 2’ of silt?


Thanks for the compliments. What will you be paddling? I use a standard double bladed euro paddle in my solo canoe. It has more bite in the water to move and turn the less efficient canoe. I really like my Aleut paddle in my kayaks The paddle on the deck of my kayak is a Greenland paddle made to the Chuck Holst plans found on the internet. It has less bite than the Aleut. When I get tired, I like to switch over to it. I laminated my paddles out of various woods, but they can be made out of a 2x4 or 2x6 for really cheap for testing. The next ones I make, I’ll likely change up a couple things. For strength, you could use ash for the shaft.


Very impressive…
work that you do. For now I can only aspire to reach that level. Time doesn’t allow it for now. Too many irons in the fire.

Right now I’m paddling a Walden Scout. Soon I plan to be paddling a Tarpon 120, 140, or Ride or an OK Prowler. I almost never have occassion to paddle more than 2 miles in one stretch. I frequently find myself in super skinny waters during a falling tide while chasing tailing redfish. Those pursuits lead me into areas that quite literally have 2-4" of water. My current paddle is just a basic Harmony Adventure. It has served me well and so far has been sturdy enough to ocassionaly use as a push-pole. I fear I might break it one day. Sometimes I think I might be better served with a $20 Walmart paddle because they’re tough and I wouldn’t care if I broke it (as long as I had a spare). I’d likely be best off simply carrying an actual push pole.

There’s a guy in Texas that built a poling platform on his WS Ride and uses a push pole in the shallows. I’m really liking that idea. Add to it the new outrigger system that the guys in New Jersey developed (made from Ram Tubes) and I’d be ready for “combat” fishing in our marshes.

Glad too see someone else
Hi Guys!

I live in Mandeville and am going to buy a kayak to fish from. I am glad to see there are some other people as well who have the same interest. I am considering either a WS Tarpon 140 or an OK Prowler. Maybe we can hook up and wet a line somtime.

Hey golfnfish!

We should all try to get together one day soon. Maybe make a yak-fishing raid on the trestles on the south shore one day? What would all them “Yat’s” think about ten guys in kayaks trolling along the trestles?

I’ll be headed to Myrtle Grove Sunday.

July11-20 holds promise according to the tide charts.

Don’t need to go far
if you live in Mandeville. I do a lot of fishing from Bayou Castine down to Engineers Cove in yak or noe, and the bridge from my boat. I imagine on a calm fall day - assured no t’storms - that it would be safe to paddle out to the bridge. Lots of big floundas and sheepshead out there, along with the occasional big speck and red. Three years ago, had one of my best redfish trips out of Mandeville, caught 7, never left the seawall area! Then there’s those big jacks that move in along the shore during September! Hope I’m wetting your apetite…

howd’ you do?
Did you get out to Myrtle Grove in that weather?

I passed. It’s still on the radar though.

I’ll be headed up to Catahoula Lake this weekend for some sacalait & catfish.

It’s likely that I’ll try to hit Myrtle Grove one day next week.

Anyone give further though to a La. Yak fishin rodeo?  (Yak YoYo Rodeo = Kayaks - You're On Your Own) <br />
<br />
I'll offer up a six pack of Guiness Stout as a prize.   <br />

I’m in
Count me in Yak-a Lou. What did you have in mind?

I dunno…
Kurt seems to know of some good areas on the North Shore. Gloster and I zeroed out at the Trestles but we all know they hold fish.

I get the idea that the Ponchartrain Basin is the nearest saltwater to most of us.

Let’s hear from some of you guys…







A sunny Sunday is recommended. My days off are variable. Kingfish has Sundays off as do most folks. What say ye people?

The 11th, 18th, and 25th all have favorable fishing forecasts according to the tide charts BUT the tides will be rising in the AM and falling in the PM. The 18th has the added benefit of a new moon.

north shore
Haven’t checked in for a couple weeks. I’ve been waiting to hear of some good catches before making another trip to the north shore. Anyone catching fish at Lacombe?


maybe this weekend

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I was thinking of heading out on Sunday from Cane Bayou. I've never paddled Lacombe-do you just put in anywhere that looks good from the road and paddle into the Lake? Anyone else care to join? Yak-a-Lou NEEDS to go fishing bad as evidenced by the amount of posting he's doing over in bicker and banter.....